Invaders Use Fake Japanese Passports

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees have been arrested at Crete’s Heraklion airport after trying to board flights to the Continent while carrying forged documents—including fake Japanese passports.

The invaders were also carrying forged Hungarian and Romanian travel documents—indicating the level of deception being used to enter Europe.


According to a report in the OE24 news service, the ten nonwhites were arrested by Greek police as they were trying to board flights to Germany, Switzerland, and Great Britain.

The invaders—who claim to be from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, presented their forged Japanese, Hungarian, and Romanian travel documents to passport control officials at the island’s international airport.

Police said that the discovery of fake passports was now an “almost daily occurrence” on all the Greek Aegean islands.

A police spokesman added that the invaders pin their hopes on not being noticed among all the foreign tourists coming to the Islands as holiday-makers.

At the beginning of the month, Greek Migration Minister Yannis Muzalas announced that his government was “transferring” about two thousand invaders to Crete in an attempt to alleviate overcrowding on the other Greek islands.

Currently, more than 15,000 of the approximately 60,000 invaders parasiting off Greece are on the islands after landing there from Turkey.

The German government—after inviting the nonwhites to come to Europe in the first place—also recently announced plans to offload 3,000 invaders onto Greece, claiming that they were being returned in terms of the “Dublin Agreement” which states that “asylum seekers” should be processed in the country of their first landing in the European Union.

In August 2015, the German government specifically announced that the Dublin rules were being dropped to allow the mass nonwhite invasion to proceed unhindered, making their latest move just one more chapter in Angela Merkel’s ongoing treason and deceit.

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  1. Isn’t it significant that these invaders used forged Japanese documents, yet did not attempt to enter Japan, but instead decided to foist themselves upon stupid, gullible Europeans?

    The invaders know full well that the intelligent Japanese people wouldn’t take their shit for five minutes. They’d be locked up in jail – where they belong.

  2. Wow, this is a new level of stupid, like putting a spiked collar around your neck and pretending to be a dog. If you asked where these guys are from, my best guess would be “somewhere in south Asia”, but they sure as hell don’t look Japanese!

  3. My wife and I have put $$$ in a vacation “fund” for 5 years. We chose to forgo fancy or lengthy vacations during this time so we could save enough to experience a great European trip. Our plans included a month long vacation during the Autumn. We looked forward to traveling in western and eastern Europe.
    Since we have observed the huge influx of Muslim migrants going there and have watched the deterioration of Europe, we have no desire to make this trip anymore.
    Instead, we’ll spend this time and money traveling through South America and Oceania. It costs less too!

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