Invaders Start Suing German Govt.

Hundreds of nonwhite invaders, not content with living off the German taxpayer for months and often years on end, have now started suing the government for “taking too long” to process their “asylum applications.”

lageso berlin

According to a report in the Rheinische Post newspaper, more than 200 “refugees” have launched legal suits in the state of North Rhine Westphalia alone.

The invaders, who claim to come from Syria and Eritrea, have sued the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) because their asylum applications have now been processing for more than a year.

This “failure to act,” they say, is “driving the applicants to despair” as they are tired of sitting around “doing nothing” while having their accommodation, food, and pocket money paid.

According to official figures, there were some 250,000 outstanding “asylum applications” pending at the BAMF offices last summer before the mass invasion of the last quarter of 2105, and as of January 2016, this number had risen to 360,000—which does not even include the great bulk of applications from last year.

According to a lawyer spoken to by the Focus news service, the government is obliged—in terms of the relevant legislation—to make a decision within six months. Failure to do this can result in a court application from the “asylum seeker.”

The state of mind of the nonwhite invaders is revealed in an article published in Die Welt newspaper, which describes a regular day at the asylum processing office in Berlin, also known as LaGeSo (Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales, actually the State office for Health and Social Welfare).

The young man is hard to calm. Wildly gesticulating, he screams at three policemen in Arabic, standing stoically in front of him. With difficulty, two men can hold him back. When he realizes that the officials do not understand him, he knows how to say only two words: “Sh*t! F**k!” He cries and tries to climb on the railing in front of him. Three policemen grab him and take him away…

“This is a disaster here,” says a worker. “There are fights every day, the refugees struggle with each other, then the police come, and all is silent for an hour.”

A 28-year-old named Asad is from Baluchistan, a border region between Pakistan and Iran. “I really want to get out of here,” says Asad calmly. “I want to get involved for human rights, preferably in London.”

Another four young Iranians who came on the Balkan route to Berlin, complain: “Always waiting, waiting, waiting We have nothing to do here…” They have another objective: Canada. However, they have no plan on how they could get there.

Another complains “If they do not want me, they should just say it.”

With at least 3,000 per day still streaming into Germany—and Angela Merkel’s refusal to take any steps to halt the invasion—the backlog is only going to get worse. This in turn is likely to inflame tensions on all sides even further—and increase the likelihood of violence.

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  1. Easy solution(s).
    No paperwork – cancel the application and send them home.
    No verification of claimed identity – cancel the application and send them home.

    An easy way to demonstrate that they are from Syria/war zone is to show a bank statement of telephone bill from their old address. All of these are verifiable, almost exclusively on line too. Maybe they don’t want to show their true lifestyle before fleeing to the welfare state, or maybe they aren’t from the warzone they are claiming.

    Those trying to enter Australia fly commercial flights to Indonesia, on a passport, via regular airports and stable countries, then throw away their passports and ID before claiming asylum. As always, if you can’t verify who you are and how you got to where you last came from, then you’re probably lying about everything else too.

    Only some socialist/green fool would either fall for their scam, or be so intent on sharing the hard earned welfare net with those who have not and are never likely to ever contribute to its support.

    1. I can’t see what the German courts can do. Germany has a million applicants. How they can speed things up for this bunch is anyone’s guess.

      1. The unelected European Commission bureaucrats have the answer. Force all nations in the European Union to take a named quota – the UK, for instance 90,000 (for a start). This would be done by trashing treaties signed by all the elected heads of the nation states. A treaty doesn’t serve your undemocratic aims? Ditch it. Creeping dictatorship.

  2. The simple answer would be to say “You don’t like it? Go somewhere else…” like…home. Unless the German courts have totally lost their marbles, that’s what they’ll do, surely?

    1. I think they’ll go with the “lost their marbles” approach – it’s what the British courts do every single day regarding some invader or another, with their vile, parasitic human rights lawyers fighting their corner.!

  3. “….Angela Merkel’s refusal to take any steps to halt the invasion…”

    Why would she do that? She is many things but neither feeble nor insane.
    People need to stop expecting help from those who made the mess in the first place.

      1. She`s not insane…. it`s the thought of strutting around Europe in jackboots and wielding a whip that`s spurring on her delusions of grandeur.

      2. If you want to count psychopathic behavior as a form of insanity, then yes. Since this opens up the possibility
        of absolving her of her crimes, I certainly don’t. There are *no* excuses for this kind of sh!t.

        OTOH, I have the theory that she will go down in history as the one who managed to reawaken Europe’s
        spirit to fight, no matter if she’s aware of it or not.

        And fight we must, with or without Merkel – and I’m not sure whether we would have found the spirit if the slow demographic replacement of the last 40 years had simply continued. If you’re an adherent
        of the “boiling frog” theory, the invasion is a gift from the heavens.

      1. Nobel Prize, A key UN posting ? Big German or Swiss banks .Germany is her toolbox as well as all the tools within. It will be rewarding.

  4. (Leipzig), the whole world will agree, must be evacuated and (given to the Arabs), without any attempt to limit the sovereignty she (will) enjoy in common with all other free (minority territories). No other single act will serve as this will serve to restore confidence among the nations I the laws which they themselves set and determined for the government of their relations with one another. Without this healing act the whole structure and validity of international law is forever impaired.
    Article 7 of the 14 Points January 8 1918

  5. There is a big human rights problem in Pakistan. Why would he not protest there ? Ask yourself that question. When Greenpeace wants to protest whaling they don’t choose to do it on the Jersey shores.
    “A 28-year-old named Asad is from Baluchistan, a border region between Pakistan and Iran. “I really want to get out of here,” says Asad calmly. “I want to get involved for human rights, preferably in London.”

  6. M is a very dangerous woman. Her plan to bring in refugees in such big numbers means she will blame them for all economic woes instead of herself, she will use them to get rid of right wing by branding all protestors all the wrong names, she will plunder the people bank accounts in the name of providing for the refugees but actually transfer the big part of the money to her masters, she will turn the continent into communistic.

    1. Close, but its much simpler.

      Bringing millions of imigrants to Germany MUST result in riots. Either muslim horde would feel strong and start it, or the native Germans, simply to protect themselves (and their women).

      So, the inevitable result is riots and public safety endangered.

      And then Merkels successor (she is a pawn, she will be sacrificed) will say:

      “What a horrible disorder! The only way to deal with it is turn Germany in a police state. Actually, only making a whole EU a police state will make you people feel safe again!”

      And there you go.

      The plan is to scare, then steer and manipulate people so they will DEMAND opressive police state.

      1. Exactly so , Raf.
        The EU spiel will be `We were forced to take action to bring order out of chaos.`
        This chaos was preplanned by TPTB in order to allow implementation of their preplanned hard response
        deemed `necessary` to bring it under control. A future police state will be the next step [ again – already planned].
        The advance of the NWO is moving up a gear.

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