Invader Gang Rape at Eiffel Tower

Three Algerian invaders living as “refugees” in Germany have been arrested in France after gang-raping a woman in the gardens directly under Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

The victim was lured to the gardens after being offered a date on Facebook, and was then trapped, raped, and beaten to a pulp.


According to a report in La Parisien newspaper, the victim, a young woman aged 18, was approached by one of the invaders—apparently all illegal immigrants to France—on Facebook.

They agreed to meet up on the evening of September 10 at the Barbès–Rochechouart station on the Paris Métro Line in the 18th district.

From there, they continued their evening date by going to the Champ-de-Mars, a large public park located between the Eiffel Tower and the École Militaire, which houses various military offices.

The park is a common stopping point for tourists late at night as it offers a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower, especially when it is lit up with its world-famous light show every hour after dark.

There, at the park, three other nonwhites suddenly joined the couple, and together, they all attacked the woman.

The four attackers dragged the woman off behind some large shrubs in the park, where they first beat her, threatened her with death, and then gang-raped her.

The ordeal only ended when the victim’s screams attracted the attention of two passing Canadian tourists who were out for a late night jog in the park. “Without them, I do not know if we would have found the young girl alive,” an investigator told La Parisien.

The tourists saw three of the attackers running away and then called for help. The victim was “dazed, partially naked, and crying,” they reported, added that she had also been gagged.

The three suspects, all aged 17 and holding Algerian nationality, were arrested as they were preparing to leave Paris by train back to the “refugee camp” in Germany where they reside.

Swift police action—aided by the fact that the first invader had lured her via Facebook—allowed them to swoop on three of the four nonwhites before they left Paris. It is not known when they will appear in court.

This attack at one of Paris’s most famous areas, by “refugees” seeking “asylum” in Germany, is but the latest example of the wave of sex attacks which have swept the entire continent in the wake of the mass Third World invasion of the past few years.

Tourism to Paris is already down by more than half after the refugee-terrorist attacks of November 2015, and as news of the new sex attack at the Eiffel Tower spreads, tourist enthusiasm for visiting what was one of Europe’s most beautiful cities is likely to decline even further.

In one of the latest opinion polls conducted in France ahead of next year’s presidential elections, Front National leader Marine le Pen was slated to received 28 percent of the first round votes, knocking out the far left socialist candidate, with “conservative” would-be candidate Nicolas Sarkozy getting 21 percent.

Such a result would mean Le Pen going through to the second round against Sarkozy, with the latter hoping that the far left socialists would back him over Le Pen.

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  1. Who is this woman that she would be so desperate for a date that she would plan a date with a total stranger via facebook? And what is there in Algeria to be a “refugee” from?

    1. True; but we don’t know, for how lang she has been chatting with the perp…
      That said, she could very well be a naive leftist, who doesn’t see the threat, by these “non-humans”…

      No more “human rights” for these neanderthals; human rights for Europeans, now!!!

    2. She was an 18 year old girl. Very young and easily manipulated. A victim of larger society allowing for these pillaging monsters to roam Europe.

  2. Liberals and leftie loonies across Europe have a helluva lot to answer for. How those in power remain totally oblivious to what`s going on around them makes one despair for the future. Heaven help us all if this continues.

    1. The Dems do it here in the USA. Divide, pit one against the other, control the media, education and races. It’s a simple management plan for a simple people, of which make up so much of the country and the world. Backstories abound and it all involve corruption and $$ and special interests. The, “Powers That Be” as it’s called.

  3. The MSM are as much to blame as the politicians, for consistently portraying the invaders as “normal human beings, just like us”. Mark Zuckerberg is also culpable for censoring all non-PC comment and presenting a world where everyone is your virtual friend. There should be a big red warning on every FB page about the risks of meeting your FB friends in real-life.

  4. I told you to not get me started! Ha! The Politicians are, for the most part, just that and they are in bed with the MSM, owned by the same bunch of jerks all over because that way everybody keeps their jobs, $ and egos. They can feel that they are shaping the future. They are, unfortunately, shaping it in the wrong way. The MSM and politicians are corrupt, and unfortunately so is the “social media and computer world” right now. Talk about DEPLORABLE! It is sickening.

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