Invaders Already Back in Calais

The French government’s attempts to raze the Calais Jungle are unravelling as hundreds of nonwhite invaders are already returning to the town, refusing to accept France’s offer of “asylum.”

At the same time, the British government’s willingness to take in a never-ending stream of lying “refugees” pretending to be children continues to serve as a magnet to the invading hordes.


Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart warned that the demolition of the Jungle was having little impact, saying that the invaders “are continuing to arrive in Calais even today.”

The latest “demolition” is not the first time that the race-denying liberals in France have tried to “remove” the Jungle.

The Jungle originated with the 1999 “reception facility” named Sangatte—opened by the French Red Cross—and which was “closed down” for the first time in November 2002 by order of the then French Minister of the Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Jungle quickly returned, and in April 2009, the French authorities then cleared the camp once again using bulldozers. By July of that year, a “new” camp had been established as the nonwhite invaders simply returned once again.

In September 2009, the French authorities once again ordered the camp “closed” and demolished its structures for the third time.

The latest “demolition” promises therefore, to be as useless as the previous three.

According to reports, about 2,000 of the invaders were bused out of Calais on Monday, and Mayor Bouchart said she hoped another 2,000 would be gone by the end of Tuesday.

“Our fear today is that about 3,000 migrants still in the camp who are not agreeing to go could cause clashes with the security forces,” she told media.

“For the last three years life has been hell in Calais. When the government says it will clear all migrants out of Calais, it is a lie. This is happening during the campaign (for the presidential election in six months).”

Bouchart pointed out that France and the European Union “were failing to tackle” the invasion problem and “lacked a regulatory framework to guarantee that there will be no more migrants’ camps in Calais.”

She said the invaders were “likely to try to establish other camps” elsewhere in the Calais area.

This was confirmed by journalists from the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper, who spoke to an invader from Afghanistan, named Ali, who told that newspaper that he was packing to go to the “next Jungle.”

The paper also pointed out that “hundreds of the camp’s children are being accommodated temporarily in converted shipping containers in a fenced-off enclosure at the camp, which will not be demolished for the time being.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged that one in four local authorities in Britain—including Prime Minster Theresa May’s local council of Windsor and Maidenhead—have refused to accept any of the “unaccompanied refugee children.”

Leicestershire County Council said it had “disengaged” from the voluntary scheme because of concerns that it would cost the council up to £2.05 million from its own resources.

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  1. I’m surprised Leicester council has decided not to take any of these supposed child refugees, Leicester is a town over run by Indians and Pakistanis, perhaps they don’t want Syrians living with them. Councils only accept these children to get the government money and then pass them off to charities to look after.

    1. Leicester ” communities” soon worked out that their own huge slice of the UK`s social cake would get increasingly smaller with umpteen more of them gnawing and clawing at it.

  2. The crooked British government have given sufficient encouragement to the barbarian hordes, to now “hang out” in Calais, until the “childspotters” arrive with their teddies, colouring books, and razors, of course. Disgraceful treachery! However, we shouldn’t be surprised, as Merkel set the precedent, and look where that has got Germany!

  3. Sent them to Israel, the self-declared conscience of the world. In any case, God has chosen them, and surely He (or She, or It, or Ze etc) can work a few miracles.

  4. Funny thing, I was talking about the Calais Shantytown with a female colleague. Her response was so typical, if those where grimy white faces desperate to start a new life I bet you would be a lot more generous.
    Aaaaa, yup, an your point is?
    Can you be Lobotomized without knowing it?

  5. Totally useless and inept on both sides of the border. Govtsneed to be replaced as both are incompetent. Now savage sporn outnumber native children in Germany and in one school theyve been made to learn a savage prayer which essentially denounces their own God. The utter stupidity never ends. The savages wouldnt try in this crap in Russia as theyd be educated fast

  6. I’m still waiting to see pictures – even pixelated ones – of all these hundreds of ‘unaccompanied minors’ at the Calais jungle. There’s no squeamishness about showing picture after picture of children in Syria, Iraq and Africa.

  7. If only the British government had the balls to deport any of these illegals arriving in Dover, if they just sent them straight back to France it would send a message we aren’t an easy touch, but I’m afraid we are an easy touch and are scared of upsetting Hollande, shouldn’t they be sent back under the Dublin agreement to claim asylum in the first country you land in, not the country with the best benefits and housing.

  8. People who do not respect the law are usually locked up and why are these people hanging around not being locked up or deported? How are they going to integrate into the society if they do not even know how to respect the immigration law in the first place and try to enter the country legally? RESPECT does not seem to apply in this continent anymore. It is run by pigs and dogs.

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