Invader Violence as Deportation Dawns

Thousands of nonwhite invaders trapped in Greece have resorted to mass violence as their imminent deportation back to Turkey draws ever close—confirming earlier predictions that there would be violence no matter how the Merkel-created invasion turned out.

On the island of Chios, do-gooder “Doctors of the World” organization activists were forced to flee overnight after a series of massive brawls broke out in which two invaders were stabbed and the €30,000 medical facility was trashed.


The clashes on Chios are the latest in a series of increasingly violent incidents at the camps across Greece, where more than 50,000 nonwhites have been stranded following the closing of the Balkan “route” used by more than a million invaders since Angela Merkel invited them to Germany.

Greece has been detaining invaders who arrived after March 20 and is due to start deporting them back to Turkey next week, under the European Union-Turkey “deal” signed last month.

The deportations will start with invaders whose “asylum claims” are considered inadmissible even by the EU. This will include all citizens of Afghanistan.

Other violent incidents have occurred at Idomeni and Piraeus Port, all of which left several invaders injured.

Local Greek media reported that the fighting in Chios was between groups of “different ethnic backgrounds,” although no one could say for sure why they were fighting each other.

Police in Chios attempted to disperse the rioting nonwhites by throwing stun grenades, and were forced to call for more reinforcements

At the village of Idomeni in the north of Greece on the Macedonian border, violence levels are also increasing as the Macedonians stick to their promise to keep the border closed.

tractor Idomeni

On Thursday this week, police intervened to prevent a local Greek farmer from plowing through the makeshift invader camp at Idomeni, the German NTV service reported.

The farmer—furious that the nonwhites had seized possession of his field, was filmed live on television as he started tilling the field, causing the invaders to panic.

The police intervened and forced him to stop before the nonwhites physically attacked him.

The farmer has not been compensated by the Greek Government for the occupation of his field by nearly 12,000 invaders who have trashed it and used it as large open toilet.

* A survey of the invaders by polling firm Kapa Research on behalf of the Greek regional government found that two-thirds of them still in that country claim to want to go to Germany.

Some 72 percent were younger than 35, and 61 percent had almost no education to speak of, and about 83 percent are Sunni Muslims.

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  1. On UK government media, the problems are sorted out now and everything is looking good for the future…. and the EU “agreement” was an historic deal – no mention at all that Poland and Hungary have rejected forced mixing of non-whites under the “fly-in” clause.

    1. Closely note the, increasingly absolute, bias of the BBC in the BREXIT argument.
      Just this last week the CBI was interviewed and stated that due to “research” carried out for them, a post BREXIT would virtually immediately result in 950,000 job losses and it would, inter alia, cause the average family household bills to rise an extra £4000 a year etc. etc. Just following that interview on News Channel, we also learn that the “industry” known as Sport, will be decimated as regards football as none of the European born “Stars” will be eligible to live and work in the UK which would result in the immediate collapse of that “Sport”. The end of football in the UK no less despite the players being financially the most mercenary, as they come. This is the kind of nonsense the BBC and others in support of remaining in the EU proclaim. Now it appears that the BBC cannot even be bothered to interview anyone else for an opposing view. I see the bias as pure desperation. Were it otherwise, I, along with all other Brits should hang our heads in shame. Yes, shame in the knowledge that (if you believe the nonsense) as a country we are utterly useless and incapable of surviving outside the EU. Doomed, finished, expired. If those really spouting the nonsense truly believe the UK could not survive outside the EU it is a sorry reflection on their own inability to govern/manage. BREXIT would starkly expose this and stripped of their perceived crutch known as the EU, they might, for once, have to manage the country properly.

  2. I get called racist for pointing out immigration is too much. So you get what you get. Europe should have valued it’s own people more. Too late now…

  3. In the Daily Telegraph of today “Isil planning to use drones to spray nuclear material over Western cities in a horrific ‘dirty bomb’ attack”.

