Invader Sex Attacks: Another Austrian Town Ban

Yet another town in Austria, this time in Mistelbach, 60 miles north of Vienna, has banned all nonwhite invaders from using its public pool after a sex attack by an “asylum seeker.”

The latest attack saw the nonwhite follow a 13-year-old girl into the women’s changing rooms and sexually molest her.


According to a report in the Heute newspaper, the young female was attacked by the invader who tried to force her to perform oral sex on him.

The girl managed to break free of her attacker’s grasp, and ran out of the changing rooms screaming for help.

“This news is a shock,” conservative People’s Party mayor Alfred Pohl was quoted as saying.

After an emergency meeting last Thursday, the city council decided to impose an immediate ban on all nonwhite invaders from using the public pool.

Two security guards have been posted at the entrance to the changing rooms, and a sign in English has been put up advising “Today no entry for refugees.”

 “This decision was not easy [to make],” Mayor Pohl said, “but I am responsible for the public’s security.”

The Heute newspaper added that “police investigations into the incident are “difficult and sensitive,” and that there are eight invader centers in the region, all of which have now been placed under police observation.

Austria has “absorbed” over 100,000 nonwhites pretending to be asylum seekers, proportionately the highest number of any nation in Europe, except possibly Sweden.

As a result, there have been an endless number of sex attacks upon males and females by the invaders, with the age and sex of the victims being no bar to the criminals.

In one of the more infamous incidents late last year, an Iraqi invader raped a 10-year-old boy in a Vienna pool toilet. Twenty-year-old Amir A., who is married with a child of his own, told police at the time that it had been a “sexual emergency” when he attacked the schoolboy.

He pleaded guilty in court in Austria in April, and this month was sentenced to six years for the serious sexual abuse of a minor and rape.

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  1. Attempted rape in Saudi carries the death sentence or it did in the early 80’s when I was there. Although that could have been strictly for non-Saudi employees only. Still, this sort of problem should be sorted without a court case, no legal representation, no human rights, deported without any delay and removal of all assets like the smart phones they all have, and no parachute when he’s dropped off wherever he came from..

    1. I think the rape victim is the one that gets sentenced in Saudi Arabia. For example the boy who got raped by the Iraqi would have been found guilty of seducing the older party into a “Sexual Emergency”, and therefore would be whipped to death. Saudis rape and kill Filipino maids all the time and get away with. Not to mention the little blonde boys they have shipped in from Europe and America for their pleasure. You still have a lot to learn about the true evil spirit of the Saudis. Worse than jews that lot.

      1. Rob, you’re right, but I learnt most of what you said after I left. We had a Lebanese Surveyor on our contract that tried to get into the nurses accommodation. The other thing I learnt was that if a Saudi driver crashed into a non-Saudi driver, even though it was the Saudi’s fault, the non-Saudi would be blamed on the basis that it wouldn’t have happened had he not been in Saudi in the first place. Then there is the importation of whiskey etc, etc into the country, done by Saudis. My colleagues had a go at me when I told them I refused a bottle of Johnnie Walker – if I’d have bought it, (£100) who would the seller have told?

    1. People here in the UK still wave their placards saying refugees welcome talk about brainwashed, they are the holy than thou types.. Concentrate on our own first, we have the homeless the abused the disenchanted with no hope, they need to look closer to home or is that to boring for these people pretending to care?

      1. People are waking from their slumber. It will soon be “cool” to be as far right as possible. Ah..The rustle of the sleepy sheeple awakening.

  2. “This news is a shock,” conservative People’s Party mayor Alfred Pohl was quoted as saying. Another low life liberal!

  3. EU law – which takes precedence over Austrian domestic law expressly forbids ‘racial discrimination’.

    Therefore the invaders can take the Austrian authorities all the way to the European Court of Justice, sue them, and get massive ‘damages’.

    When you doubt the case for brexit , remember this.

  4. The ultimate deterrent and such a simple remedy ….removal of procreative tackle.
    I`d happily volunteer to do it for free.

  5. Thank god! The villages in Europe, even Western Europe, seem to be more pro white/anti-nonwhite; just like in America. The towns and rural areas aren’t thrilled about having these ‘refugees’ in our towns and rural areas and put up the most resistance to it, too.

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