Invasion Spreads across European Union

At least half of the estimated 1.1 million nonwhite invaders who have poured into Germany over the last few months have already moved on to other countries within the Schengen passport-free area, German Interior Ministry spokesman Harald Neymanns has said.


Speaking to Sputnik News (the old Pravda new service), Neymanns denied earlier media articles which claimed that the German authorities could not account for at least 600,000 of the invaders who had registered as “asylum seekers” in that country.

Neymanns said that most of the invaders “had already gone to other EU countries and another part of those missing can be explained by delays in application procedures.”

The reports started after it emerged that of the estimated 1.1 nonwhite invaders who entered Germany, “only” 476,649 have submitted asylum applications—meaning that at least 600,000 remain unaccounted for.

Neymann’s excuse that they have moved on to other EU nations is of little relevance in any event, as all it means is that the Angela Merkel-created invasion is quickly spreading to all nations within the EU’s freedom of movement zone.

In addition, German authorities have also admitted that their own registration system, called EASY, does not record much more than an applicant’s country of origin.

This opens it up to tremendous abuse. For example, during recent police raids on two invader centers in Munsterland, North Rhine-Westphalia, some 150 “asylum seekers” were detained for questioning in connection with the mass rapefugee sex attacks in Cologne over New Year.

The police confirmed that while most of the invaders detained claimed to have come from Syria, in fact the majority were from North Africa—and that half of them had been registered at least twice on the EASY system.

Double—or more—registration allows these nonwhite thieves to claim double—or more—the benefits from the German state, and turn their “asylum seeking” status into a reasonable source of extra income at the taxpayers’ expense.

However, it also means that the actual number of “refugees” registered as “asylum seekers” is likely to be even less than the official count of 476,649.

This in turn means that even more than 600,000 have just used the open doors policy to get into Europe, and then “disappear” into the already-forming large nonwhite ghettoes in cities all over the Continent.

The Eastern European nations are the only ones who appear to be aware of the problem.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned this past weekend in Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia, following a Hungarian–Slovenian joint cabinet meeting, that a failure to build “anti-immigration border barriers” on Greece’s frontier with Macedonia and Bulgaria to halt the nonwhite invasion would cause the Schengen agreement to collapse by itself.

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  1. This was all planned by the UN (Sutherland) and EU (Merkel), on behalf of their backers, but it will get much worse because part of the reason for the mass migration was also to open up and absorb other countries bordering the EU by allowing a further influx from the east and northeast, without any consultation with other members of the EU. Following that will be a move to incorporate the North African states which have already been destabilised.

    The next stage will be a trans-EU State of Emergency which will be used as a cover to take over the borders and other assets of those states which have so far refused to submit to the will of Brussels (Berlin), thereby forcing the loss of the last vestiges of their sovereignty.

    The true nature of the EU is beginning to show in the grotesque destabilisation of Europe and the subjugation of the indigenous cultural diversity, Christian traditions and identity that have developed over the past two millennia; Know your enemy – the so called liberal Left Marxists and their derivatives, manifest in numerous UK political parties and the unions.

    See more about the true nature and direction of the EU and the implications for the native Europeans.

  2. I’m not sure of the veracity of the statements. The 1.1 million were hell-bent on reaching Germany. It’s the number one spot for benefit-shoppers. I can’t imagine them drifting off to countries with lower welfare. Some may but they’ll only hit the same delay in countries that would accept them. That’s where Merkel’s quota plan would never work. If she could decant them across the other nations they’d soon be back.

    But don’t worry. Juncker is holding an emergency summit next month. Ha! Emergency? Next month will do. Don’t let’s hurry things….!!

    1. Absinthe, You could well be correct to doubt the statement’s veracity but it would also be naïve to believe that some haven’t dispersed for other reasons that have nothing to do with welfare. IS, I believe aided by probably Merkel and Sutherland are getting very cocky, considering the our enemy the MSM has them on the retreat. They are now threatening to do the same to UK as they did in France, and whilst UK is certainly not unassailable, would be more difficult, being an Island. If it has to happen I hope that it’s contained and the people use it as a reason to throw out our own traitors.

    2. Apparently they’re expecting another 4 million at least to flood into Europe this year.!

      If this is true, and they know it, then it leaves no doubt in my mind that they are doing this solely to wipe us out.

  3. What I want to no is when more terrorism happens as a result of Merkel holding the door open.I am also curious if she has earned extra money for holding those doors open.

  4. The ruling elite to destabilise and depopulate europe. I afraid they will soon call an emergency and freeze all capitals in/outflows.

  5. Ostrov Dr. Moreau se vymyká kontrole ! Co na to frau Makrela ? Má klidné spaní a nebo je bez citu ke svému národu ! Cožpak si Německo neprošlo svojí historií ? Všechny války potupně prohráli a prohrají i tuhle až dojde na nejhorší uteče do USA !

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