Invader Rape Rampage Unabated

Four recent brutal sex attacks by fake refugees in Europe—three in Germany, and one in Sweden—have again drawn attention to the ongoing invader rape plague which the nonwhite invasion has created.

The attacks—on a 19-year-old German girl, two Chinese students, and the gang rape of a 14-year-old boy—have been deliberately downplayed by the controlled media.

Police in Bochum, western Germany, hold a press conference with a display of wanted invader rapist posters.

The attack and murder of Maria Ladenburger in the German city of Freiburg, was the only small exception to this censorship, because the victim’s father, Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, is a well-known pro-invasion activist who works with the European Union’s legal directorate.

She was on her way back from a party in the Black Forest city of Freiburg when she was attacked on the edge of a cycle path behind Schwarzwald station. Raped and drowned, Maria’s body was later found in the River Dreisam. Her black scarf was later recovered from the scene along with a bike found parked in the middle of the path.

A strand of what police called “partially-dyed blonde hair” led police to the invader, who was arrested on December 2, according to Freiburg prosecutor Dieter Inhofer. The Afghan invader confessed following his arrest, and he will go on trial early in 2017.

Maria Ladenburger had earlier volunteered to work at a “refugee home” in her spare time, but it is still unknown whether she knew her attacker.

The rapist-murderer arrived in Germany in 2015 pretending to be an “unaccompanied minor refugee,” and was taken in by a local liberal German family in Freiburg.

The police in the city also confirmed that they are investigating his links to the rape and murder of another German girl in the area who was attacked while jogging in Ending, near Freiburg.

News of the Afghan invader’s arrest triggered a large amount of reaction on social media, with thousands of people sharing a “thank you” meme to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In the other cases, police in Bochum, western Germany, announced the arrest of a 31-year-old Iraqi invader for sex attacks on Chinese students near the town’s university.

The Iraqi, who came to Germany pretending to be a refugee in 2015, was living with his wife and two children near the scene of the two attacks, state prosecutors said.

Police have charged the invader with attempted murder, rape, and aggravated assault.

That case also highlighted the fact that German police are forbidden to use DNA evidence found at crime scenes to issue racial profiles of suspects in order to narrow down searches.

After the Bochum case, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has now said that he was “open to further discussion about such use of DNA.”

The anti-invasion Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) blamed the crime on the “uncontrolled influx of foreigners,” while the head of a police union warned of the “dangers that always go along with massive immigration.”

AfD co-chairman Jörg Meuthen, said: “We are shocked by this crime and at the same time we see that our warnings about the uncontrolled arrival of hundreds of thousands of young men from Islamic-patriarchal cultures are written off as populist.”

The chairman of the DPoIG police union, Rainer Wendt, said the killing could have been prevented. “We wouldn’t have this victim, and so many others, if our country had been better prepared for the dangers that always go along with massive immigration,” he was quoted as saying.

The other attack—which has generated far less controlled media attention, took place in the Swedish city of Uppsala.

In that attack, five Afghan invaders, all claiming to be “unaccompanied minor refugees,” gang-raped a fellow Afghan “child” invader at knifepoint.

The victim went to police to report the hour-long ordeal, parts of which were filmed and posted on social media by the attackers, who are said to have known him.

The victim was also punched, kicked, bitten, and spat on as well as being raped.

The five attackers all claim to be 16- or 17-years old, and all arrived in Sweden as “unaccompanied minors,” as did their victim, last year, prosecutor Johan Stromback was quoted as saying.

If convicted the five accused will be sentenced to juvenile detention, after which they would be deported and barred from returning to the country. They will appear at Uppsala District Court.

Homosexual attacks of that sort are common in Afghanistan, where the practice known as “bacha baazi,” or “dancing boys,” is routine.

Bacha baazi consists of the mass sexual assault of young boys who are trained to dance in female clothes.

An October 2013 article in Foreign Policy magazine said bacha baazi “has grown more rampant since 2001” when the Taliban was ousted.

