Invaders: Forced Marriage in Switzerland

Nonwhite immigration to Switzerland has caused a surge in the number of forced marriages in that country, with at least 119 reported cases this year already.

The Center of Competence against Forced Marriage, or Zwangsheirat, reports that the perpetrators and victims are all from Eritrea, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Muslims pray outside the Swiss parliament building, Bern.

Muslims pray outside the Swiss parliament building, Bern, in 2010.

According to a report in The Local’s Switzerland news service, of the 119 cases reported so far, 26 cases involved females under the age of 16, with some as young as ten years old.

According to Zwangsheirat’s director, Anu Sivaganesan, the latest figures are a “marked rise,” given only five cases involving victims under 16 were discovered between 2005, when the center began its work, and 2015.

Sivaganesan said the rise in the number of cases “could be partly explained by the increase in asylum seekers coming to Switzerland.”

But, she said, it was “also due to increased awareness of the issue among doctors, social workers, and teachers in Switzerland since the country amended its laws on forced marriage in 2013.”

This means that the practice of forced marriages is equally prevalent among the already settled “legal” nonwhite immigrants in Switzerland.

Many minors who were forced into marriage outside Switzerland report themselves to the authorities once they arrive in the country, she said, because being in a place they consider safe allows them to “dare to oppose” their situation.

Once identified, the center works with victims to separate them from their spouse and “give minors back a part of their childhood,” said Sivaganesan.

 The act of forcing a person into marriage or a civil partnership is illegal in Switzerland and carries a jail term of at least five years. Consensual marriage is illegal for anyone under 18.

In June this year, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas announced that his country would “not recognise polygamy or marriages involving minors.”

“No one who comes here has the right to put his cultural values or religious beliefs above our law,” he told the Bild newspaper.

Although polygamy is formally outlawed, such relationships are often “quietly tolerated,” Bild said.

In addition, it was revealed that the federal state of Bavaria alone had registered 550 cases of brides aged under 18, and 161 under 16, among the nonwhite invaders who had arrived during 2015.

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  1. Just try to introduce “YOUR CULTURE” in Saudi Arabia! Forced or arranged marriages have been the norm in the UK for many years and are condoned by every politician during my voting lifetime. I should have seen all this when they created the laws against racism and the others. Is there any country worth emigrating to these days?

      1. Dont need more migrants here mate, Im already starting to petition our Govt re refugees and limitless nos of migrants, fix your own countries NZ is not the new UK

        1. I agree with you Christine T. In 1972 I could have gone to Canada
          but didn’t and now I’ve seen explosive levels of immigration over the years
          ever since, and most towns and cities now have areas which are
          predominately ethnic minority so very little intergration has taken place..

    1. Bryn, the importation of overwhelming numbers of Muslims was a covert plan hatched decades ago and I’m afraid the Brits (and Europeans) didn’t see it coming. We are now going to pay the penalty for blindly believing that our politicians will, ‘do the right thing’ for us when in fact, year on year they were responsible for nibbling away at any rights we may have had to object. For the future, things look grim because it is only the people which may turn this thing around. When it starts, much will depend upon the stance of the Police/armed services.

  2. What on earth are these third worlders doing living in Switzerland? There are some truly evil politicians hell bent on destroying Europe and other spineless ones for not standing up to them!

    1. Brits, Americans, white South Africans,etc would love the chance of a new life in beautiful scenic Europe, and the total disregard and pisstake by the “elite” is becoming more than stomach churning. Sacrilege of nature’s beautiful lands. Rise up men AND women!

  3. Switzerland, kick this garbage out. If you think this is a new low, think again! There is another new low every year. Prosecute parents for forcing their daughters to undergo fgm. Do you want your own culture be subsumed
    by retrograde misogynistic breeders that do not embrace European values?!! And breed they will. One of the three things they do best, in addition to oppressing women and praying. They do that really well. Everything else is haram. You and all of Europe is being invaded, what does it take to see the reality!!! 20 years from now they and their numerous offspring will vote. Democracy in action!!! Think about that!!!! really hard. Ein ende mit schrecken its besser als schrecken one ended.That is what it will come down to. Hope you have access to your guns, because you will need them, mark my words, not a Cassandra, but a realist.

  4. This is the Communitarian plan. Infiltrate and out-breed the indigenous citizenry.
    Every European country will be brown in two generations.

  5. Zwangsheirat? That’s the start of it, when they even begin to change your language, inventing new words for their unpleasant habits.

  6. “We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancés whom they have never seen”. EP
    You can change the 50 thousand number to whichever You like.

  7. Funny how decent educated white folk struggle to be able to live in these countries. Just read a German family have fled to Russia to seek aslyum. They have young kids and say Germany is corrupt and not safe. Straight from the horses mouth, unfortunately educated, civilised and white is the wrong colour now

      1. It’s odd how difficult it is to get this simple truth understood. As an example, I tried posting to the ‘Justice for Men and Boys’ (j4mb) youtubes; the founder of the part, Mike Buchanan, simply has no idea that ‘feminists’ are Jews, that invasion is promoted by Jews, that anti-white violence is promoted by jews, and so on.

    1. Now the stupid French want their citizens to let them into their homes!!! How about stopping them in the Med then they wont have this problem

  8. “Center of Competence against Forced Marriage.” Competence ??? Lol !!
    Total INcompetence best describes everything about this whole hideous `gimmegrants / refugees / asylum seekers` fiasco from the beginning.

  9. Poor Europe&US,
    Hi dude,…it is nonot enough just to comment , but it must be to join a joint strategy to fight the elections in the US . I think it can be started from there . to stop / brake immigration and INFLUENCE to Europe !

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