Invader Terror Closes Down French Events

Nearly a dozen major outdoor events in France have been cancelled out of fear that nonwhite invader “immigrants” and refugee terrorists will use them to carry out more attacks like the one in Nice.

Events in Paris, Lille, Marseille, Avignon, Collioure, Chambery, and the Riviera resort of Cannes have all been cancelled.


A French army sniper stationed overlooking the Champs-Elysées avenue last week.

One of the largest casualties has been the world-famous Lille flea market, reported The Local news service.

The Lille flea market, the Local pointed out, is considered to be one of France’s top annual events. Last year it attracted over 2.5 million visitors to what is one of Europe’s biggest such events.

Mayor Martine Aubry announced last Friday that after talks with security services the council had decided that there were “risks we cannot reduce. Therefore I think we must cancel the 2016 flea market.”

Michel Lalande, the top government official in the region, said the decision was necessary because of the “hyper-urban format (of the market) with its streets full of people.”

He added: “There comes a time, despite our passions and our convictions, when we have to say stop.”

The flea market, called the Braderie de Lille, was due to be held on September the 3rd and 4th. Some 10,000 exhibitors, including 300 antique dealers, were gearing up to display their goods during the two-day event.

The Local added that this cancellation was “just the latest in a growing list of summer events in France that have been scrapped as authorities fear they cannot guarantee adequate security given the unprecedented terror threat.”

Earlier last week, Marseille announced that the air show planned to take place on August 13th has been cancelled after the city’s mayor held talks with police chiefs.

In addition, the traditional August 15th fireworks shows have been cancelled across the country including in La Baule in Brittany, the towns of Avignon, Collioure, Chambery, and the Riviera resort of Cannes.

Police chiefs in Paris have already cancelled several events in the French capital this summer including a popular open film festival because they could not guarantee sufficient security.

Among the events cancelled in Paris were the popular open-air cinema at the Parc de la Villette in northeastern Paris and the car-free day on the Champs-Elysées—which was set for August 7th and would have seen thousands of pedestrians and cyclists flock to take over the famous Champs-Elysées avenue with cars barred from entering.

The Quai 54 basketball tournament, which was due to be held near the Place de Concorde, was also cancelled.

The famed Paris Plages event, where the banks of the River Seine and the Bassin de la Villette are turned into temporary beaches, will continue but under “heightened security.”

The police said during the opening hours of the Paris Plages, police and security forces would “have a presence along the river banks, at elevated positions and on bridges, to ensure the security of the public.”

During a recent visit to Lyon, French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced that “France was in a situation of war” and had to take the threat seriously—although he failed to explain exactly why France was now under attack.

The real reason for France “being at war” is of course the reality that that nation has deliberately followed a policy of open borders immigration, which has allowed millions of Third Worlders to enter and settle there.

Now that they have been unable to “adapt” or “integrate” to white French society, huge numbers of these disaffected nonwhites are easy prey for radical Islam, which seeks to blame the “West”—that is, whites, for their misery and “oppression.”

In addition to this, the French government has also pursued a foreign policy in the Middle East which has continually taken Israel’s side in all conflicts—serving to further radicalize and alienate Muslims the world over.

French military intervention also played a crucial role in overthrowing the Gadhafi regime in Libya, which was the last wall holding back the African hordes from invading Europe across the Mediterranean.

Finally, France has also followed the European Union’s nonsense “refugee” policy which has allowed further hundreds of thousands of nonwhites to enter France.

All of these realities have now combined in a deadly mix which has plunged France into “a war situation”—and the current French ruling elite are either too stupid, or too malicious, to see and accept this truth.

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  1. All thanks to the liberal muslim lovers! The ONLY way to sort this out, is to repatriate EVERY last muslim to the middle east and Africa. Not every muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a muslim!

    1. LOL exactly, yet more French stupidity. I’d love to know what value and enrichment these savages provide to France. Civilisation is supposed to move forward, not go backwards 1700 years!

  2. The French government has no common sense. They do not track who
    or what comes into the country and now they are paying for it in blood and
    euros. They do not even know the percentage of nonwhites in their country. French intelligence is truly
    an oxymoron.

    1. Why would they bother to track or try prevent them from entering.
      It’s all going according to the New World Order plans. Just let it run its course is what they are doing.
      The Socialist government’s just need a bit more time and they will do & say anything to prevent resistance from the population.
      Then they will concede defeat and Sharia law will be introduced.
      God (not sure which one) help the French!

  3. “Terrorism must not change our way of life and we must not let it” – This has been a part of the mantra for all European leaders for decades. So what’s changed? Millions of Muslim so-called “Refugees” that’s what’s changed.

  4. The more events cancelled the better. Perhaps it might awake the sheeple who attend these events normally. For them to realise multi culturalism kills their culture.

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