IQ 78 Congo Tribesmen Burn Down Ebola Clinic, Halt White Attempts to Curb Epidemic

IQ 78 tribesmen in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have carried out one of their most serious attacks yet on a Doctors without Borders (MSF) Ebola clinic in North Kivu, halting the white liberals’ attempts to contain the epidemic in the north of that country.

According to a statement released today by MSF, their “Ebola center” in North Kivu was rendered “inoperative following a violent attack” and that the facility had been “partially burnt down.”

The attack had caused MSF to “suspend activities at the center,” a move, which it said, “will severely limit access to essential health services.”

The MSF statement said that at “10pm on 24 February, unidentified assailants attacked the MSF-managed Ebola Treatment Centre in Katwa.

“After throwing stones at the facility, they set parts of the structure on fire and destroyed wards and equipment.

“This attack was traumatic for patients, their relatives and staff present inside the center at the time,” said Emmanuel Massart, MSF’s Emergency Coordinator in Katwa.

“We managed to relocate all four confirmed and six suspected patients to nearby treatment centers, but this attack has crippled our ability to respond to what is now the epicentre of the outbreak.”

“Although the reasons behind the attack are unclear and such violence is unacceptable, what we know is that organizations involved in the Ebola response – MSF included – have failed to gain the trust of a significant part of the population,” said Meinie Nicolai, MSF’s General Director, who is currently visiting North Kivu.

Of course, Nicolai will not admit that truth about why the local tribesman attack the MSF clinics: it is because the Congo has an average IQ of 78 and the inhabitants are unable to comprehend the dimensions of the problem, and that their behavior is the reason for the spread of the disease.

Instead, in their minds, the disease only “appears” when white people arrive, claiming to want to treat it—and in an IQ 78 world, this translates to an “understanding” that the whites are actually bringing the disease.

Another report by NPR also revealed the problems inherent in race-denying organizations like MSF employing locals to “help” them in treating the outbreak.

According to the NPR report, even government-run facilities such as large hospitals do not set up triage tents to separate possible Ebola patients separately from everyone else, leading to mass cross-contamination.

There are also “hundreds of unofficial private health facilities in this area. Some are large operations. In many other cases it’s just a house — a very old house. And often a crowded one at that. In one bed putting two children.

“You can see people using several times the same gloves or the same equipment, including syringes. Along with modern medicine, many facilities also offer traditional cures.

“Traditional medicines are often diluted in water and put in a cup for the patient to drink. Then the cup often isn’t cleaned before it’s passed on to the next patient.

Dr. Cimanuka Germain of International Medical Corps, which is helping with the effort, says private clinics sometimes resist the help.

For instance, when he told the staff of one clinic that they should report suspected Ebola cases to a hotline instead of treating them, their response was: “This is not possible for us.”

That facility treats about 65 patients a day, says Germain. They didn’t want to lose business.

Then there’s the facility where Germain spent days training nurses on how to set up and operate a triage tent. Two weeks ago he showed up for a surprise visit.

“One of them was there without wearing gloves,” Germain says, sighing incredulously.

“We have to continually follow up,” he says.

Adding to the difficulty is the insecurity of the area, where multiple armed groups frequently clash with government forces. Paul Lopodo of Save the Children — which has been working with 39 health centers in the outbreak zone — recalls how back in December the violence prevented the group from checking in with one public clinic for two weeks.

By the time they returned, the staff was so out of practice, says Lopodo, that “we had to the run the training all over again.”

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  1. MSF are some of the bastards who are active in trafficking black/brown invaders across the Med. and into Europe.

    Either death by Ebola or burning alive is fitting punishment for that particular virulent filth.

  2. These are the sort of perfect opportunities to reduce imbecile populations. Shame the idiot whites involved are too stupid to take advantage.

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