Invasion: 1/3 of German Towns Bankrupt

One-third of all German towns will be bankrupted this year and will go into €1.7 billion debt to house the hordes of nonwhite invaders who have poured into that country in 2015.

A new survey of all municipalities in Germany has also revealed that they expect at least another 733,000 invaders to arrive in 2016—which, given last year’s projections, is likely an underestimate.


According to the Berlin Journal, at least one-third of all German municipalities expect to go into debt this year because of the housing costs related to accommodating the invaders.

The survey, conducted by the EY Real Estate company, was carried out in May this year, and released this week.

Titled “Refugee Integration: Challenges for German municipalities,” the survey drew on data provided by cities and towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants.

The survey said that as of the end of April 2016, these municipalities together accommodate more than 836,000 invaders—all at the expense of the German taxpayers.

So far, the study revealed, most of the cities have been forced to absorb the costs for the accommodation, but increasingly, they are running out of money.

Some 29 percent of the surveyed municipalities expect to be in debt this year because of the increased and projected costs of the mass invasion, sparked by Angela Merkel’s invitation to the Third World to come to Germany.

The debt incurred so far is of the order of €1.1 billion, and they expect this to rise by another €670 million during 2016.

The federal government pays the states €670 per invader per month—but this is not distributed directly down to the municipalities which have to bear the cost of hosting the nonwhites.

The €670 also does not cover the varying housing costs, administration, childcare, and medical expenses which the municipalities endure.

Currently, the survey found, the municipalities are still short of housing for at least 95,000 invaders, and with more on the way, they expect the shortage to be well over half a million by the end of this year.

“The influx to Germany will continue in the coming months—and the German housing market is currently not fully prepared,” the study added.

When Merkel first announced the invasion last year, she assured the Germans that there would be no tax increases as a result of the influx. It is hard to see how this promise can be kept.

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  1. Just proves that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, but surely, the taxpayers of Germany have been aware that there is no way they can finance these people year in and year out without some form of tax increases. Still no move to get rid of the mad Merkel? In many other countries, she’d have been toppled by now.

      1. Supposedly, the invaders only invaded Germany in order to ‘pay the pensions of elderly Germans, or so I was lectured by the entirety of the mainstream media last year.

        1. After all this lunacy, I wouldn’t be surprised if pensioners were called back to work for the welfare of Merkel’s guests.

    1. I heard that her approval ratings have been going up again, but I honestly can’t see how that’s remotely possible.
      If it is then the Germans are doomed.

    2. The Germans are not known for being stupid people. They should have put a screeching halt to the tsunami before it got totally out of hand. But, who am I to talk ? We in the USA are doing the same with massive immigration of legal and illegal.

  2. Thank heavens UK Brexit otherwise guess who will be paying. Great for the Banksters who will provide loans. Greeks will be laughing and thinking karma’s a beatch

  3. You cannot get rid of dictators overnight, especially when half the population is half asleep & the the other half have been brainwashed!

  4. If the Jewish masonic mafia wants then they simply imprint the money for the refugees and loan it as a credit, as already been pointed out by rerevisionist in one comment. As long as there are sufficient people sustaining the current economic system it’s no problem.

    The only thing that gets into their plan is their own arrogance, malice, and most importantly impatience against the Europeans. If they had stuck to the drop by drop tactic like in the fifties and sixties people wouldn’t even have rebelled that much. Although there were at the beginning some demonstrations and riots when the first blacks had been imported to the UK.
    These disturbances subsided and by time the younger generations got used to it. The black kids have been put into school with white kids and together with Jewish Franz Boas’s propaganda nonsense of the equality of races the youngsters believed that and the result is the society of today.
    On top of that we had the “privilege” to learn the critics of the Jewish Frankfurt Schools about our “western society.” Of course they never criticized their own Jewish one.
    Now we are all “earning” their toxic fruits.
    If you are on TNO you have proved yourself immune or resistant enough to overcome the cosmic exam of Bulls**t. Cheers 🙂

    1. She seems to have liked the bit of rough-and-tumble
      and is asking for more. She should be prosecuted for
      faking a criminal offense.

    1. She is a lying bitch, a former communist agitator,
      nowadays supported by the lying mainstream media,
      international organizations and the wellpaid yes
      men and yes women in parliament.Truth doesn’t
      count for her. But the shock caused by her criminal
      invitation to theThird World to invade Europe has
      provoked a wide awakening among theGerman
      lower and middle classes which the intelligence
      services and the police will find difficult to suppress.

      1. I work with a guy who has two uni degrees, we were discussing muslims and this site and he refused to believe there was a problem with muslims. I asked him if he knew anything about their culture and he had no idea. Unfortunately hes one of the many thickoes still rolling out the welcome mat to these savages and thinks the fat frau is a saint

        1. Reminded me of an conversation I had with a German guy years ago, where he said there is a big problem of right-wing extremists in Germany. Germans beating up persecuting foreigners. When I asked him if he could me name any wider known cases he couldn’t.
          That’s what I call a successful brainwashing.

  5. Anyone who still questions the wisdom of the brexit vote, or has any lingering qualms about brexit should reflect on this story.

  6. One thing is for certain, there is no end in sight for the machinations from Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, and all their poodles within the EU as a whole.
    Methinks, “VE HAVE VAYS TO MAKE YOU DO WHAT WE VANT”. My sincere apologies for that but the fact there has been no massive uprising in Germany since this invasion started, women afraid to walk to the shops on their own, swimming in public pools now carries a health warning, etc, etc, makes me wonder what it is going to take to end this perpetual nightmare, not only in Germany but across the whole of the EU, UK and even places like USA, Canada and Australia.

  7. Yet the Europeans are supposed to believe in the replacement workers theory. Right? Wrong this lie is just another liberal fabrication. Paying minority lay abouts to reproduce the White workers when they retire is rediculous when you can give those same incentives to Whites to be able to repopulate. Liberals and their replacements? Liberals are the worlds biggest racists.

  8. How can the German people let this comedy of errors carry on can they not c what their proud and steadfast country has become ? I am English but I understand the resolve of the true German people you fought for your country I did not agree with many of your polices but at the end of the day you fought for country fight now!!!! Please may your Lord prevail and save your beautiful country that we AV through all our differerences AV come to admire our different cultures

  9. The homeland of all your ancestors are fighting for its survival.
    Hear its crying and fight for it with the freedom you (still) have.

    1. A 70 year old woman has recently been murdered in her home
      near Heilbronn in southern Germany by a cultural enricher
      from Pakistan. The murderer, apparently a highbrow theologian,
      used the blood of his victim to write verses from the Koran on
      the walls of her home. Three weeks after the incident the police
      still refuse to divulge details of the slaughter and the investigation
      has vanished from the press.

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