Invaders “Abduct Children;” Pose as “Families”

Nonwhite invaders crossing the US border are abducting children along the way to pose as “families” when arrested by US Border Patrol agents, a government lawyer has said.

The lawyer also said that “lax enforcement of US immigration laws” is the primary reason for a 20 percent increase in the number of invaders pouring across the US–Mexican border.


The increase has seen the total number of illegal immigrant families crossing the border so far this year increasing to more than the total for all of last year, new figures show.

According to statistics released by the Department of Homeland Security, some 6,788 invaders traveling as families were caught on the southwest border in May, 20 percent more than in April, and putting the total for the first eight months of the fiscal year at nearly 45,000.

This is more than the entire total for 2015, when just under 40,000 invader “families” entered the US through Mexico.

According to a media report, a government lawyer gave one explanation to a federal judge earlier this month, saying that the Obama administration’s own lax enforcement policies, set in part by the courts, have enticed ever more invaders to undertake the border crossing.

The Justice Department’s immigration-law expert told the judge that illegal immigrants are even abducting children on their trip north, posing as “families” to take advantage of the lax policies.

In a statement, the US Customs and Border Protection placed the blame for the surge on “push factors” in Central America.

* In a separate statement before Congress this past week, Craig Healy, assistant director for national security investigations at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said that in the financial year 2015, there were 482,781 visa overstayers.

When added to an already existing backlog, this meant that the government suspected that there are at least 527,127 visa overstayers.

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  1. “Stop Breaking Families” on the picture.
    Actually, I agree with that that. Transport back home all the illegally migrated family members, so they can all be together again. Just refer to it as family reunification, not deportation. It’s politically correct.

  2. Well well….. what a surprise !! Another policy goes belly-up.
    How do the people in charge of these goverment departments get – and more to the point – keep their jobs ?
    Joe Public could have told them in advance the outcome of all these crazy liberal policies.

    1. I’m sure you know the answer. But for newcomers to this site, note that the policy in completely intentional, and ultimately comes down to fanatical Jews who control money. If you don’t believe it, search online for e.g. Coudenhove-Kalergi.

  3. Money is a great inducement. I’ve heard stories of Africans mutilating their children (or maybe other people’s, come to think of it) to get higher returns from begging. There are youtubes of ‘rat people’ in India, heads deformed when young so they have small skulls and are retarded. And of course many ‘left wingers’ (+Jews and their puppets) are happy to deform the intellects of people with constant propaganda and dumbed-down education.

  4. Has Obama done anything right and to help our citizens? Bezerkel merkel are
    both destroying the US and Europe.

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