Jungle Invaders Attacking Calais Residents

In a renewed outbreak of serious violence by the nonwhite invaders gathered at the French town of Calais—all hoping to get to Britain to live off the taxpayers there—local residents are now coming under increasing attacks by the rampaging mobs, Polish radio has reported.


According to Poland’s RMF 24 radio station, the situation in Calais has escalated in recent days, and the nonwhite invaders are venting their anger at not being able to get into Britain upon the local population.

News of the attacks has been blacked out by the controlled media in France and Britain, but fortunately not in Poland, were RMF 24 has documented the nonwhite violence in detail.

According to the radio station, “immigrant groups from the Jungle, armed with crowbars and knives, have started to attack the houses of local inhabitants, city officials had said.

“The refugees have started trying to get inside the houses looking for food and money,” the report continued.

“They have also vandalized cars on the street as residents have been forced to barricade themselves inside their houses.

“The attackers have threatened the residents inside the houses, and even though the police have been called, no one has been arrested.

“The outraged citizens have complained that the immigrants are not being punished for their behavior, and that all this does is cause the situation to continue,” the report added.

In the nearby commune of Marck, a large gang of marauding nonwhites were able to force their way into a kindergarten and ransack the facility. In order to prevent this from happening again, the facility is now being surrounded by a fence costing €1 million.

The French police have admitted that “similar problems” exist all around Calais and other nearby towns.

Earlier, it emerged during a landmark ruling in an immigration court hearing in Britain that most of the invaders in the Jungle are not genuine “refugees” but people who just flock there to get to the UK.

The judge—identified only as “Justice McCloskey,” said in a ruling that many of these “refugees” have “no real basis to be there and will decline to claim asylum in France in favor of Britain because of perceived advantages.”

In reality, there are no “genuine refugees” there at all. The internationally agreed upon definition of a “refugee” is someone who has fled their country out of a fear of being killed, and they have right of refuge in the first safe country bordering the one they are fleeing.

The hordes of nonwhite invaders in France have already crossed dozens of safe countries to be there, and have therefore already long lost any right they may have had to claim asylum in France, never mind Britain.

Furthermore, it is a simple fact that all of the nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” are in fact merely fleeing the self-inflicted poverty and backwardness of their own nations, hoping that they can live off the largess of the white-created economies and social structures of Europe.

The reality is that once enough of these nonwhites enter Europe, that continent will change into a Third World region itself—as the endemic backwardness of the Third World will simply be transferred over along with the population.

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  1. I suspect they are doing this for one reason and one reason only – the French will be so fed up with them attacking their own people that they will want rid of them and help them get to the UK. Watch this space!

    1. Just what I was thinking, it won’t take much for the Froggies to make us put our border controls back in Dover, this is what these savages are hoping to provoke.

      1. If only Herman but with that dopey, useless PM that we’ve got it’s going to be an uphill struggle and I suspect the result of the referendum will be fixed anyway………………….

    2. How about this: The French get so fed up of them, they allow the army in, to round them up and forcefully deport every last one of them.

    1. 100% correct, it is documented fact that Anarcho/Red scum acting under the ‘No Borders’ name are directing and manipulating the mud mob…..’No Borders’ are bankrolled by one of Soros’ many funding fronts

    2. Erik, It’s groups like Marxist UAF that is full of different muslim groups and so called minority ethnic groups of people and anti British to the core,also the SWP heavily supported by unions and anti white people that are also sponsored by organizations in America these are the ones that are behind most of it.

        1. Sure thing Stu, we should all be pulling together for this one but apart from the many great Scottish people there is that nasty anti English group the SNP who will do anything to bring England down, and that incudes ruining the union.

  2. The news blackout is disgraceful .. This is showing the true colours of these invaders, yet it is being hidden from normal people.. Yet the MSM quickly distort the truth when the indigenous people try and stick up for themselves .. I would like know what is happening to that family in Calais who were attacked by the mugrats?_…Next it will be all of us being burgled,robbed,assaulted.

  3. Why do they waste their time trying to get to Britain when Cannes France is warm year round ?
    It’s the true land of milk and honey. If it was me I would head to Cannes or the Amalfi Coast. Sun,sea and lots of places to kick those shoes off.

  4. Be it remembered, that prior to the conquest of that part of the Creek Nation hostile to the (the EU, UK, France and other nations), numberless aggressions had been committed against peace, the property and the lives of citizens of the (Nations)… etc… Treaty of Fort Jackson August 9 1814.
    It is worthwhile considering where we are and where we are going, and how long it will take before the rule of law is re-established. It is expected 8 000 000 more will arrive next year and 80 000 000 after that. It looks as if the lives of Frenchmen are expendable and their property can be pillaged at the present stage just to keep the liberal ego’s gorged and satisfied.

  5. RMF24 isn’t polish radio (it is german actually).. most media ind Poland aren’t polish. They’re only polish-language…

    1. I mind not who runs what as regards EU media sources.
      What I DO care about is that certain information is deliberately withheld by certain sources.
      Exactly who in the higher echelons of the EU gets to sit in judgement deciding what we are`allowed` to know (or not).
      This isn`t just creepy but damn dangerous as well.

      1. Word was some time ago Merkel is controlling most EU media,some of the now discontented country’s near have Germans owning all the media, one of her ex work comrades from ‘the old days’right hand man from her Eastern Germany times when the wall was up has been directing operations.

  6. Yet if anyone dares band together to deter such outrages, e,g, the Finnish “Soldiers of Odin” they are immediately demonized as “Neo-Nazis”. Soon, many more white Europeans will have so little left to lose they WILL start to retaliate and with our better grasp of tactics and logistics, well, I would say “God help the invaders” but I really doubt He will and I wouldn’t mean it anyway.

  7. I was reading an article in the British Daily Express today in which the ‘journalist’ was praising Britain for not having any major far right risings yet, as compared to Pegida. About 20 people let him know in no uncertain terms that his far right wing were in fact simply people defending themselves, family and property in lieu of a functioning police force. With ‘journalism’ like this, you really have to wonder. If this idiot, Stephen Pollard’s wife were assaulted, what would he do? The mind boggles!

    1. Bryn All the big media owners are either foreigners or the owners meet up at the same exclusive London clubs,and are big at donating to their selected party, hence the biased reporting, or more like what they conveniently don’t print,a bit like printing to order in the hope of gaining privileges.

    1. Agree ROSINA,both honest open reporting, Breitbart another good one, take advantage now because our self-elected bureaucratic comrades across the channel have plans in place for changing that status quo.

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