    Coupled with the invasions will it take this that the Telegraph writes about, before we start to deal with this seemingly intractable problem in the way it should have been dealt with in the beginning, with determined extreme violence to match the enemy as against Hitler?

    Are we mad as a continent in Europe or just led by donkeys?

    1. WE the increasingly frustrated patriots across Europe are the `donkeys`.
      Merkel and her mates are piling nonstop diktats, threats, invaders, terrorists and scroungers intended to break the back of we beasts of burden.
      Merkel take note and take care !.
      “Donkeys are not stubborn and stupid, they are highly intelligent and ‘single minded’ and unlike horses, cannot be commanded into dangerous situations.” Heehaw !!

  4. Actually, as much as I hate to write this, they do have a casus belli against the EU.
    Currently, huge numbers of black Africans – and others – are in the process of invading Italy via Libya.
    The EU is doing nothing to repatriate this particular set of invaders. Those bastards are here to stay. The Syrians, quite rightly as they see it, are being racially discriminated against by that effing EU.
    Now, this does *not* mean that I agree with them. In my opinion ALL non-white immigration into Europe should be halted immediately.
    BUT, I can see why this particular set of invaders is angered by a blatant double standard and racial discrimination.

  5. Peter Sutherland of the UN Refugee Council, interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Saturday 2nd April 2016, said that there should be a “Global” effort (not simply ALL Europe) to take the refugees in. He implied that countries who refuse should be forced to accept these people. This organisation clearly include economic migrants who form the majority of the so-called, “Refugees”. Does the UN Refugee Council now represent the interests of every person who seeks to improve their ‘lot’ by simply hopping countries?
    Alternatively he/the UN is a clandestine supporter of “No Borders” and Islamisation of the World. A recipe for absolute disaster. Look at the centuries old Muslim world: Apart from those lucky enough to occupy countries sat on billions of gallons of oil the Muslim World is more or less a collection of failed states the likes of which Sutherland would apparently wish to spread their failings worldwide.

  6. The UK government media is complaining today that the turkish camps are not ready, but the Turks say no problem, because the invaders “will not need to be there for long”. Of course not – because they will be sent straight to the nearest air base under the Merkel “Fly-in” Deal, thus neatly avoiding the blockage caused by the eastern european border closures just as the non-white spring tide rolls up again.

  7. Those of us that served anywhere in the Middle East in the 60/70’s could have warned that the next major conflict would be in that part of the world. The Sunni and Shi’ite sects have never agreed with each other over centuries, and as power is the name of the game, murder of anyone, including innocent women and children is acceptable in their eyes. Bringing this mentality to Christian countries on the words of one woman is a form of treason against all countries. Why no one in Germany is publicly demanding a vote of no confidence in Merkel is astounding – what does it take to remove her from power?

  8. Pity those poor outnumbered chaps trying to enforce order confronted by baying hordes of invaders.
    Pity the poor farmer, (no doubt others too) his field full of human faeces and detritus everywhere.
    How long before he can use his field after the hordes have left due to health risks

    Good luck getting rid of the hordes you invited Merkel. Whadd`ya mean…that`s for others to deal with ?
    Of course….Motormouth only deals with “important things” like when`s the next meeting of EU minds?

    1. Where I live we compost all our waste. It takes three years, (IF) the waste is in a compost heap and contained so it can create heat to break it down. It will take as long as 5 years before his field will be safe from disease and unhealthy bacteria. He could plow it all into a heap, but still three years before it’s usable again. Heart breaking for the farmer…

  9. Now if everyone in Europe would have the spirit of that farmer who wanted to bulldoze over those camps! What a star.

  10. The fighting in Chios was between groups of “different ethnic backgrounds,” although no one could say for sure why they were fighting each other.” Probably, over which end of the boiled egg should be opened for eating – as described in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift which parodied the background to intra-religious conflicts.

  11. It seems that some are sent purposely by erdowan inorder to clear the number of syrians they have in their country.

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