The article referred to a 2009 Human Terrain Team report titled, “Pashtun Sexuality,” which said bacha baazi is not considered “un-Islamic or homosexual at all” according to Pashtun social norms.

The report noted that “one of the country’s favorite sayings is ‘women are for children, boys are for pleasure.’”

There is, of course, no justification for any Afghans to claim to be refugees in Europe, as they are being deported back to that country with the active aid of the United Nations, as reported earlier.

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    1. You’re quite right! Nothing will change their opinions.
      Merkel will sail back into power at the next election and Germany/Eu will continue its slide into chaos for at least another 5 years.
      I hope the Brits now realise their good fortune in having Nigel Farage,

  1. Oh the irony! A so called refugee rapes and murders the daughter of a pro migration activist. Five refugees rape a so called ‘child’ refugee. Progressives need to rid themselves of their woolly feel good naivety and regard these immigrants with clear eyes. You can treat them with your good intentions but I doubt they will treat you with respect. It is dangerous to the indigenous population to accept them in. Would it be OK to import tigers and lions to roam freely?

    1. Oh believe me, most if not all of these ‘liberals’ and ‘socialists’ are not naïve at all. They are just evil and perverted, and are probably itching for the day they can sodomize and rape women and children alongside their imported Orcs. Just the White ones, mind, as this is the group that is fashionable to hate, and therefore o.k to very un-social things to. And we know that marxism and communism are built on nothing BUT envy and hate, which is why they need an outlet for it, but it musn’t spoil their image that they are full of love and fairness… I mean, they shout about ‘equality’ a lot, hmmm sound familiar, workers and peasants of the world, unite? remember that old chestnut, 100,000,000+ death toll….
      They feel they have a monopoly over all our thoughts, just because they have with almost anything else.

    2. You have to wonder what that teenage lass, who’d obviously been brought up as an idiot by Dad, would have thought if him and his comments, could she have come back for one minute. He seemed to just dismiss it,with as much passion as Merkel, Ah well, these things happen! Had it been one of my girls, I’d be on trial, he’d be fried.

  2. If women ceased thinking about those poor, cuddly immigrants, and opened their eyes, and not their other, and voted with their heads, then maybe Europe would have a chance, and maybe feminism could be reversed, and multicultural bshiz go up in flames, then men could be men, and females may just find some guys protecting them, rather than fearing the pc brigade and legal lefties who get off on demonising white men. Wake up women!

  3. “Police are forbidden to use DNA evidence found at crime scenes to issue racial profiles of suspects in order to narrow down searches.”
    Police and press are also banned from mentioning the race of criminal rapists, muggers, murderers etc.

    The following quote made by John Lennon years ago is remarkably prescient today in Europe`s crazy world.
    ” I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.
    I think we`re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends.
    I think they`re all insane.
    But I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.
    That`s what`s insane about it, don`t you agree? “

  4. Bezerkel merkel the “mutti” of mayhem.
    I would love to see her get destroyed in
    Germany’s next election. The problems
    that old hag has caused to Europe is

    1. And all the politicians from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, UK, Austria, Switzerland etc. collaborating with her. And let’s not forget their voters and pro refugee activists in all of these countries. The human trafficking industry is quite large and has tens of thousands of collaborators.

  5. “That case also highlighted the fact that German police are forbidden to use DNA evidence found at crime scenes to issue racial profiles of suspects in order to narrow down searches”-

    not entirely true-

    I live in the Freiburg, Germany area and according to local news re: Maria Ladenburger (she was a very beautiful young woman) they used DNA evidence found at the crime scene to finally identify and subsequently nab the culprit-

    but don’t worry: he’ll be aquited and news about his being slapped on the hand and subsequently released will never be publicized-

    he won’t be the last refugee murderer-

    Larry in SWGermany

    Editorial note: The article is correct. German police are allowed to use DNA at crime scenes to identify arrested perpetrators. They are not allowed to use DNA in searches, for example, to announce that they are looking for a black male etc.

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