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Invasion Force 2x Size of Luxembourg

From January 1 to October 31, a total of 1,093,729 nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers landed in Europe—nearly double the entire population of the country of Luxembourg, which only has 530,000 residents.

This colossal invasion force is currently arriving at a rate of over 2,674 every day, with 82,914 landing in the month of October alone.

According to figures released by the European Union’s European Asylum Support Office (EASO) in its Latest Asylum Trends–October 2016 report, the invasion rate is already more than for all of 2015, when 1,071,971 “asylum applications” were lodged.

The share of “repeated applications” (that is, those having previously lodged an application in the same EU country) rose from 4 percent in September to 5 percent in October, the report continued.

Some 3 percent of the invaders claimed to be “unaccompanied minors” (UAM) when lodging their applications. At least 26 percent of all UAM applicants were Afghan citizens, and 10 percent were Eritrean.

The top-three claimed citizenships of applicants remained the same as in previous months: Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq—all countries where there is no reason to flee in the first place, even by the ridiculous standards of the EU’s own definition of asylum.

The EASO report said that Syria remains the main citizenship of applicants. In October 2016, EU countries recorded 13,103 Syrian applications, less than half than the previous month (28,781).

Afghan and Iraqi applicants also decreased, to about 10,099 and 6,343, respectively, again less than half the level recorded in September 2016.

These top-three citizenships together accounted for 36 percent of all applications lodged in the EU, while in September this was about 50 percent.

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Nigerian (5,289) and Eritrean (3,966) nationals ranked in fourth and fifth position while the top ten citizenship list of invaders was completed by Pakistan (3,118), Iran (2,794), Albania (2,714), Somalia (1,892), and Russia (1,789).

The claimants from Albania and Russia all tend to be mixed-race groups such as Gypsies, or Muslims from the southern states of the Russian Federation.

Once again, like “Syrians,” none of these nationalities have any valid claim for “refugee” status, and are obviously just flooding Europe with the hope of parasiting off the white taxpayers—and exploiting their political stupidity.

Despite this obvious fact, in October 2016, EU countries issued 108,567 “first-instance decisions” and produced a “recognition rate” (that is, an acceptance of the “asylum claim”) in 58 percent of all the decisions reached.

According to the EASO report, more positive decisions granted “subsidiary protection” (56 percent of all positive decisions) than “refugee status” (44 percent).

The large majority of decisions were issued to those claiming to be “Syrians,” with 40,687 decisions, 6 percent fewer than the previous month.

The recognition rate for Syrian applicants decreased by one percentage point but remained high at 97 percent.

The number of decisions issued to Afghan invaders increased by 22 percent to 14,231. The recognition rate for Afghan nationals was 34 percent, four percentage points higher than in September.

Of these positive decisions, 56 percent resulted in refugee status and 44 percent in subsidiary protection, with an increasing proportion for refugee status throughout the past year.

The number of decisions on Iraqi invaders decreased by 2 percent to 11,846, with a 62 percent recognition rate. Most Iraqi applicants were issued “refugee status” (70 percent of all positive decisions).

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Of the remaining ten citizenships with the most first-instance decisions issued, Eritrea showed the second-highest recognition rate (90 percent), followed by “stateless” applicants (89 percent) and “applicants of unknown citizenship” (79 percent).

The lowest recognition rates were for Albanian (3 percent) and Nigerian (9 percent) applicants.

These figures mean nothing less than a full-scale invasion of Western Europe by the Third World.

The increasing numbers make it clear than unless the nonwhite assault is halted and reversed, Western Europe will be extinguished as a white region within a matter of years, rather than decades.

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  1. At 68yrs of age, I hope that I am long gone before the proverbial hits the fan! There are far too many gullible, brainwashed sheep in the UK and Europe. I have tried to warn them in the UK but as I said in another post, I have been barred from the DM and the DE from making comments about how immigration is being forced on Europe and by whom, especially about Soros and the Rothchilds etc. To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize – Voltaire

    1. I’m 67, and have also been barred from the DE. My criminal action I assume was putting Goldman Sachs, Soros, Hillary Clinton and ‘evil’ in the same sentence. Good to hear from you fellow cybercrim!

      1. Call it a fatality rate, or collateral damage or loosing bet, but they do allow some comments with UN resolutions, Conventions, Treaties and Statutes. When the parasite load finally kills the host like varroa mites in a beehive, they just wait for the next bee to arrive and parasitize the next bee raider and move to the next bee nest. Without a Police Force as in Sweden soon, and no functioning tax collection, or social welfare hand out, the parasites will have to survive in the obvious way.

  2. I am with you antieu . I have always kept my head below the radar, a strict rule of mine. Only in the last year have I stuck my head up here and everywhere in the alt-right. With my health failing I find myself free in the criminal USA at last .
    But Trump won and I am looking for entertainment now.

  3. And another point.
    Those invaders ‘not recognised’ as refugees are never but never repatriated.
    and eventually they will bring in their entire extended families. And then the entire clan, and the whole village, and then the entire county, province and finally the whole nation will move in on Europe.
    And the stupid f*cking lefties will laugh.

  4. I made the comment that since WWII the demands by Jews have been world-wide and with their control of finance and media they have got away with their ‘behind-closed-doors’ dictatorship. Common sense does not apply because the amount of money needed to cope with the levels of unauthorised immigration, sanctioned by Merkel/EU and all the others, will never be enough and therefore bankruptcy is already staring at Italy, Portugal and several other countries. When that happens the Jewish Financiers will have total control. Being slightly older than antieu, I’m glad to be where I am in my life. Another major war could be on the cards and, having served in the Forces, that is unacceptable, because it is preventable.

  5. Very simple. Dont want to be “invaded” then dont invade other countries for your own self enrichment.What did EU think,being US lapdog and follow them to invade other countries will have NO consequenses.NOW UK & EU are sitting with the reprussions of being puppets of United States of Israel.

    1. M.E.T. You are missing the point. Those behind these wars are the Zionist Jews and their useful idiot allies the non-Jew Zionists. These same monsters control Western governments and all Private Central Banks. Our politicians and the mainstream media are mere PUPPETS. We, the people, do not want or agree with these wars.

    2. “Nigerian (5,289) and Eritrean (3,966) nationals ranked in fourth and fifth position while the top ten citizenship list of invaders was completed by Pakistan (3,118), Iran (2,794), Albania (2,714), Somalia (1,892), and Russia (1,789).”

      So the west has invaded Nigeria, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iran, Albania, Somalia and Russia? Wow, the press kept that quiet…!

  6. One thing is obvious, the politicians that let them in are either very stupid or have taken in huge donations from oil barons, security firms, weapons cartels.’

    1. I’m with you, victor. Some are very stupid, but most of them are purely vicious. What makes me feel really bad is that the next generation, that is people around the age of 25, are completely naive about this ongoing invasion. At least in germany.

  7. There’s only one outcome of this invasion, eradication of white Europeans and their culture. No place to hide. They probably will speed up the process by starting a war with Russia.

  8. How is it possible there are a greater number of applications this year? It’s unthinkable that over a million “refugees” havê landed in Europe again! Right?

  9. What can Europeans do to stop it? Voting? Joing an alt-right / right-wing group? How can a force that opposes this madness come to power?

    1. Go on an indefinite work strike all across Europe ; shut Europe down.
      Demand total expulsion of all non-whites who have arrived here since since year 2000 !


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