Invaders Riot over “Lack of Wi-Fi”

A group of ungrateful African invaders parasiting off the Italian taxpayers in northern Italy have rioted, emptying their trash into the streets in protest because they do not have free Wi-Fi and a maid to clean up after them.


The Africans—all from sub-Saharan Africa—have no right whatsoever to “asylum” in Europe, but have nonetheless been allowed to land and have been given free accommodation, clothing and food, courtesy of the traitorous Italian government and the European Union.

According to a report in the MilanoToday newspaper in Italy, the Africans demanded “free Wi-Fi,” and a “maid” to “clean up” in the villa in which they have been accommodated.

The La Repubblica newspaper reported that the invaders were upset over the lack of Wi-Fi “because they cannot make Skype calls to their relatives back home.”


When the Wi-Fi and a maid were not immediately produced, the nonwhites stormed into the streets and started shouting at and abusing passersby.

The police were called in, and the Africans then started throwing trashcans into the streets, emptying their contents in the road.

Finally, the police were forced to draw batons and physically push the nonwhites back into their residence, arresting one twenty-five year old in the process.


Leader of the anti-invasion Northern League, Matteo Salvini, said in his reaction to the incident, that the government should send the far-left journalist, politician, and leader of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, to be the invader’s maid.

“They have been accommodated at the villa at the expense of the Italians from last July,” Salvini said.

“They want someone to clean the house, you know? To keep them happy, let’s send Boldrini.”

The leftist Boldrini has been one of the most prominent supporters of the invasion in the Italian parliament.

Earlier, African invaders on the Italian island of Lampedusa also rioted over an order from the EU to the Italian government to take fingerprints of all those who landed on the island claiming to be “refugees.”

Holding signs, including one saying: “We are refugees. No fingerprints!”, the nonwhites staged a loud protest outside the island’s city hall, La Repubblica reported.

The European Commission has ordered the Italian authorities to take fingerprints “by force” of all invaders after launching legal action against the Italian government for failing to register all the nonwhites in an EU-wide database.

The European Commission has also started legal proceedings against Croatia, Greece, and Italy for failing to register all migrants in the Eurodac database when they first arrive on the continent.

The refusal to give fingerprints has led to a standoff between the invaders and the authorities, as the EU’s lawsuit has meant that the nonwhites are not allowed to leave the small island without being fingerprinted.

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  1. Never mind fingerprinting them,just load them into some barge’s and send them back to Africa.At gunpoint if nessasary !

  2. “The Africans – all from sub-Saharan Africa – have no right whatsoever to “asylum” in Europe …” – hold it!
    So what are they doing down there? Send them back ASAP, per favore!
    What’s going on? Are all European governments completely nuts? This is a full blown invasion!

    1. The sad fact is – just in case anyone here is still obtuse enough not to recognise it, is that the political class that runs Europe WANTS ethnic, indigenous, autochthnous white to die off, and WANTS to replace them with blacks and browns.

      That is the god-honest truth.

      1. Jon, I’ve been reading quite often on this board posts which suggest influence on some European “elite” by this lunatic Kalergi. IMHO the jury is still out on that one but one thing is certain: for years Europe’s been subjected to the multicultural destruction process. It doesn’t matter how stable and strong a nation is, but once you start to destabilize it from within by introducing incompatible elements which don’t share the same values, the society will face breakdown no matter how safe and stable it had been.

  3. Italians are known for many things and one of them is their quite disfunctional multiple police force system: Polizia (useless pusiess), Stradale, Traficale, Municipale, Guardia di Finanza and Carabinieri. And the latter force in full-riot-gear should’ve been sent to deal with those monkeys. They should’ve been dispersed and then carabinieri should’ve beaten the hell out of them – right in front as many “reporters” as possible just for the mainstream media out there! The message for the next parasites would’ve be cristal clear – don’t mess with us or else. Now, I’m afraid, those invaders might be even braver next time around. It beats me why they are even allowed to parasite down there since they should’ve been forced to return to mama Africa the minute they were spotted on their boats. If nothing is changed in this matter then Europe is doomed!

    BTW. Any city centre (Piazza del Popolo) in Italy, especially in Nothern Italy, provides WiFi signal free of charge and those monkeys are very well aware of that.

    1. They won’t stay in Italy.
      They ALL want to go to the UK.

      The Italians know this. That’s why they don’t really care – or take fingerprints.

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