Invaders Begged Not to Trash Germany

Frantic German liberals have embarked on a media campaign to urge the current flood of nonwhite invaders not to trash Germany, steal, trespass, mistreat children, defecate in public, and haggle in supermarkets.

Furthermore, the officially published guidelines beg the nonwhite invaders to respect freedom of religion, not to attack homosexuals, to ignore girls wearing shorts, not to interpret smiles as sexual invitations, and to stop pestering German girls for their private contact details.

The list of requests—which would be laughable if they were not meant in all seriousness—provides a dramatic insight into the mindset of both liberals—who believe that race-based cultures can be discarded like coats at the border crossing—and the behavior of the nonwhite invaders themselves.

These incredible “guidelines” for invaders have been published by public national media (such as that by Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, DW), private pro-invader organizations, and even local authorities.


The DW service—which is owned by ARD (the Consortium of Public Broadcasters in the Federal Republic of Germany), on a special web page titled “10 things to know when you come to Germany,” said that “When you first come to Germany as a refugee, there are a number of things that you need to remember. Not everything is as clear as it may seem: There are laws and social norms that need to be adhered to.”

Among the things it asks the nonwhite invaders to remember are:

– No work without a work permit. (“In contrast to some countries in the Middle East and Africa, working without a work permit in Germany is against the law.”)

– No violence towards children. (“German law states: ‘Children have a right to a violence-free upbringing.’”)

– Kids have to go to school (“School-age children can’t just stay at home, or go to work.”)

– Supermarket prices are set. (“Negotiating a lower price is part of daily life in many countries. But this isn’t the way things are done in Germany, neither in supermarkets, nor in most shops.” In other words, no Semitic market haggling).

– Keep your distance (“In many cultures, hugging, kissing or giving gifts to local kids in the neighborhood is normal. In Germany, children shouldn’t be approached in this manner.”)

The privately run “Refugee Guide” in Hamburg has also published a list of things invaders should remember after landing in Germany on their website.

They say that their guide is “meant for visitors to Germany, refugees and future citizens. Its aim is to give orientation at the very beginning of their stay in Germany.” Among the tips they provide are:

– “Smiling in public is not usually considered flirting, even when you are talking with a stranger.” (In other words, a smile is not an invitation for physical or sexual interest.)

– “It is considered polite to knock on [a] door before entering and usually you will be welcome and asked in.”

– “Peeing in public can be an offense.”

– “It is perfectly safe to throw toilet paper into the lavatory, not into the garbage bin.”

– “Make sure to leave the restroom clean and dry. Therefore, it is advisable to use the toilet in a sitting position.”

– “In public, particularly in public transportation, it is considered rude to have lengthy and loud conversations.”

– “Everybody can confess to and practice his or her own religion—or no religion at all. So you are free to believe whatever you like, but you are also expected to accept that other people believe in another God or nothing at all.”

“Public displays of affection among (same or different sex) couples are common. This is commonly accepted behavior and should be ignored when passing by.”

– “Partial nudity is common and normal, for example wearing t-shirts and shorts or short skirts.” (The idea that shorts or t-shirts are regarded as “partial nudity” says much about the invaders.)

– “Men and women are equals and enjoy exactly the same rights. If anybody asks you to leave her or him alone, you should absolutely accept this: harassing other people, both men and women is forbidden.”

– “It is quite common for garbage to be kept and thrown into the nearest waste bin, even if this means carrying the waste until they reach a waste bin.”

Another astonishing example of the race-blindness of liberals was provided by the mayor of the Bavarian town of Hardheim, Volker Rohm. In a letter he drew up welcoming the flood of nonwhites into his town, he inadvertently revealed to the world many of the problems they have been facing after more than one thousand nonwhites were dumped in the town (native population 4,600) by the Federal Government.

Leitfaden und Hilfestellung für Flüchtlinge
Leitfaden und Hilfestellung für Flüchtlinge

After wishing them a “welcome,” Mayor Rohm went on to set some guidelines:

You must respect the property of others. You do not enter private property, gardens, barns and other buildings, and do not pick fruit and vegetables which do not belong to you.

Germany is a clean country and should remain so! Trash or waste is disposed of in designated dumpsters or a trash can.

In Germany, you pay for goods at the grocery store before you open them.

Our necessities we do exclusively on toilets, not in gardens and parks, not even in hedges and behind bushes.

Young girls feel harassed by incorrect speech such as direct requests for cell phone numbers, Facebook contact details, and expressions of desire for marriage.

In Germany, water is used for cooking, washing, cleaning. Also, it is used here for the flushing of toilets.


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  1. The fact that Germany has been forced to issue these rules just goes to show how bad things are. They will never respect the European way of life. These invaders will force their culture on the Germans, breed, leech off the welfare, and turn this nation into a stinking third world cess pit much the same as the one they have already trashed and escaped from, disgusting !!

  2. Amazing how we have to tell these people what common decency is. This means most do not understand and probably never will.

  3. Why have some corners of the world made remarkable progress in terms of civility and culture and yet others appear firmly rooted in the ancient past?

    It’s not like we’ve had longer to develop and I can’t help but blame religion for a lot of it.

    We like to think we’re an advanced sentient species……. this article somewhat proves otherwise.

    1. I would never go back there. Still have family in Munich, but one semester of severe sexual harrassment in the CiteU in Geneve was enough for me. No thanks. You can keep your yurt-mentality and hijab. Screw that. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without being accosted by Muslim/African neighbors. YOu cannot put these folks in a co-ed dorm with European women and expect normalcy. And that was 1994. It’s much worse now.

  4. Nice, they have to beg. Don’t you know those cops just hate those idiots. They’ve asked for help for years, but were told they are racist for mentioning how many of these heinous crimes are committed by immigrants. Apparently telling the truth is STILL illegal in Germany.

  5. It gets way better. Check the signs in Sweden and Finland that have gone up telling the LOCAL Swedish and Finnish girls to ‘dress modestly-refugee camp in the area”. The NERVE!!!!!!!! If this isn’t a HUGE wake up call for those liberal idiots, I can’t imagine they will ever be normal. This is how WWII happened….I am floored at the sheeplike mentality of so many Europeans. Yes I know I am part German, but so glad I was raised here. Where does this come from. From one extreme to the next there seems to be a constant theme of following whatever politicians say without questioning (my Dad is like this still and he’s 80)…because what could possibly go wrong? Telling Europeans to modify THEIR behavior to accomodate these ….well…you see how they’ve been behaving…..seriously? Nobody finds that….odd?

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