Invaders Attack Aussie Film Crew in Sweden

In an incident which the victims described as being “worse than Somalia,” a large group of violent African invaders attacked a 60 Minutes Australia TV crew making a documentary on the nonwhite invasion of Sweden.

According to Sweden’s Avpixlat news service, the attack took place on Monday this week when an Australian film crew from 60 Minutes went to the nonwhite invader-dominated Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby.

60 mins

Their plan was to “depict the mass immigration to Sweden,” the Avpixlat service said, and they “wanted some local color” and to interview residents.

When one cameraman got out of their car, another vehicle pulled up next to them. The African driver of the second car then argued and threatened the cameraman, before driving over his foot and leaving him lying on the ground. The incident was captured by the team’s second cameraman.

The injured cameraman then hobbled to his feet, and the police arrived some ten minutes later. Six officers were assigned to protect the crew, which included three photographers, TV host Liz Hayes, and Avpixlats’s Jan Sjunnesson.

After a while, the Australian team decided to go to Rinkeby Torg. The police however asked that they be allowed to stay in the background, because, they said, “We will provoke them if we follow you, so go in and we will watch you.”

The film crew then conducted several interviews with local residents, who all told them that they liked living there. However, as soon as the police moved off, the Australian crew was surrounding by a large group of masked and highly aggressive Africans.

With the police presence no longer acting as a restraint, the Africans now objected to the film crew even being in the area. Two of the photographers were severely beaten, with one losing a tooth and another left bleeding from the mouth.

The film crew quickly fled Rinkeby, but captured a significant amount of coverage of the attack and its aftereffects, Avpixlat reported.

The Australians told their Swedish host, Jan Sjunnesson, that “they had been in Somalia, Syria, and Iraq, but an attack like the one which just took place, had never happened to them anywhere else.”

The 60 Minutes Australia documentary will be broadcast within the next few weeks, along with interviews with Sjunnesson and a review of Islamist hate propaganda on the Internet, the Avpixlat report added.

* Avpixlat added an update to its report, saying that the Australian and British media had now reported on the attack, but that the Swedish media had imposed a blackout on the event. “There are two reasons for this silence,” Avpixlat said. “They do not want [Swedish people] to see the reality of the multicultural wreckage, and, not least of all, they do not want [the Swedish people] to visit the Avpixlat website which was the first news source to report the event.”

* Rinkeby has been the scene of repeated nonwhite riots, most recently in 2010 and 2013, always as a result of clashes with the local police. According to official records, 89.1 percent of Rinkeby’s population has “first or second-generation immigrant background.”

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  1. I see the Australian series 90 minutes claims it has ‘A current affairs program with a proven record of excellence over three decades’. In thirty years it has censored out news of the invasion of Australia. Frankly, if their crew get beaten up it’s less than the deserve. Cobber.

    1. Indeed. They (60 minutes) have over the years, been the mouthpiece for many, many such stories that have promoted our demise.
      Tis a shame they made it out alive.

    2. why go to where what was once called sweden…It no longer exists..nor do the swedish people!!This nest of rats in stockholm needs clearing out even though the swedes voted for it,they do not seem capable of making their own decisions! nice to see lefty media get their comeuppance!

  2. “They do not want [Swedish people] to see the reality of the multicultural wreckage…….”, that says a lot about the Swedish authorities……but without doubt, the pattern will be replicated across Europe……after all, multi-culture is “good for us & we all benefit”…..(????)

  3. Some people may wonder why film crews go into such areas to get their “story”. It is all part of the master plan, to bring massive 3rd world immigration into all white nations, then use the controlled media to agitate the host and the invaders.
    This is a very old trick, designed to further divide and conquer.

    1. I doubt that you are Australian otherwise you’d know that 60 minutes is one of the top “Multikulti Salesmen” looking to show us that our door should be wide open too. The proof of this is that (as far as I know) none of that footage has ever been shown here by 60 minutes as it doesn’t fit their “Looney Left” narrative.

  4. Love it when the leftie media get a dose of reality!

    Funny that one has to get news like this from a foreign source. Maybe they’re embarrassed. We will have to wait & see if they broadcast this locally. Wouldn’t want to offend anybody would they.

  5. Africans mixed with Swedes does not go into the mixture for a good recipe it will not turn out right.

  6. There should be a list of all these stories shown across the whole of Europe so that the true patriots can use them to tell their so-called elected representatives at all levels what a total waste of time and money they are, requesting they resign or start supporting the taxpayers first and foremost with tough new laws to restrict the invaders from being treated with kid gloves.

  7. I blame Sweden’s decline on out-of-home rearing of children. Something like 97% of babies over 18 months old are in ‘care’. A triumph for the feminists.

    Sorry, but any people who let the state rear their babies deserve to be annihilated from the gene pool.

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