Invaders Cost Germany $5.9 billion in Welfare

The number of nonwhite invaders posing as asylum seekers in Germany and receiving welfare has tripled from 2014, and last year €5.3 billion ($5.91 billion) in welfare handouts were paid out, new official figures have revealed.

According to a statement issued by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the recipients of the handouts claimed to come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, “other Asia,” Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia, and the “rest of Africa.”


The number of “asylum seekers” jumped 169 percent from 363,000 in 2014 to 975,000 in 2015—the sixth consecutive year of increases.

In addition, the claimants were 67 percent male and 33 percent female in 2015, and almost 30 percent claimed to be minors.

Some 63 percent of the invaders came from Asia, while 22 percent came from “Europe” (that is, the southwest Balkans, namely Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovar or Montenegro), and 13 percent from Africa. Almost none of these claimants actually qualify for asylum at all.

Destatis further reported that the payments are made to “foreigners who actually reside in the Federal territory” and who have a “residence permit for subsidiary protection or toleration.”

“Toleration” is German government speak for those who in theory do not qualify for residence, but are allowed to stay on because of some other complication in their deportation procedure.

Most importantly, however, the Destatis statement continued, “foreigners who have been granted refugee status by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees or who have been granted asylum are not entitled to benefits and are not included in these statistics.”

In other words, these statistics do not include the hundreds of thousands of invaders already granted asylum in Germany—who are already drawing “conventional” welfare payments.

The basic benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act cover food, housing, heating, clothing, health and personal care, and household goods. In addition, more cash is handed out for “the personal needs of daily life.”

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  1. Money doesn’t grow on trees either. A decent accountant would have sussed this a very long time ago, but no doubt in the same way that the corruption within the EU finances that Kinnock overlooked, there’s no surprise really.

  2. They only came for the benefits they get nothing from their own countries they will sit on their arses and do nothing but take the piss where they want to live what type of house they want they ask for things they would b flogged for in their home lands don’t want them don’t need them parasites why should we appease them WE OWE THEM NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL !!!!

  3. No Problem, the German Federal Occupation Administration will take another credit at Goldman Sachs and raise the taxes for the Germans.
    Refugees welcome 🙂
    *sarcasm off*

  4. Haaar haaaar what a bunch of suckers lol. Enjoy your savages you fools, you’ll be slogging your @rses off at work on beautiful sunny days while they kick back and enjoy life at your expense lol. Ole Merkel will be far removed as she jets around the world at your expense too, but hey fools YOU can do it – whether you like it or not lol. Not to worry fools there will be a place in heaven for ya while life on earth will be a living hell for you lol

  5. Remember how, last year, the damned filthy liars in the press, politics and elsewhere were shouting loudly that the invaders would actually ‘fiscally benefit’ Germany through their tax payments?

  6. Most of the money is squandered by the politicians into the hands of their cronies. One billion can already do a lot for the refugees in their own region. This whole refugee mess is created by Merkill and company with the aim to squandered money from taxpayers into her cronies and made it looked like they are all spent on the refugees.

    1. Agreed. Human rights aholes are also responsible, this whole mess also came about not only because of Blair/GW lying their way into the ME and starting these wars but also because the USA let all those Bath Party criminals loose. Had they “accidentally” had their bombs go astray where they were holding all those criminals prisoners (accidental collateral damage) then possibly ISIS wouldn’t have gotten so big. But hey the human rights jerks would rather see innocent people being collateral damage instead! Those rotten human rights lawyers make a lot of money out of people’s misery

    2. Merkel has signed her resignation papers with this lot. Can you see any of them earning more than a pittance for menial labour jobs? I bet most of them are illiterate in their own language Enjoy the enrichment and diversity, you are certainly paying for it now and for years to come.

  7. Why don’t they put these guys to work building a new mega city somewhere like Greenland. With that kind of money they could hire Japanese master craftsman (working with hand tools) and pave the roads with jewel encrusted marble. Just give it great name like FikiFikiville, magical.

    1. Except they would have to choose an island which belongs to Germany, you can’t just dump them in someone else’s country unless it’s their own. Choose a German island preferably far north and with long stormy sea journeys to any main landmass. See how they like the cold north.

  8. Germany had better get used to these payments and more, because none of these invaders has any intention of working, they just want a free house and unlimited benefits, wait until they demand their extended families are allowed to join them.

  9. As a consequence Germans who have worked all their lives contributing to the pension, health and education systems that have provided earned security and supported innovation and nurtured cultural heritage will suffer from shortfalls. Money will be transferred away from deserving causing to support a culture of professional victimhood populated by hordes of barbaric invaders intent on plunder and pillage under the aegis of a set of superstitious beliefs categorised as Islam.

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