Invaders on Fake Charity Taxi Ship will go to France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal

58 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees currently on board the SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders (MSF)-run fake charity taxi ship the Aquarius 2, will be disembarked off Malta and transferred directly to France, Germany, Spain and Portugal—after that vessel was refused landing rights in Malta, Italy and France.

“The 58 persons on board Aquarius 2 will be disembarked on a Maltese asset in international waters—the persons will be disembarked in Malta and all of them will leave the country to be immediately redistributed in another four European Union member states,” the Maltese government said in a statement.

France will take in 18 of the nonwhites, Spain and Germany will take in 15 each and 10 will be taken to Portugal, according to the French prime minister’s office.

The Aquarius 2 is the last private fake charity taxi service ship posing as a “rescue vessel” still operating off the coast of Libya. All the others have either been seized for their part in the illegal ferrying of nonwhites to Europe, or have run into other legal difficulties as awareness of their criminal activities have become more widely known.

Earlier, the French government—following the lead set by Italy and Malta—had announced that the Aquarius 2 would not be allowed to dock in Marseille with the invaders on board.

“The closest safe harbor, in the case of this humanitarian emergency, is not Marseilles, as everyone knows,” said French government spokesperson Benjamin Griveaux during an interview with French radio station Europe 1.

Bruno Le Maire, French minister of economy and finance, told BFM TV: “There are European rules; a migrant boat must set course to the closest European coast. At this time, it is not the port of Marseilles.”

The Aquarius 2 has also run into difficulties of its own, with the announcement last week by the Panamanian Maritime Authority that it had revoked the Aquarius 2’s Panamanian registry flag as it “disregards international legal procedures on migrant and refugee matters regarding their rescue off the Mediterranean coastline.”

The fake charity rescue ship has been at the center of a diplomatic row the past few months in Europe after Italy’s decision to ban the vessel from its ports.

Once the Aquarius 2 has offloaded its latest batch of nonwhites—plucked from a rubber dingy being operated by smugglers off the Libyan coast—it will head to Marseille, where it will be allowed to dock to try to find a new registration and rectify its stateless position in order to set sail again.

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