Invasion “Quota”: Jobbik Backs Govt.

Hungary’s nationalist Jobbik party has announced that it will back the government’s proposed constitutional amendment to prevent the European Union from forcing invaders into that country.

 Jobbik president Gábor Vona said that his party was the only “constructive partner” in this matter, as it can provide government with the two-thirds majority needed to pass the law.


In an official statement released on the Jobbik website after a meeting with Fidesz MP and Deputy Speaker Gergely Gulyás—who provided a briefing on the proposed law—Vona said that the legislation was “fundamentally sound.”

Jobbik has, Vona continued, some “content-related comments” which they will submit to the government, but that their support had been decided in principle.

The Jobbik leader added that a personal discussion on the matter between himself and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán might be held later this week.

“Jobbik is the only opposition party that could be a constructive partner for the government in the issue of the Fundamental Law amendment,” he said in his statement.

“This can ensure Hungary’s constitutional protection from the mandatory settlement of migrants,” he said, pointing out that the bill could not be passed without a two-thirds majority in Parliament, which Jobbik is willing and able to provide.

“We are aware of the issue’s gravity as well as the fact that, beside the government, Jobbik also has a key role in finding a reassuring solution for this matter. It is our joint responsibility to ensure the best possible constitutional protection for our country,” Vona said.

He also said that the relevant European Union treaties make no mention of “quotas” for nonwhite invaders, and that there are therefore only “secondary sources of law” which talk about such quotas—meaning resolutions passed by the European Commission.

He said that the German constitutional court had already ruled that the “fundamental laws of member states have primacy over such secondary sources,” and that was why it was so “important to pass an appropriate constitutional amendment.”

Although Jobbik had supported the “no” vote in the recent referendum in that country, Vona said that the government had erred in calling it out, because it had divided people on a matter over which society “had a uniform opinion.”

“Many citizens who otherwise reject the migrant quota stayed away from the ballots,” he explained, saying that this had weakened the government’s position.

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