Invaders and Poverty in Brussels

The nonwhite colonizer population of Brussels, Belgium, has plunged the “capital of the EU” into a poverty-ridden depression with a 25 percent unemployed rate and one-third living below the official poverty line.

According to a report in the Belgian VTM Nieuws, a third of the population of Brussels live “on an income below the poverty line.”


The figures come from the latest Brussels Welfare Barometer of 2015, issued by the Brussels Observatory for Health and Welfare.

The report said that the “risk of poverty in Brussels is thus clearly higher than in Wallonia and Flanders.”

The report also said that “nearly four in ten” residents of the city are at “risk of poverty or social exclusion” and that the poverty levels are “double that of the average Belgian.”

Twenty-five percent of the “children and young people” in Brussels are living in households where there is no income-generator, and a quarter of the population of working age (18–64 years) are on welfare.

More than 44,000 families—that is, people with children—are on the waiting list for social housing, the report said.

VTM Nieuws quoted the researchers as saying that the “figures in the barometer understate the reality” because “groups such as undocumented migrants and homeless are not included in the figures.”

Brussels has a large concentration of Third World colonizers, including many of Turkish and Moroccan ancestry, together with French-speaking black Africans from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi.

According to official figures, at least 56.5 percent of the population in Brussels is of “foreign origin.” In 1961 it was only 7.3 percent, and most of those were other European nationals.

By 1991, the foreign-origin population had risen to 28.5 percent, in addition to another 4.5 percent who were newly naturalized as Belgian citizens.

By 2005, the number of foreign-origin immigrants in Brussels was 26.3 percent, and the total number of naturalizations as Belgian nationals had jumped to 30.2 percent—of whom the vast majority were Third World immigrants.

The extent of the nonwhite colonization process can be seen from the annual “most popular names for children” survey,

Since 2008—that is, eight years ago already—the most popular boy’s name in Brussels has been Mohammed (Source: Algemene Directie Statistiek En Economische Informatie Persbericht, November 24, 2009).

Among the next nine most popular boy’s names in 2008, no less than five were also clearly identifiable as Muslim: Rayan, Ayoub, Anas, Hamza, and Amine, while others were more typically African. Girl’s names in Brussels in 2008 showed the same trend.

The latest socioeconomic report makes the effect of this mass Third World colonization process clear. The far-left argument that mass immigration is needed to “save the economy” has been conclusively shown to be a lie.

All that happens is that the Third Worlders bring their poverty and Third World living conditions with them—and turn their areas into ghettoes where their “culture” dominates.

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  1. Sad news but, hey, the mulitculti Belgians wanted it so who am I to criticise? I feel sorry for those that didn’t want to be overrun by Islam though. The numbers across Europe appear to be roughly half that have any brain enough to foresee the problems coming. We are sure witnessing interesting times. But I cannot gloat – the UK is well on the way already.
    A further and rapid deterioration in living conditions for the indigenous Belgians will occur soon and when their taxes are raised to help pay for the, mainly unemployable invaders, what then? Perhaps it will dawn on the other 50% of the Belgian mulitculti population and the supporting charities that the money has run out. Multiply that by the number of other European States and you can begin to see the magnitude of the looming problems.

    1. *Come on G , what about the disco bouncers were the qualified newcomers can “work.” Or a new mobile shop, or some new waiters in a restaurant chain. And if we are lucky we can taste Afghan Senegal cuisine with a slight Walloon/Flemish touch in couple of years in Brussels.That’s exactly what Belgium needs. More restaurants, more waiters, more social workers to tackle the challenges..

    2. Yip the stupidity and complacency continues. Unbelievable that people would allow the Sharia segregation of men and women in their countries, truly one small step for Muslims and one giant leap for the destruction of equality and civilisation for mankind LOL People are truly sick and stupid for allowing such backwards nonsense. If any person declared themselves a prophet now and claimed a visitation from an angel who gave them rules on how mankind should be living their lives they’d be sectioned. If they made such proclamations followed up with the decree that all non believers should be killed or enslaved (the Koran) then they would be sectioned as a highly dangerous nutter LOL

    3. You should learn to distinguish between the jew who run the banks, and the normal Belgians. The Belgians did not want to be invaded, but could do nothing about it without being thrown into jail, or menaced by the bribed police, or being unable to get at facts because of the Jewish press.

  2. This official statement and other “no shit Sherlock” statements that are announced with an air of surprise, were fully known prior to the invasion.
    Pretending to not have been aware of any of the effects of multiculturalism prior to the “experiment” being carried out is how the anti Whites are bargaining on not being held accountable for the deliberate genocide of the European peoples.

  3. Austria will soon get its own taste of multi-culti financial pain. The Gutmensch with their Willkommenskultur never gave a thought to the logistics or the finance. As a result of living in a socialist paradise they all think that money, jobs and housing grow on trees, the Govt will provide whatever people need and no-one has to pay for it. They are about to be hit where it hurts the most.

    1. Austria is in the process of becoming “uncucked”, so let’s get behind the FPO. I have stated before,,we have the potential triangle of revolution: Brexit, the Don,and Hofer. We can then build around/upon those three cornerstones.

  4. The way i see it, South Africa pre 1994 was a major obstacle for the new world order, multicultural global elites.
    With the demise of apartheid, they knew that whites,in Europe could no longer run away(white flight) from their countries, and seek refuge in South Africa once they accelerated up their program of white genocide.
    Think about it…South Africa would have welcomed all the “white flight”.
    This is the reason that they targeted apartheid with such venom………just think about it…..

  5. Taxpayers across the whole of Europe are decreasing so the money will be running out at some point. This is not going to happen this or next year, but rest assured it is coming.

    1. Too right. Socialism only survives on other peoples’ money. Once the money source runs dry there will be mass rebellion. No more benefits, no free healthcare, no free housing etc. Everyone will be queuing up at the dry well with their sense of entitlement.

    2. LOL so true and then they’ll be back to the 1930s and that didn’t end well LOL These migrants are openly slapping these fools in the face (even physically with rape, bombings, etc) and yet they still don’t get it LOL If you punch someone in the guts and they just stand there and ask for more there isn’t much you can do LOL

  6. I was going to Belgium earlier this year for a 5 day break to accompany a friend but the flight was cancelled. I must admit I was not disappointed.

    1. I lived in Brussels for 25 months 40 years ago. It was a wonderful city with lots to see and do. It was also very safe and populated by friendly, outgoing people. What a shame it is now such a $h1t hole.

  7. I live there. Brussels is an Afro-Eurasian city now (where have I heard that before??)

    The country of Belgium is beautiful though and the natives are very pleasant and welcoming, though seriously lacking testicular-fortitude when it comes to their dispossession.

  8. I am overjoyed this is happening in Brussels, Mr Juncker must be so pleased that he has backed Merkel and watching the effects of her personal and private welcome to one and all, but why didn’t he see all this coming – these people tell us ordinary folk that they know what is good for us and if this is it, then the future will have bloodshed at some point, probably when the banks restrict the flow of money and the taxpayers have left the country.

  9. LOL so true and then they’ll be back to the 1930s and that didn’t end well LOL These migrants are openly slapping these fools in the face (even physically with rape, bombings, etc) and yet they still don’t get it LOL If you punch someone in the guts and they just stand there and ask for more there isn’t much you can do LOL

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