Invaders Detained Crossing English Channel

At least six nonwhite invaders were detained early today while trying to invade the UK across the English Channel from France in a rubber dingy.The U.K.’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency said it “rescued” the six men near Dover, Kent, at around 5:40 a.m. with the help of a search and rescue helicopter and HMC Valiant.

News of the invasion attempt came just hours after a mass drowning of Sri Lankans living in London led to reports that invaders had drowned while trying to cross the Channel.

invader dingy

The dingy in which the latest invaders were intercepted.

The Local in France reported in June this year that “thwarted at every turn in their efforts to reach Britain,” the massed nonwhite invasion force in northern France “have once again changed tack, turning to flimsy dinghies to carry them across the Channel.”

The invaders have increasingly been “stymied” in their efforts to sneak into trucks or trains, and authorities have reported about a dozen operations to rescue invaders drifting in inflatable dinghies in the Channel since the start of the year, the Local continued.

Pierre-Joachim Antona, spokesman for the local French maritime authority, said efforts to cross the Channel by boat were “no longer extraordinary or isolated.”

The most recent incident took place on June 11, when three Iranian invaders were plucked off their sinking boat. Four days earlier, three other invaders were rescued in similar circumstances.

There have been rare cases in recent years of invaders drowning while trying to swim across the narrow sea, and an Afghan once built a raft with a bedsheet in a failed effort to drift to England.

But the phenomenon is now a “real and lasting trend,” said Antona.

He said that while the coast guard had intercepted several boats, there was evidence that some were succeeding in crossing the treacherous stretch of water.

“We are realistic; we know there have been other attempts, successful or not,” said Antona, citing “clues on English and French beaches, like small boats or life vests.”

The British government’s welfare policies are the major draw for the invaders seeking access to the U.K., with free housing, handouts, money, cell phones, and other huge benefits on offer to any Third World scrounger who can make it ashore.

doctors engineers calais

Calais: Doctors, engineers, physicists, and nuclear scientists attempt to board free transport to Britain.

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  1. The U.K.’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency, along with the Home Office are undeniably supporting the invasion of immigrants, by not returning them to where they came from.

  2. So they rescued them from what, the Hell on Earth that is France.
    So what happens next, you’ll never hear another peep about these guys they’ll just disappear, like a fart in the wind, “Poof”

  3. As there is no political will to deal with this appalling matter effectively, the taxpayers are going to be lumbered with not only paying for these people, but having them destroy the communities that their parents, grandparents and before them fought to set up after 2 World Wars. Much of it has already been destroyed and being of a senior age, I truly feel a lot of sympathy for those following us who will have to pick up the bill. I defy any politician of whatever party telling the media they actually represent the voters – this one debacle proves that will always be a ‘lie’.

  4. Any assistance from the authorities will only serve to encourage even more to make the crossing particularly if they think that patrolling coastguards will save them once they make an attempt at invasion

    1. You know that, I know that and the politicians know that but they do absolutely sfa but support the invaders! I bet that none of them live in areas where there is a large influx of immigrants!

      1. And the Labour Party still believe in staying in the EU when all their rock solid areas voted to leave – they also still believe immigration is wonderful as do very many politicians of other parties.

  5. The politicians started this. Once they started to accept one, many more will come to be accepted. Solution is simple. Send them back and many more will not come anymore.

  6. The U.K.’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency said it “rescued” the six men near Dover, Kent, at around 5:40 a.m. with the help of a search and rescue helicopter and HMC Valiant.

    That must have cost several hundred thousand alone – to a nice warm welcome, food, lodging, pocket money, rapey opportunities while waiting for their “asylum” claims to be processed (which will be accepted) and then hey-ho to a life of welfare dependency on the back of the poor, shafted working stiffs of the UK.

  7. “In the long run, whatever I do, I certainly can’t let that starving mob come and land on our shores. We could put them in camps, we could try to assimilate them. But the result would be the same: they would be here to stay. And once we had opened the door and shown how weak we are, others would come. Then more, and more. In fact, it’s already beginning . . .”
    –p.191, ‘Camp of the Saints’ by Jean Raspail, 1973.

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