Invader Economic and Social Disaster

The naïve liberal belief that the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders posing as refugees will “soon be working in Germany” to “build the economy” has been smashed by a government report which reveals that less than 10 percent are employable above manual labor level.

The report, issued by Germany’s Federal Service for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), also showed that 75 percent of the invaders are males, two thirds are younger than 33, and all have a “low working experience.”


The study, titled “Asylum applicants: Social structure, qualifications and employability,” says that most of the invaders who came to Germany at the invitation of Angela Merkel in 2015 were young men.

Most males, as broken up by country, come from Pakistan, followed by Afghans, Syrians, Eritreans, and Iraqis. Under-22s make up the biggest proportion among the Eritreans (over 46 percent), the Afghans (40 percent), and Iraqis (27 percent).

In total, nearly two-thirds of all the nonwhites are 33 and under, with only a tiny proportion older than 52, the study says. The young invaders predominantly come from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria.

According to the research, 18 percent of asylum applicants claim to hold a university degree (there is no independent verification, of course, apart from what the invaders told the BAMF), 20 percent claimed to have attended a high school, approximately one-third claim to have been to a middle school, and 22 percent claim that they have only attended a primary school.

Seven percent of the invaders have no formal education at all.

invader swarm

The BAMF report is the first to try and tackle the “problem” of allowing the nonwhites to work in Germany, given their incredibly poor skill sets and qualifications.

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Previously, the German Federal Employment Agency announced that 81 percent of the nonwhite invaders were “without formal qualifications,” and warned that the influx was going to create at least 400,000 additional welfare recipients in 2016.

The latest report confirmed this prediction, and revealed that most of the invaders claimed either to be “self-employed” or did manual labor before invading Europe. Most claimed to be been subsistence farmers, while only a tiny handful had any experience in trade, commerce, or education.

About half of the invaders claim to be married—which means that at least half of the males currently in Germany will be given the right to “family reunification” which is going to quadruple their numbers—at the very least.

The BAMF report does not dwell on the catastrophic consequences of importing millions of these unemployable nonwhites and their destructive effect upon the German economy—and instead merely says that the German state needs to teach them German and provide further schooling.

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  1. There is an important point to be made here – to wit, it is of no account whether the invaders, or genuine immigrants, be talented, immensely well-educated or imbeciles. The fact that they come from alien cultures, means ipso facto that they will corrupt the national culture of the countries where they have chosen to live – because their presence will erode national unity, and destroy national purpose.

  2. Why are Pakistanis being allowed to settle at all?

    Another point. If the British electorate does not vote for Brexit, which seems likely, then rest assured that these Pakistanis will eventually end up in Britain.

    1. ” It is not how you vote, but how we count them that matters”….FRAUD is the only way the in morons will win just like the GE…!!!

  3. They are not naive. They want to destabilize, depopulate and plunder both the refugees and the people. The humane policy is to house them in their region where they have similar cultures and languages. Once the conflict is over, they can go back and rebuild their countries.

    1. @Victor…..all very commendable…..if such a sytem ever worked.
      However the next step will be to bring large numbers of family members here to join them.
      Once the conflict is over – having got used to the good life – rest assured they only ever go back to visit family.
      As for` them` rebuliding their own countries – that would require work and effort…..???

  4. quote:…. “government report which reveals that less than 10 percent are employable above manual labor level…. and all have a “low working experience.”
    Meaning the majority are used to loafing about doing bugger- all while bemoaning their lot.
    Now they`ll get paid for doing exactly the same thing here plus given housing, healthcare and so on thanks to Merkel .
    The crazy bitch will soon be offloading as many of them as possible in record time across Europe.

    1. One of the disastrous effects of Jewish ownership of the media is the Jewish habit of censorship of information about foreign countries. And this applies wherever the layer of Jews as ‘elite’ applies. Even today it’s all but impossible to get reliable information on other countries, particularly where there is some potential dispute. How do Pakistanis, north Africans etc actually live, if hardly any have ‘work experience’? It’s a genuine puzzle. Jews have controlled the media for so long, and find it an automatic part of their parasitism to tell lies whenever they feel like it, and conceal their own motives, that many people genuinely have no idea about the physical and mental lives of ‘invaders’.

      1. Good question Rer. ` Presumably` (useful word that! ) they support themselves with things such as crops, animals,and traders such as shoemakers, hairdressers etc; small markets mainly at local economy level.
        Almost forgot ! Drugs…….always said to be a lucrative trade.

  5. The statistics prove what many have said, mainly men under 33 years of age, all totally capable of being enlisted to their country’s forces to end the conflicts that their own people created in the first place because of two words:- greed and corruption. They all have one skill that many in the western world do not have – lying through their back teeth.

  6. Here in Finland the pro-invasion lobbyists (along with leftist-controlled media clapping on the side) have started training about 100 (out of 32,000 or so) of the newly arrived invaders to do html and css coding in order to fill the need for “ever increasing need for programmers”. Now first of all, there’s thousands upon thousands of native Finnish software professionals who are out of work atm, just today it was reported that another 400 will have to go from Nokia- and these people are rock-hard professionals in almost every area of sw development; mobile/web/cloud/front-backend/database/embedded systems etc. etc. with all possible languages and scripting abilities, and many of them are struggling to find a job besides of their high education levels and years of professional expertise. Now all of the sudden there’s these 100 odd invaders who are miraculously going to help to fill this “big need” for programming professionals, with only basic courses of html and css which on their own are totally inadequate for anyone to make any meaningful contribution to any company building software- it’s like teaching a bunch of people how to change tires in a car and then calling them fully qualified car mechanics, to give an example. The whole point of this circus is that the leftist lobbyists and pro-invasion idiots in the mainstream media are doing anything they can to make any positive news of this ongoing invasion so that to keep the normal people from blowing their caskets completely; but of course, as this latest move shows, it’s really just a pile of shite.

    1. The could come in handy working for scam sites….. claiming to be technicians from reputable companies they install spyware/ software on the computers of unsuspecting members of the public experiencing problems.
      Always Asians with names such as Mike, Ted, John etc…lol!.

    2. One thing for sure is that I will never do on-line banking and would hope that all the good people of Finland will start to closely watch any on-line transaction they undertake from now on.

  7. BAMF may as well be presenting the weather report. Unbelievable !
    The bland presentation of these statistics is staggering considering the obvious future repercussions for Germany. The sheer scale of the numbers of virtually uneducated males soon to be followed by their families that Merkel intends foisting on Germans is beyond belief.
    Oh wait…..I forgot ! Magnanimous Merkel says the whole of the EU will get a piece of the action when the hordes are shared out …the evil bitch.

  8. And Cameron said “We’re all in this together”, we’ll be inundated if we vote to remain. Planning applications for Mosques will go through the roof and apart from Cameron’s constituency in Witney, they’ll be in places where the current population still believe it won’t happen to them.
    Surely it’s time to wake up these people to the facts. The Leave campaign wants to start demanding the remain campaign to tell the public ‘what will really happen if we stay in’. There’s no one yet had the courage to start demanding answers within the media, that’s for sure……………oops, forgot, the EU give them loads of money to prevent us getting such information.


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