Invaders: Child Marriage Conundrum

The mass nonwhite invasion of Germany by Muslims from the Middle East has plunged that country’s legal system into a quandary on how to deal with the “hundreds” of child marriages among the newcomers.

According to reports, more than half of all “marriages” among the nonwhite invaders are forced and involve underage girls.


A report in the German Die Welt newspaper revealed that the underage marriage question has come to the fore since the “refugee” invasion, and that the issue has now split the German judiciary.

On the one hand, the courts are under political orders to “welcome” the invaders, but now find themselves having to enforce German law which says that the minimum marriage age of consent is 18.

Furthermore, German law allows for marriages at the age of 16—but only with parental and court consent.

However, the number of girls married among the nonwhite invaders at ages 12, 13, and 14 is so high that the matter has now been brought before the courts.

Die Welt cited one case in particular as an example. According to that paper, two “Syrians,” 14-year-old Alia and the 21-year-old Amir (their names were changed), arrived in Germany via the Balkans route in August 2015.

Although married according to Sharia law, upon their arrival in Germany they were immediately separated and Alia placed in an invader center set up for “unaccompanied minors.”

They quickly became the test case for German law: “What happens to refugee couples who are too young to get married according to German law?” the paper asked.

“Must their union be protected, or are such young girls being abused in relationships such as these?” Die Welt continued.

The Family Court in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, found that the marriage was indeed illegal in terms of German law, and now an appeal has been made to the senior federal court in Karlsruhe.

The issue has now reached the politician’s realm as well. Last week, Die Welt reported, the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) Minister of Justice, Thomas Kutschaty, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, proposed revising the German law to allow underage marriage.

“In the context of the refugee influx, we are finding an increased number of cases of married minor girls from Syria or other countries,” Kutschaty said.

The “refugee” administration in North Rhine-Westphalia has reported 188 cases of underage marriages among the nonwhite invaders in that state, while the state of Baden-Württemberg has reported a further 177 cases.

According to the UN, at least 13 percent of marriages in pre-civil war Syria involved minors—but now this figure has jumped to more than 51 percent in the refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey—and the number of forced marriages has increased exponentially.

The German government is now seriously considering changing its law to accommodate the nonwhite invaders, Die Welt concluded, saying that moves were already afoot behind the scenes to make the necessary legislative changes.

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  1. Bl00dy disgraceful capitulation to the disgusting standards of the scum they sre allowing to pollute their country.

  2. wimp leaders are going to cause the suicide of the country they represent. Gutless apologists scared to offend anyone are the best friends of the jihadists.

    1. Just like Cameron. The Prime Minister “wants Muslims to lead Government, the British Army” and dislikes “seeing white Christian faces”. Watch and share the only film on the internet which exposes the leader of the Conservative Party in details never before shown, the most shocking sixteen minute movie on the islamification of Britain. You Tube .. DAVID CAMERON EXPOSED ON ISLAM

  3. why do we relinquish our hard won freedoms at the altar of retrograde misogynistic retrograde? Seriously, this is disgusting!!

    1. If we insisted that those couples who are below the age of consent in their host country should be separated on their arrival and put into camps at a distance from each other maybe they would reconsider coming to Europe. But it is retrograde to lower our own age of consent to accommodate the newcomers – why should we go back to the dark ages to accommodate them, who will probably be a drain on the economy for many years to come.

  4. “…the underage marriage question has … now split the German judiciary.”
    There was heated debate today as the two opposing sides squared off. Those who voted in favour of forced underage marriage (Previously known by the totally uncool and oppressive term “paedophiles”) were heard to cry out “we demand our right to *CENSURED * those kids right now! In response, one member who opposed shouted back, “No Gunter, you have to wait till we legalise it first!”.

    1. This can not slit the German Judiciary. The Judges have no choice but to uphold the law. Uncle Adolf’s judiciary may have looked to him for “guidance” but this may not happen in The Fed Rep.

  5. I can’t believe a country can be so stupid to think all these refugees or illegal immigrants were going to obey and live by German laws or way of life, they are invading child brides, family reunion, more interested in housing, benefits than working. Merkel thinks she has allowed a million refugees into Germany, but in reality with family reunion she has allowed nearly six million people in.

    1. Merkel knew exactly how the invasion would develop. She planned it that way. Changing the German laws on marriage is a step down the slippery slope to Sharia law.

    2. And none of them will benefit Germany. No they are not doctors, lawyers and engineers, they are illiterate without skills and will be drain on the country probably for the rest of their lives, forever with their hands out contributing nothing of worth and creating ugly ghettos. Is that what you want Germany?

  6. How readily the ‘enlightened’ West kicks women to the bottom of the pile. How readily the ‘enlightened’ West celebrates the invasion of violent paedophiles. How readily the ‘enlightened’ West steamrollers its own citizens towards its own cultural beheading. Our female children and grandchildren will have cause to hate us for our betrayal..

