Invaders Attack as Border Tightens

A new wave of nonwhite invaders from North and sub-Saharan Africa have launched a renewed attack on the Hungarian border as the Balkan nations agreed to prevent access to anyone who was not from a “war zone.”


Thanks to the border guards and their new thermal cameras, this group of Somalis was recently arrested after breaking through the Hungarian border fence.

According to a report on the Serbian RTS TV service, the Serbian border with Macedonia has now been closed to “refugees who have not been registered at the Greek-Macedonia border in accordance with an agreement reached yesterday between the countries of the so-called ‘Balkans route.’”

“As of today, the signatories to the protocol are actually profiling the migrants, which means stricter border control for the purpose of preventing illegal migration,” Serbian Interior Ministry spokeswoman, Biljana Popovic Ivkovic, was quoted as saying.

The agreement made by the governments of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Austria, says that police will collect identification and biometric information from the invaders in order to determine whether they are really coming from Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan—the three countries where European Union claims that their lives are in danger.

The invaders will however not be given the status of asylum seekers immediately upon registration at the Greek-Macedonian border. This will only be done later in the country to which they have decided to go.

This is, of course, yet another breach of all international protocols on “asylum seekers,” who have, until now, never been allowed to “pick and choose” where exactly they want to go and live, especially if they are “in fear of their lives.”

The registration process also does nothing about the ongoing trade in fake Syrian passports and identity documents, which are so plentiful in Turkey that they can be purchased for as  little as $100 a piece.

Nonetheless, the registration process does cut off access for the obvious frauds, such as black Africans and North Africans, and it is this group which has now once again resorted to illegally breaking through the borders.

According to a report by the Custodela news service, increasing numbers of Moroccans and Somalis have been arrested after breaking through the fenced border with Serbia in the south of Hungary.

The invaders were all detected by the sophisticated infra-red cameras and watchtowers stationed along the fence precisely for such an eventuality.

The fence is also patrolled by police and army units, so there is little chance of them actually escaping into the countryside.

Even if they did, they would stand out like the proverbial sore thumb because of their coloring, seeing as Hungary does not allow any invaders to just tramp through its territory, unlike the race suicidal western European nations.

Although the invaders broke through the border at a place where the new fence has not yet been completed—and where it only consisted of barbed wire—they still have fallen foul of the new Hungarian law which mandates prison and expulsion for anyone damaging the border fence.


A group of Moroccans were arrested near the border after setting a field on fire. They told the police that they had been hiding in the woods for days. Of course, there were no women or children with them, and there is no “war” in Morocco.

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    1. You think they won’t try again, and again.?
      They’ll turn up in Calais next via Italy, then their British passports will be printed before you can say “passport”.

  1. The people in charge of countries within the EU in today’s world are totally inept, incompetent and incapable of knowing the difference between honesty and heart-strings deviously orchestrated pictures of ‘families’ rather than the single man (wives abandoned in the countries where they have left) which are flooding Europe. Are there any peope reading this, apart from me,who wish ‘Guy Fawkes’ was given a contract in Brussels?

      1. Not really, James the first, was by all accounts a bit of a miserable devil, but apart from executing Walter Raleigh and writing a treatise on witches, was defender of the faith, and kept the threatened invaders of the day, Catholics at bay!

    1. Well, I for one Bryn, I’m a bit surprised that the invaders haven’t come up with blow up babies yet, for photo opportunities of course.

  2. Round them up, put them on a plane and dump them back in Africa, by parachute if necessary, and ignoore the squawks of that fictional entity, “the international community”. The first country to do it will be cheered.

    1. Hungary did it… seems to be working out fine for them… at first everyone hated them… but seems now all are importing the fence model :)))

  3. sad to see the white spinelessness that has created this situation, if they the white peoples stood up to their scumbag leaders, such as pig Merkel they would not have allowed the bitch and her punks to get away with this, I have stomach for cowardnice so low it astonishes me to see and witness, its in comprehensiable to me. I no understand O

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