Invaders to Cost Germans €29bn per Year

Angela Merkel’s Third World refugee invasion of Germany is going to cost the German taxpayers at least €29.257 billion per year ($32.8399 billion)—and this figure is likely to increase as the “family reunification” process starts to kick in and the nonwhite numbers swell even further.

A survey undertaken by the Bild newspaper in Germany on the costs of the invasion also revealed that the government is planning on building a minimum of 75,000 new homes to permanently house the invaders.

The housing project is another indication that Merkel was lying in 2015 when she claimed that the “refugees” would be expected to “go home” once “peace had returned to their nations.”


According to the Bild, the “integration” policy is the single biggest expense, with the demand for additional teachers, educators, day-care centers, schools, language courses, and accommodation costs incurred by local authorities to reach at least €20billion—per year.

As the “family reunification” process starts, this figure is expected to grow by at least €2.6 billion per year from 2018 onward.

Another major expense—over and above the “integration” costs will be for an estimated 20,000 additional policemen at a minimum of €1.3 billion per year.

In an indication of the expected invader reproduction rate in Germany, the government is also budgeting for at least 50,000 crèche and day-care places, for which it expects to pay another €400 million every year.

In addition, the German government is planning to pay for at least 250,000 school places each year, at a cost of €1.625 billion per year.

Additional costs involved in employing at least 20,000 new teachers will run at €300 million per year.

The Government is also budgeting for 6,000 social workers at a cost of €240 million per year, and 30,000 “educators” at a minimum cost of €972 million per year.

They also expect to employ some 920 school psychologists at a cost of €40 million per year, and there is a still undetermined cost of German-language teachers.

The 75,000 new homes planned for the invaders will cost a minimum of €1.125 billion in subsidies every year.

Finally, to add insult to injury, the cost of expected deportations of failed “asylum seekers” is expected to run to at least €655 million per year—even though previous figures have shown that the vast majority of such deportation efforts end in failure.

The Bild said that it had compiled the costs from official figures provided by various government agencies.

Apart from revealing that the Merkel government fully expects the mass of invaders to stay on in Germany permanently, the cost estimates also show that tax increases will be inevitable, despite Merkel’s assurances to the contrary.

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  1. Holy sh*t! This money should be spent
    on increasing the white European
    population. Paid tme off for maternity
    leave for both men and women. Better
    education for its white populace. Increasing military spending to protect
    its borders. The list could be endless.
    What a total waste of money. The insanity just continues. Merkelsheimer
    needs to end.

  2. that can’t be true, they are all doctors and engineers, surely they will start their own businesses and start paying heavy German taxes. one more million of those bright engineers and Germany will become a leader in science and technology.

  3. Merkel has lied and lied and lied again. At the same time she has arrested and prosecuted anybody who challenges the official line.

    1. LOL she makes Blair look honest. Unbelievable that those Germans would support such a lowly mentally ill lot. How many Germans don’t have a home despite paying taxes all their life just to end up subsidising a whole bunch of savages hell bent on slitting their throats

  4. What a generous package the German taxpayers are going to fund for the rest of their lives, because it has already been said that these people are not in any way work-orientated. Taxes rising? New houses for them, will they have the Middle East equivalent for a toilet, because everyone squats, pans and cisterns are a vague memory, may be wrong of course because that was 30 years ago. What about houses for their taxpayers, and just like here in the UK, will they be told you’re off the list for social housing? Never thought the German people were that tolerant.

  5. Just goes to show that we’ve been led by the nose all these decades. Housing crisis! My Arse. At the flick of a finger houses can be built to provide decent acccommodation for every native European citizen. This refugee crisis is exposing our politicians finally for what they are – and there is no turning back from it. They know it, that’s why they rush them in.

    1. The crisis is affordable housing. Money is no object when it belongs to taxpayers. Banksters will be making a killing on mortgages that the taxpayers have to pay and the houses will cost top dollar, more interest you see

    1. You are correct… Watch
      The endgame: white genocide

      If you familiar with John Cleese, he’s being serious in this video…

  6. Curious to see the upcoming few New Year’s Eve celebrations around Germany. Looks like there’ll be plenty of fikki fikki for everybody. Say goodbye to your economic status!

  7. Apart from the massive black/brown immigration into Germany destroying the ethnic basis of Germany, the huge economic loss is reason enough alone to keep the invaders out.

  8. If 75,000 homes need to be built to house roughly 1.3 million so-called ‘Refugees’, why in the UK do we need an estimated 250,000 homes to be built EVERY YEAR. Someone’s got the numbers wrong or, more likely, the true immigration figures to the UK have been played down year on year.

  9. Watch this, ladies and gents. An Homeric chair battle between “refugees”, including females, at the Federal Migration Office in Dortmund, Germany. What scenes, holy shit! 🙂 Meanwhile the psychopaths from the media in Germany have been rejoicin’ noisily at a recent survey that allegedly confirms a mass support of the German public for Merkel. Personally, I am highly skeptical about the accuracy of the survey and the veracity of its begetters….

  10. Wonderful!! Excuse Moi, (or should I say, ‘Wunderbar’?). Continuing evidence of the savagery inherent in every one of these people.

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