UPDATED: Invader Stabs Swedish Aid Worker to Death

A 22-year-old Lebanese female aid worker has become the first person to be murdered by a nonwhite refugee-invader inside an asylum center after being stabbed to death in a frenzied attack by a 15-year-old “unaccompanied minor.”


According to a report in the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper, a 15-year-old “asylum seeker” attacked the girl, now identified as a Lebanese woman living in Sweden and employed at the “refugee center for unaccompanied minors aged 14 to 17” in Mölndal, western Sweden.

The 22-year-old victim was stabbed several times by the frenzied attacker, and was taken to a nearby hospital but died shortly after her arrival. Police described the crime scene as “messy and blood-covered.”

The invader is currently under arrest, and because of his age, will only be charged with manslaughter, Swedish police said.

Klas Friberg, regional police chief in western Sweden, told the local media that the security of the “accommodations should be reviewed” but that he did not believe it could have been avoided by a greater police presence.

The attack had, he said, “occurred in a relatively closed environment” and thus it was unlikely that it could have been prevented.

“However, it is certain that when this investigation has proceeded a bit further, we will have to consider the issue of security [of the invader centers].”

He added that the police expected an increase in violence from the nonwhites as their asylum applications are rejected, and they face imminent deportation.

The attack comes as other reports revealed that violence is becoming “increasingly common” in Sweden’s invader accommodations.

The number of incidents of violence and threats in “asylum accommodation” has more than doubled from 2014 to 2015, according to the Swedish Migration Board.

In 2014, they reported 148 incidents of threats and violence among the invaders, against staff and the agency’s accommodation and facilities, but last year, this figure had risen to 322.

The attack came as National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson requested the government to provide his police force with 4,100 additional officers “to fight terrorism, carry out migrant deportations, and police asylum accommodations.”

Speaking to Swedish Radio program P1 Morgon, Eliasson said that “We are forced to respond to many disturbances in asylum reception centers. In some places, this takes significant police resources. This was not the case six months ago and it means that we won’t be able to respond as effectively in other areas.”

Since September, he said, the Swedish police have been forced to “ruthlessly re-prioritize their activities, and a number of routine duties have been suspended.”

He added that “crime prevention” and “police presence in the community” were just two of the normal patrols which have been stopped.

In addition, he said, the police have been forced to reduce traffic policing and the fight against drug-related crime, with only the most serious cases still being assigned to detectives.

Swedish police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg told the Göteborgs-Posten that they were now receiving “several calls a week” over invader-related violence “in various places that we had not anticipated, and this has given us a lot of extra work.”

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  1. I’m sure that guy was really in his 20’s, but Sweden classifies anyone singe and under the age of 40 a minor.

    I’m also sure if Sweden didn’t have alcohol then this also would not of happened…..since that’s the reason muslims say all crimes are committed.

    1. You forgot to mention the victim had probably washed and apply perfume. Disgusting tragic death. And completely avoidable. Merkel needs to answer for this and every other crime committed by those she invited. RIP young lady.

    2. This is a Muslim belief Erik. If involved in a car accident in the Middle East, the non-Muslim automatically is blamed: it works on the bizarre principle that if you were not there, the accident wouldn’t have happened.

  2. The invader is currently under arrest, and because of his age, will only be charged with manslaughter, Swedish police said. You’re spineless scum of liberal b*stards. Execute the filth!

  3. And we know the assailant is 15 years old because?

    1. he says he is 15 years old.
    2. His falsified papers state he is 15 years old.
    3. His friend says he is 15 years old.

  4. “and because of his age, will only be charged with manslaughter” – please tell me I’m suffering some eyesight problems.!

    They won’t even know his true age, probably not even his real name.

    I wish the war would hurry up and begin, I’m running out of time to see the result..

  5. I’m so sorry that this young girl has had her life cut short so brutally, maybe other aid workers will now start think about getting out.

  6. If you stop to help a snake then expect to get bitten. This is your typical left wing loon mentality. They think everyone is the same. These people are most definitely not the same as us.

    1. Great analogy! I once stopped to get a snapping turtle off the road to keep it from being ran over. It reached back and almost took a couple fingers off. I don’t help them any more.

  7. Deport every one of them, put a stop to the European gold rush. The third worlders are coming to stake their claim in Europe and the European women and children are as much of the bounty as the entitlements.

  8. Odpovědnost nesou neznalí politici co nevinný občany EU v táhli do své hry ! Ta hra se jmenuje SAW a režisér je USA a producent Merkelová z Německa !

  9. The police stated “More police would have prevented the murder.” REALLY???? I’ll tell you what would have prevented the murder. The worthless scum not being there would have prevented it! Good bye Sweden, it’s been a good run, but your liberal mentality will end you.

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