Invaders Held for Weapons at Greek Border

Three nonwhite invaders—including two who hold British passports—have been arrested in Greece while trying to smuggle firearms and more than 200,000 rounds of ammunition into Europe via the “refugee Balkans route,” local media have reported.

Although the controlled media has claimed that the arrestees are “Britons,” they are in fact all Iraqis, who earlier swindled their way into UK nationality by posing as “refugees.” Two have UK passports, while another has residence in Britain.

The two Iraq-born British nationals, both in their 20s, were arrested on Saturday night by coast guard officers in the port city of Alexandroupolis. Acting on a tip-off, the Greek police and coast guard set up a surveillance operation over several days which led to the arrest of the two British nationals at the entrance to the port.

Inside, police found four Walther handguns, 200,000 22mm bullets, eight pairs of night-vision goggles, cash in various currencies, and five cell phones.

Police have not yet linked them to ISIS.

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    1. All muslims in Britain are financially supported by the British “government”, that’s how they can afford to have 18 ticking time bomb “children” each.

  1. Why one earth British nationality is handed out like sweeties is beyond me. Perhaps the libtard numpties fondly imagine it makes foreign criminals feel wanted, safe and `British.` Dream on!
    Surely some method of residence permit could be devised to be revoked instantly – no ifs or buts and without any court proceedings.
    Place of birth should remain their nationality and return to that country be mandatory.
    Our jails are stuffed full of foreign scum costing us a fortune to keep and keeping lawyers rich fighting extradition .

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