Germany: Invader-Refugee Rape Gang Arrested

A refugee-criminal rape gang which carried out a vicious sex assault on two girls aged 14 and 15 in Weil am Rhein, south west Germany, on New Year’s Eve, have all been arrested.


The picturesque town of Weil am Rhein,, the scene of the refugee-criminal gang rape.

According to German media, the refugee rape gang included two 14-year-olds and two brothers, aged 15 and 21. All were identified as “Syrians.”

The nonwhite refugee-criminals confronted the two girls in a supermarket parking lot.

The 15-year-old knew the two girls, and invited them to his older brother’s one bedroom apartment.

Once there, the two girls—who remain unidentified—were repeatedly raped over a period of two hours. They managed to escape, and went straight to the police.

All four refugee-rapists were arrested, and the 15-year-old was placed in juvenile custody. He however escaped and an arrest warrant was issued for him.

According to a report in the Dutch Telegraaf newspaper, the 15-year-old was identified as asylum-seeker “Ahmad O.,”—who resides in the Netherlands, where he lives off the Dutch taxpayers as an “unaccompanied minor” near the German border.

The Telegraaf quoted a local Dutch “refugee administrator” as saying that “We have more problems with refugees. They commit many sexual offenses with women.”

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  1. The way to deal with this scum is to round them up, using force if necessary, and immediately deport them to a Muslim country telling them their behavior is unacceptable in Europe. If they claim to be Syrians, (they’re probably just claiming to be Syrian to be classed as refugees) but that would be an ideal place to send them. Anything less is not dealing with the problem it is just encouraging them.

    1. Vera, they have discussed the deportation issue on some tv station in Germany 2 days ago and the “brains” came up to the conclusion that since most of them are “Syrians” and there is war in Syria it’s impossible to do.
      The scum also listens to news and gets the message of being above the law!
      Even if they get deported what is the guarantee they won’t come back with different names and new passports? Until Schengen fiasco is compeltely dead Europe is open for “business” for them!

  2. Complicity with intent to maraud is an ancient criminal act. It is found in the Akkadian-Hittite Treaty Between Mursillis and Duppi-Tessub of Amurru. “If I should send out a prince(or) high officer, (for the purpose of) going out to maraud in another country… or if you even send a man to that (country) and inform him as follows; “An army and charioteers…. are on their way; be on your guard…. you act in disregard of your oath”.”
    The link to that treaty was at the bottom of the page for the Ramses ll Hattusili lll treaty in the Wiki list of Treaties. Keeping the victims of intentional marauders ignorant must be the lowest form of complicity to rape and pillage by foreigners I have yet experienced. This is intentional and keeping the marauder gangs in their own territory something avoided at all times.

  3. The only language these primitive creatures understand is FORCE and if it needs to be excessive then let it be. treating them in any form of civilized way just makes them braver the next time around and confirms their coviction of impunity. Is the West so completely naive that it borders with stupidity? Such grotesque stupidity is just asking for punishment for crying out loud!

    Just recently an Egiptian guy was beaten on the street of Wrocław, a major city in Poland and not a hicktown, for being in public with a White girl and talking back and swearing at some guys who were passing by. That’s exactly what would’ve happened to a White guy in Egipt in the same situation – “an eye for an eye” method is the only way to deal with them even as it may seem “uncivilized” to some!

  4. What a wonderful country Germany will be in 5 years time. German women and boys will not be safe. Once caught these animals should be castrated or returned to Syria. Let them chose.

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