  7. Fraid’ that unless the German public stop this nonsence very soon and start to reverse the invasion of Muslims, it will get very much worse. In a recent documentary on UK television the black Trevor Phillips ex-head Chairman of the Human Rights Commission, a staunch advocate of more immigration, more multiculturism and all the rest of it, concluded that the Muslim in the UK wants everything done their way and they will not settle for alternatives with the Kaffir…………

  8. Based on the comments above, why are we surprised, Merkel has eliminated any opposition to her wishes and has created a dictatorship worse than many others across the world. German citizens do not wish the UK to leave the EU – why? because if we do, the loss of our money will put a major financial burden on their taxpayers, it has nothing to do with working together, Sharia courts exist in the UK, courtesy of successive governments and probably part of the deals made with Saudi Arabia when selling weapons and military aircraft. It’s time to remember THERE IS ALWAYS A PRICE TO PAY! There is now no democracy within the EU; Juncker and whoever replaces him will always be on the same page, THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE WITH ONE CURRENCY; ONE POLITICAL UNION AND ONE EVERYTHING ELSE AND ALL DECISIONS AND LAWS ARE YOURS TO FOLLOW WHILST WE MAKE THEM, SO LIKE IT OR LUMP IT, WE’RE IN CHARGE!

  9. Sorry, but the diskussion is not about legalizing child marriage, but about rising the age for legal marriage from 16 to 18 to make a better difference between kids and grown-ups. And be sure that most germans are not happy about this Muslim Invasion of Europe, except this fdj-merkel.

    1. Surely no one believes that Muslimes will back down on this particular revolting practice or the many others they indulge in lurking under the cloak of religion?
      The west will back down as usual by making concessions and the Muslimes will win hands down every time… as usual.
      Islamification carefully inches forward another step… for now.

    2. Perhaps the discussion needs to be about getting perverts out of poliitcs. I am referring to German Green Party politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Chosenite) who reported in a book he wrote in the eighties that while he was a kindergarten teacher, “It happened several times, that a few children would open the fly of my pants and begin to stroke me.” He claims it never actually came to molestation (!), however in a recording from French television Cohn-Bendit speaks about an “incredibly erotic game” he played with a five-year-old girl as he watched her undress and talks about the joy of wiping the children’s bums. In an effort to avoid having her party referred to as a holding tank for child molesters Green Party Chief Claudia Roth claims that if the party were pro-pedophilia, it wouldn’t be winning votes. This in spite of the fact that there were indeed groups, in the Green Party, which openly sought to liberalize and decriminalize sex with children. The “Urban Indians” group was one, the “Working Group on Gays and Pederasts” was another. Now let’s move on and talk about the bestiality brothels in Germany where you can go to rape animals.

  10. How much further will the Merkel regime go in order to destroy Germany, and subsequently Europe…
    Legalize FGM..?
    Legalize stonings for alleged adultery..?
    Legalize public floggings..?
    When are the German people going to say “Enough!”

  11. “The German government is now seriously considering changing its law to accommodate the nonwhite invaders, Die Welt concluded, saying that moves were already afoot behind the scenes to make the necessary legislative changes.”

    Let’s get this straight, the invaders came to a predominantly Christian country where the rule of law has stood for centuries. We did not drag these people here, they came on their own accord and consequently should abide by our laws, the same as we must abide by their laws in their country. Accordingly there is nothing to be discussed or any legislative changes required. Forced marriage to an underage girl constitutes Rape. End of story. Now all we need is appropriate action by the police.

    When is this PC nonsense going to end? Are we to have legislative changes to accommodate rape, theft, murder and public rioting?

  12. This is just a message to my fellow commenter’s…do we all remember the near loss of this publication recently..?
    I tried to make a modest donation earlier, but my connection was really bad, and after 3 times trying I thought it best to try again later (I think my daughter was on Netflix draining my use:/ ), so about to do so now…
    I know of nowhere else to access the truth, and I know how easy it was for us all to promise support when we saw the “Gone Fishing” page, so, my donation this month won’t be a fortune (I’m sorry) but it will hopefully help, and I just want to remind my like-minded friends to do the same, whatever we can donate to keep this alive…I’m sure it won’t matter if it’s $1.00 or $100.00, every little helps (as they say at Tesco!)

    1. I too sent another small donation last week. As a pensioner mine will be a variable amount according to each month`s outgoings. Like Stuart I believe it`s incredibly important to support TNO in order to be kept up to date with events as they unfold. We certainly won`t get that information on MSM.
      I`m more than happy to give what I can ( however small ) and encourage others to do the same.

  13. Not aware of a change in law coming up but it is true that marriages LEGALLY entered upon abroad cannot just be nullified even if they are illegal according to German law. In order to resolve this contradiction the case had been brought up to the highest court level in order to obtain a precedental verdict what comes first – legal regulations of the host (Germany) or the origin.

  14. Deport them, then no need to change the law! Are there no people with intelligence in the government or judiciary, or are they all paedophile and muslim loving sc*m?

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