Invasion and the Wrecking of Libya

The African invasion of Europe across the Mediterranean Sea has been caused by the British and French governments’ wrecking of the Gadhafi regime in Libya—and is now also being aided by Libyan warlords and the Italian mafia.

According to an article in Germany’s Bild newspaper, the “disintegrated” state of Libya following Gadhafi’s fall made it much easier to send boats to Europe and “anyone who wants to, can do trafficking. The militia and the Italian mafia are earning their share.”


The Garabuli detention center where hundreds of Africans are detained by the Libyan government.

The Bild newspaper gained access to one of the Libyan government’s seaside detention centers being run by the new “anti-illegal immigration” department, and reported on the conditions prevailing among the sub-Saharan African inmates.

The country of Libya is in “disintegration,” the newspaper says.

The European Union-supported government “governs” from ships off the coast—because it is unable to govern from Tripoli, which is under the control of a “moderate Islamist” organization, Fajr Libya.

“And in the east of the country, the terror organization ISIS has conquered an area of 250 kilometers in length,” Bild continues.

This makes it easy for the traffickers to operate. At Garabuli beach, 50 kilometers away from Tripoli, invaders wait in abandoned buildings for the traffickers.

The Bild reporters met “Abdul,” a trafficker in Libya. He comes from Nigeria, just like many of the invaders he smuggles.

Abdul tells the Bild that “Under Gaddafi, it was much harder to send boats to Europe. But now there is no longer a state. Anyone who wants to can do trafficking. The militia and the Italian mafia are earning their share.”

The price for a place in a boat is currently around €1,200 euros. Over 100 people are transported on a single rubber boat. Wooden boats are used for up to 800 people.

Business for the traffickers is so good, the Bild says, that they can keep bribing the government and police. This way, “everyone is making money in the end.”


Africans inside the Garabuli detention center, waiting for their chance to invade Europe.

The Libyan authorities who seek to end the smuggling admit that they cannot cope.

Investigator Salim Eghleeb, of the “anti-illegal immigration” department, tells the newspaper that “we have been asking Europe for help, but nothing happens. It is conceivable that the number of people will rise to over a million. We don’t know.”

“The problem must be solved at the African borders. We have such big problems in Libya. How are we supposed to cope if, on top of that, millions of refugees end up permanently staying in the country?”

This means, the Bild adds, that the “Libyans have few good reasons for really wanting to stop the traffickers at their borders.”

In other words, the 2011 destruction of the Gadhafi government was the single greatest factor in opening the sluice gates of sub-Saharan Africa into Europe.

While a number of nations provided logistical and blockade support to the anti-Gadhafi “rebels,” the real military action which proved decisive was launched by the US, the UK, and France.

Those countries’’ leaders—President Barack Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and British Prime Minister David Cameron, ultimately bear the blame for destroying the Gadhafi government—and turning on the African invasion taps which now threaten to destroy Europe.

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  1. Business for the traffickers is so good, the Bild says, that they can keep bribing the government and police. This way, “everyone is making money in the end.”
    Methinks we`re missing a trick here. Merkel is virtually top trafficker by virtue of her crazy “refugee” policies.
    The stupid bitch will cost all of us in the EU billions for the foreseeable future and SHE doesn`t charge a bean.

    1. Don’t you just love the [email protected]&$! Merkel Government now trying to blame the UK & France for total f#%+k up that is now the EU.

      Typical “shit for brains” socialists. When their ridiculous policies blow up in their faces ( faeces) they always blame someone else … Racists , Homophobes, Jews, blonde haired blue eyed Arians?
      smokers, so predictable & yet the brainwashed masses still vote for them!

  2. International Law says you must always support the Ruler of a State and a second is that Minority rights must be respected. Germany will have an Islamic Ruler and the German people no right to self-determination if Angela Merkel gets her way. It happened in Rhodesia now called Zimbabwe, and in South Africa where Jacob Zuma does as he chooses with Jewish Taxes. The ancient peremptory norm is in the Ramses II Hattusili III Treaty of 1283 BC Article 5 “If another enemy come against the lands of (Ramses II)… The Great Chief of Kheta shall (come)… and slay his enemy. Similarly Article 10, 11 says foreigners cannot be settled. (Wiwkipedia List of Treaties). When the same violations of this law was applied to Iraq and Libya a similar result happened, and it will repeat in Germany, Britain, France thee USA or wherever this Treaty is violated.

  3. An easy way to end this, sink each boat that brings the invaders. The traffickers should go down with their boat…

    1. I agree at what ever cost the boats must be destroyed. Why are they allowed to drop off their cargo and sail back to where ever they came from to pick up more invaders they should be blown out of the water .What will it take for our countries to get a spine.

      1. If and when that happens it`ll be far too late.
        The UK will have sunk under the combined weight of migrant freeloaders.

      2. Why ? Because European leaders are committed to the Koudenhove Kalergi plan. The hand wringing Cameron and the other imposters are mere puppets playing the parts that the international clique of Jews want them to.

      3. People have a spine all right, but not our lefty, socialist Mo-Fuks lording it over us! They don’t want to stop the influx of Third World rabble pouring into Europe. It’s what they want to bring about the demographic makeover of the White continent. Everything is going along just fine as far as they are concerned. Keep bringing the Trash in, yes sirree, the NWO is taking shape as planned. The architects of the invasion destroying Europe, evil Frau Merkel and the other EU Traitors, need to be taken out of circulation. . .like right NOW!

        1. Agree with you Anon, but sadly the people of Europe have allowed themselves to be disarmed. Until the police and military finally wake up and quit taking orders from the freaks that brought this tragedy to you, you’re screwed. That’s too bad, I like the European people!

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