Invader: “Only Here to F*** Swedish Girls”

One of a number of nonwhite invader sex attackers in the Swedish town of Vimmerby told his victims that he “hated Sweden,” and was only there to “f*** Swedish girls and spend their money,” according to reports in the Dagens Vimmerby newspaper.

The series of attacks—which took place last week in Vimmerby, located 186 miles south of Stockholm—involved several attackers, and at least one nonwhite has been arrested and arraigned for deportation.


The Dagens Vimmerby reported that the attacks started when at least five Swedish girls were sexually assaulted by nonwhite invaders in the main public square of the town.

“Shortly before 4 p.m., police received a report that several girls were being threatened and harassed by a man at the main square,” the Dagens Vimmerby said.

“A total of at least five girls have been victims of indecent exposure, threats, and or harassment,” the report continued.

Police arrested the nonwhite attacker, and he is currently in custody awaiting the “enforcement of his deportation order,” the paper added.

The invader had already been ordered deported for claiming “invalid reason for asylum,” the paper added.

The same evening, other nonwhite invaders went to the “Kharma” nightclub in Vimmerby where they sexually harassed more Swedish girls—including one who had been attacked on the main square, the Dagens Vimmerby reported in another article.

One of the attackers was described by witnesses and the official police statement as a “man between 40 and 45 years old, 170-175 centimeters tall, bald and outwardly foreign looking.”

In a follow-up report, the Dagens Vimmerby interviewed one of the victims, where the invader’s comments were recounted by the girl who had been involved in both incidents.

The girl—described as in her 20s—said that the nonwhite had “pushed his disgusting genitals against her backside,” forcing her—and many other girls to leave the club.

The invader followed them outside, where he and a friend—also apparently involved in the earlier incidents, started following the group of Swedes, who now included three girls and two boys.

The Swedes stopped and asked the nonwhites to stop following them, but then, she told the Dagens Vimmerby, he became abusive and screamed at them.

“He shouted at us about how much he hates Sweden and that he is only here to f*** Swedish girls, and spend their money,” she said, adding that he also spat on them.

The Swedes then managed to run away, and the invader has not been apprehended.

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  1. Surely you don`t mean the creep might actually be deported ? Pull the other one !
    The general rule seems to be that the invaders are “requested” to return home – as if! – or after a spell in clink are released and then forgotten about……leaving them footloose and fancy free to carry on their obscene activities again.

  2. “I hate your country and I’m only here to f*ck you” What a brilliant chat-up line. Oh wait, moslems don’t bother with wine (haram) and roses – they get straight to the point (rape).

  3. No good whining about the rapes Neville. The Swedes are in an even deeper coma from all the left’s propaganda & brainwashing than the Germans are.
    They will not react at all & simply accept that this is how they will accommodate their new masters. Another 3/5 years and they’ll have a Muslim/sharia government!

    1. On the surface Muslims are the new masters, but if you lived in Sweden you would figure out that Muslims are just the tool.

  4. Jews own Swedish media and people like non-swedish barbara spectre helped bring in immigrants to destroy your culture – you need to wise up on these attacks on your way of life – the world government will be talmudic and muslims as always are the dupes that take the fall.

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