Invasion: Hungary Declares Emergency

The Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency to cope with a renewed wave of nonwhite invaders forcing their way into that country following the de facto closing of the “Balkans route.”

Minister Sandor Pinter justified the move after Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia announced that they would only allow access to “refugees” who have “valid papers and visas.”


The state of emergency gives greater powers to the police and extends their abilities to make identity checks. The last time the Hungarian government declared a state of emergency was in September 2015, but then it was applicable only to the border districts, and not the entire country.

Meanwhile, reports from the border area have indicated that a new wave of nonwhite invaders, denied border crossings through Macedonia because they have not been able to pass themselves off as “Syrians,” are employing Serbian people smugglers to bring them through the Hungarian border to get to Germany.

According to a report by the Custodela news service, an increasing number of invaders are breaking through the parts of the Serbian-Hungarian border that are not closed off with the steel fence.


Local border police have captured groups of invaders—often led by Serbian gangsters, who know the route—almost every night for the past two weeks. The invaders have been identified as coming from as far afield as Sri Lanka, Iran, Morocco—and even from Haiti.

The steel fence does not cover the entire border, and in many areas it still only consists of three rolls of barbed wire stacked on each other. It is through these weak points that the Serbian gangsters are taking the invaders.

The Custodela report adds that the captured invaders are transferred to open camps and prosecuted for breaking the law, but that their status remains in limbo thereafter because the Serbian government refuses to accept deported invaders back onto its soil.

Invasion-05 Invasion-04 Invasion-03 Invasion-01


Above: The face of a traitor. A Serbian people smuggler arrested in Hungary while leading a group of nonwhite invaders across the border.

The Bulgarian government has also announced that it will be taking steps to prevent its territory from becoming a new path to western Europe. “We have recognized this risk and take any action against it,” Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Rumyana Batschwarowa said yesterday on state television.

It is estimated that there are close to 36,000 nonwhite invaders now backed up in northern Greece, all from Third World countries which even the western European liberals admit are not “war zones” and who have no right whatsoever to apply for “asylum” in Europe.

Significantly, the controlled media still insists on calling these opportunistic invaders “migrants” and showing pictures of them holding up babies and small children to emotionally blackmail Europeans into granting them access to welfare payments.

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  1. Enter any country illegally & get caught, expect time inside/instant deportation for illegal entry, those are the rules, Internationally. So why can’t these people simply realize, they are breaking the law & therefore should expect no mercy whatsoever regardless of where they come from or who they are !!!!!

    1. Laws are only for whites, Kev.
      Prison – way too expensive re board and lodging for scum
      Deportation – a joke, they`re straight back again laughing.
      Shame we got rid of the gibbet !

      1. You’re right Jay, how about being dropped from an aircraft, a few hundred feet above the drop-zone ???? It negates the cost of imprisonment, and very unlikely-hood of them returning (this’ll probably be moderated out….). Should’ve kept the gibbet, you never know when it might’ve come in handy….

        1. A patriot with basic carpentry skills could knock a few hundred up in no time.
          Naturally we bystanders would all weep copious tears of sympathy .

  2. Serbian smugglers should receive long prison sentences at hard labor. Perhaps drop Serbs and migrants off on the Somalia coast ? Perhaps Russia can earn some extra money by renting out some old Arctic gulags ?

  3. The villains in this particular story definitely are the Serb smugglers. Low-life trash only interested in profit (pretty sure they’re not smuggling for humanitarian reasons). Let’s hope they’re made an example of by the authorities to discourage others from betraying the European people!

  4. Return all these invaders otherwise civil war is going to break out across Europe. We cannot support millions of invading parasites from all over the African Continent, Middle East and Asian Continent. They must be forced back and measures taken to prevent anymore invading. Europe will collapse if this is not put into operation, then everyone will suffer, the local people as well as the invading freeloading gimmigrints.

    Enough is enough, its time to fight and save our home from being stolen by these sub human, inbred, mostly Moslem invaders who are intent on living off our backs for free. Kill them if necessary, but they must be stopped before it is too late. There is no place in Europe for these scroungers, they must be forced to return home or face being shot dead, including the children. I know that may sound cruel, but its a question of survival, and its impossible to even help the kids without the adults exercising their human right to join their off spring, so all must be deported or shot dead.

    1. The “great replacement” (Renaud Camus: le Grand Remplacement) of european
      populations by the scum of the world is gathering momentum. Our so-called elites
      are nodding approvingly and are stuffing their pockets. Several weeks ago Merkel
      was called by the German alternative magazine “Compact” the “Queen of People
      Smugglers”. An action filed by an eminent German constitutionalist for the removal
      of Merkel and her government for permanently breaking the law has been rejected
      a limine by the constitutional court, though this court was once erected to protect
      the legal order against political subversion.

  5. The reason accurate figures for numbers, for their illiteracy, for their crimes, for their costs, are all unknown is because of the Jewish media. Never forget. Never forgive.

  6. Taking the long view, those of us in northern and north-western Europe owe a huge debt to eastern Europeans and Spaniards for keeping us, so far, relatively safe. A serious argument for a genuine European Union – not the corrupt jewish farce of the present – is the need for security now and in the future.

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