Invaders Stone Sex-Deviants in Dortmund

Two mentally ill men who walk around pretending to be women have become two of the more prominent “refugee”-sex attack victims in Germany—as the invaders tried to stone them to death after discovering their secret.


The two men, identified as “Jasmin” and “Elisa,” were approached by three North Africans at around 02:50 a.m. on the Steinstrasse/Leopoldstrasse area in the city—apparently a well-known pickup point for sexual deviants.

According to an official Dortmund police press release, after the North Africans realized that their would-be victims were not women, but men, “all three at once spoke disparagingly that ‘such persons’ have to be stoned” to death.

Although they were talking in Arabic, one of the mentally ill Germans understood that language, and told them to leave them alone.

“In response,” the police statement said, “the three suspects, men between 16 and 18 years of age, threw stones from a nearby rockery at the two men.” (It is significant that the police statement called the victims “men,” unlike some reports in the controlled media which insisted that they were “women.”)

“At the same time, two of the suspects approached the victims, and grabbed them by the hair and breasts,” the police statement went on, matter-of-factly.

“The two physically resisted the attack, and just then a passing police team patrol came by, saw the fight and intervened. It was only when the three suspects noticed the policemen that they stopped attacking their victims.”

The police statement went on to reveal that the three nonwhite invaders were arrested and detained at the local police station, and statements were taken from the two men who were dressed as women.

“In the course of the investigation, it turned out that the 18- and 17-year-olds were well-known offenders,” the police statement continued, adding that the 16-year-old was handed over to “the custody of his parents.”

The 17-year-old was released on his own recognizance and the 18–year-old was detained in custody by order of a judge.

A video interview with the two victims carried by the TV station Sat.1 revealed that they both claim to be “traumatized” by the attack and now don’t even want to go outside.

One of the victims said he has “never experienced such a barbaric act in over 30 years of living as the opposite gender. They shouted at us that ‘you whores should be killed!’ This is barbaric what they have done; they were barbarians!”

This was, he said, the “the icing on the cake, because apparently in 2016 Germany you risk getting stoned on the street for not complying with Islamic law.”

The homosexual and other sexual deviant communities have been among the pressure groups at the forefront of promoting the invasion of Germany—and Europe—by the Third World, all in the name of “diversity” and “tolerance.”


The massive influx—if not halted and reversed—will mean that by 2020, German men will be a minority in the 20- to 35-year-old age group. By then, the sexual deviants who welcomed these Third World invaders, will find that their new fellow-citizens will be treating them with the same “understanding and tolerance” that homosexuals routinely receive in the Middle East. It will not be an undeserved fate.

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  1. The invaders will have plenty of `target – practice` if total numbers of “sex-deviants” in Germany is anything like the UK.

    1. by carrying that banner he thinks they will leave him till last……..any gay or woman who votes to remain in the EU must be mental! They will be “enlightened”!

  2. he picture of that NEW GERMANY freak makes me sick,these so-called Germans are in fact not Germans,they are the product of interbreeding of the lowest order,producing an effeminate ‘New German Freak Show’.ht was foisted upon the German people by the victrious allies was a ‘dumbing-down-effeminate-male’ through direct manipulation of the breeding couples left over from the last war.Pure germans were no more to be ‘God-Men’ a few survived this allied scheme but for the most part 80% of todas german males are infected by this effeminate gene engineering by the allies.One look at this New Geman male in the picture is enough to seethatthe victorious allied did a great job to finish off the once proud,fierce and strong German male…

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