Invaders Burn Center, Demand Holiday Passports

Hamelin, Germany—Two nonwhite invader “asylum seekers” have been arrested after starting a fire in protest at a delay in issuing them passports—so they could quickly travel to and from their home countries.


According to a report in the German Die Welt newspaper, the two invaders, settled in an “asylum center” in the picturesque town of Hamelin in Saxony (best known from the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin), set fire to a mattress in their accommodation as part of their “protest.”

The nonwhites started the fire because they wanted the issuance of their passports speeded up to be able to “return to their homes because of a death in the family,” Die Welt reported.

Some 170 other invaders also living in the center had to be evacuated, and four employees of a security firm suffered slight smoke inhalation, police said.

The two invaders—whose home country is Lebanon—appeared this past week before a court in Hanover on a charge of arson and assault, and were ordered held in prison until trial.

The two invaders—clearly bogus asylum seekers who have taken advantage of the German government’s open invitation to the Third World to invade Europe—demanded passports because someone in their extended family had died and they wished to return to Lebanon for the funeral.

In Muslim funerary customs, a dead person has to be buried before sunrise of the following day, and the two invaders demanded that they be issued with passports so that they could fly back to Lebanon immediately—and then be allowed to return to continue with their “asylum” application.

When their papers were not immediately returned in time for them to fly back, they set fire to a mattress in the accommodation, and then went to the main gate, seized a female worker and held her hostage with a knife to her throat.

The police were called out and after a short confrontation, the invaders were arrested.

The fact that the nonwhites feel confident enough to fly back and forth to the country which they claim to have “fled” is prima facie evidence that they are, like almost all the “refugees” who have entered Europe, just lying opportunistic parasites.

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  1. Why were they not shot on sight when they held the knife to the female’s throat? Scum of the earth, Just look at that top photo. A hell of a lot of shifty looking characters!

  2. Kidnapping a person at knife point should get them 25yrs,then deportation, dont expect anything like that though.All of these retarded A hole’s are unfit to live among civilized people,as this case,and many other’s have shown.

    1. One. As far as I can tell after months of having to live with this lot at much, much too close quarters. One single solitary face which looks at least 90% Syrian, and at least 80% intelligent. And he looks almost as miserable about the situation over here as I am.

  3. I thought they were Syrian refugees. Apparently they are really just Syrian holidaymakers. So there is really no danger in Syria at all just a lot of Syrian bovine defecant from a lot of liars. What a farce.

  4. You need a modern-day Pied Piper to lead these particular rats out.

    And if the politicians refuse to pay him, he should go to the Rat Haus – and let the ‘migrant’ rats take the political rats with them.

  5. If a Syrian wants a passport to go home to Syria, then that is not a refugee!
    Get them out. Deport all of them and save your country!
    If your govt doesn’t allow it, then get rid of them any means possible.

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