Belgium: Invader Rapes after Attending “Don’t Rape” Course

A nonwhite invader has raped a white woman inside an invader center in Belgium just two weeks after attending a “how to treat western women” course put on by that country’s government, the Belgian VTM news channel has reported.


According to the report, the Afghani, who claims to be sixteen years old, raped the woman in the Red Cross refugee shelter in Menen. He was arrested shortly thereafter and has been detained in Everberg awaiting trial.

The victim works for the catering company which supplies the shelter, the VTM report went on to reveal. When the victim went to get new supplies for the invaders from the basement, she was attacked and raped by the Afghani.

The Red Cross said that there had been “no problems before that” and that the nonwhite had only “recently attended the course on how to deal with women”—a lecture which the liberals believe will teach the Third Worlders overnight why they should not sexually attack white women.

The Red Cross’s An Luyten told VTM that since the “massive assaults in Cologne during the New Year,” the “how to treat women” course had been given to all the “refugees” in their care.

Since the nonwhite claims to be a minor, the case is being handled by the local juvenile court, VTM said, adding that it was still not even certain that he would be tried in a criminal court.

The Government Office of East Flanders, as the unaccompanied minor’s legal guardian, is now doing “research” on whether the invader should be tried as an adult, and, incredibly, the VTM report concluded, whether the incident might or might not lead to his deportation. This would, the VTM report said, happen in an “extreme situation.”

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    1. Herman, you obviously don’t understand what the situation Europe is in. This behaviour cannot rectify the huge damage that has been done to Europe.

      These invaders, Africans, Arabs, Afghans etc have cultures & instincts which are probably 500 to 1000 years behind the Europeans. Having classes to teach a different way of life (or operating on them) will never change their mentality.

      Mentality, culture etc is an evolutionary thing & nobody can hurry it along. It takes time, which is something Europe is running out of.

    1. Think that’s a bit rough observer, yes it’s the elected that are responsible for their politicians, but until they find a way, short of murder, to winnow out the stupid liberal/leftie luvvies, they are kind of stuck in the middle of idiocy.

    2. V4 is against it. V4 didn´t attack middle east. Everyone in Europe is against V4 (probably because of jelaousy? Streets of Italy are destroyed by migrants and Italian prime minister threats V4 with funds – based on completly different agreements).
      V4 didn´t seed anything. They are just forced to harvest what west seeds, before they will be force to accept also GMO.

    3. yes I am beginning to feel that way also Observer, at first I was sick about what I was reading and hearing about what is going on in Europe but the people should be RIOTING and they just seem to tolerate it for fear of being called a racist , there comes a point in time when enough is enough, name calling is nothing , don’t worry about it. As a Trump supporter I do not care what they call me or say about me , our country is being destroyed right before our very eyes, enough is enough.

  1. It seems the majority of the European females raped at these facilities are there trying to help these “invaders”.

  2. Get used to it…they can rape and murder with impunity while, if we offend tbem, we have the book thrown at us…the traitorous governments are behind this…they hate white Christians…they want us all dead…!!!

  3. What a mess these refugees / migrants are inflicting on Europe. The steady flow has to stop, the borders have to be closed, they are safe in Turkey, so they should be made to stay there, time to get really tough! This man knows no better with no respect for women, enough now! All should be rounded up and sent back to Turkey or another Muslim country, no place in Europe. My blood is boiling

  4. Saudi Arabia recently re-affirmed its ban on women driving. The ‘reason’ is very instructive of the muslim mind. Women shouldn’t drive because if they broke down they would be liable to be raped. In other words there is no expectation for muslim men to control themselves. Any woman on her own is fair game.

    We really don’t want these subhumans in our countries. Send them all back.

  5. I would think that any one with a brain would know that a quick course can not change a culture. It takes centuries for people to evolve and the third world are way behind Europe on the evolution ladder.

  6. Back home he could commit rape then pop along to the market square to watch his victim being executed by public stoning. He’d even be given some rocks and be allowed to join in. No amount of courses and posters are going to reverse that sort of cultural indoctrination. And this will be made the cultural norm in the European states they are now colonising.

  7. Y, si alguien protesta, como los seguidores de Piquemal, en Francia, simplemente los detienen.

    Hay un estado dictatorial en toda Europa, no hay verdadera democracia, estamos en los principios de una guerra.

    Vienen tiempos de Guerra Civil en Occidente.

  8. Western socialist feminist women who have power – Germany/Sweden – think that they can ‘change’ immigrant muslim men’s behaviour in matter of months. It’s hard to grasp – but these socialist feminist politicians are genuinely convinced of this as part of their world view. What they fail to realise is that these are tribal third world muslims who have no respect for core western social values, despite these muslims fixation on accessing western material goods and wealth creation (that is, of course, created from western values), and will simply not absorb any new values in years to come, let alone in few months. These socialist feminists have already done great harm to western society with their misandry ideology (anti male) and now are so delusional they think they can control a socially unbalanced, demographic tide of uneducated muslim men into EU with nothing more than words and seminars, normal EU women better get used to carrying personal defence items and no go areas thanks to the ideas of these socialist feminists.

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