IQ in “Western Nations” Dropping as Percentage of Whites Shrink

The measured IQ of “Western” nations—specifically Western Europe—is dropping dramatically as the percentage of whites—expressed as a part of the whole—becomes smaller, new statistics have shown.

Typical controlled media spin: The Daily Mail attempts to explain the decline in “Western” IQ in any way except the obvious–that the racial make-up of Europe is changing.

Although the drop in IQ levels was recently presented in the controlled media (and the Daily Mail in particular) as some type of mysterious drop to which no easily-identifiable cause could be attributed, the decreased IQ is obviously the product of mass Third World immigration from countries with much lower IQs.

According to the statistics, IQ test results in the UK, Denmark, and Australia have shown a significant decline in the past decade alone, and the average IQ of “Westerners” has plunged 10 points or more since 1900.

In the UK, for example, tests carried out in 1980 and in 2008 showed that the average 14-year-old was two IQ points cleverer in 1980.

Brighter teens who took part in the study in 2008 were on average six IQ points less intelligent than their counterparts tested 28 years earlier.

What the tests did not disclose was that the number of nonwhite British pupils in primary schools as of 2012 was 27.1 percent of the total in primary schools, and 23.4 percent in secondary schools. At this rate of reproduction, nonwhites will be the majority of the population under the age of 21 in the UK by 2030.

The origin nations of the majority of these children reveal why the IQ levels have dropped. Pakistan has an average IQ of between 83 and 91; West Africa has an average IQ of between 74 and 83, and India scores the same, on average, as West Africa.

A massive influx from these regions—which has been ongoing in large numbers since the 1970s—is the cause of the declining IQ in Britain.


On a world scale, the decline is as marked. According to official UN figures, the world’s population in 1900 was some 1.6 billion. In 2014 it stood at around 7.2 billion—with the vast majority of the increase having taken place in non-European regions of the earth.

According to Professor Richard Lynn, author of IQ and the Wealth of Nations, a decline in “humans’ genetic potential” is the root cause of the problem. His data has shown that the world’s average IQ has dropped by one point between 1950 and 2000—but that this decline has not taken place in Second or Third World nations. In those countries, the IQ levels have remained more or less constant, and it is only in “European” states where the IQ is declining.

The full extent of the effect of Third World immigration into Europe was shown by a study published by the University of Amsterdam in 2013, which showed that “Westerners” have lost 14 IQ points on average since the Victorian age.

According to Jan te Nijenhuis, a psychology professor at the University of Amsterdam, this is “due to more intelligent women have fewer children than those who are less clever.”

Even this race-blind interpretation acknowledged that IQ is hereditary—even if it refused to mention race as a determining factor.

The evidence is now clear: if Europeans, who gifted the world nearly every technological advancement, are to maintain their identity and ability to exist, a new and dramatic geographic separation from the other races has become vital. Without it, the European people—and the spark of Western civilization—will be extinguished forever.

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  1. Because there will always be those more smart then the racial average and more stupid. That doesn't change the majority over 100's of years. I am a white with a higher IQ then any other white I know. Does that mean that ' oh they can not really be that dumb because how could they be if i am smarter?'. No that does not. The white bell curve is and always has exceeded the other races and there are people at both ends of that bell with the majority in the middle. You really should dig deeper in your investigation, if that argument is in your arsenal at all.

  2. I don't know about other countries, but the IQ of our SCHOOLS has been dropping steadily, so do you really think that dumb schools will create smart students? NO. Just keep in mind that an ignorant populace is much easier to control than an educated one.

  3. Mass Immigration is one reason,,the crap in the food,and its also the school system being deliberately dummed down,When i seen a copy of a year7science exam 1960(13yo) i nearly hit the floor,,it was something you see in universities today. I would have found it hard,Kids 13 today would not even attempt it.after all its clearly not taught.THIS IS DELIBERATE>TO CONTROL THE WORLD LIKE SHEEP.THEY EVEN TELL YOU IN ADDS BUT THE DUMB SHEEP LAUGH.thingking its all just funny, howd i know the person behind this add would also be in with the jewish owned Media. to brainwash teh masses. (read small print bottom of page last sentence,who is it all for,,whos alsways crying persecution,and doesnt stop..whos cleaning up on this

  4. i know thats how we are as whte people.they cant understand how as whites we dont see it as bad,,so right there,we arent evil..our intent was good.

  5. spot on,and we need to not feel this guilt,this is what the ones hell bent on wiping out the white race do .make us feel guilty,,so all i say now when people call me a name ,is "yes i am that",,we have to get thick skin,homophobe,antismeitic,racist are all words to stop discussion or people disagreeing.

  6. thats also a part of it..we are what we eat..i think men becoming all female is because of all the hormone sin foods,it causes haviok to a growing fetus not to mention,eating it in small doeses over a long period of time,

  7. WHAT A LIE,,the IQ isnt going down because whites are becoming a lower number,,its because they lower scores.for other races that have lower iqs,then they teach the white kids,they allow 3rd world into your schools,,and the rest have to slowly get stupider,,its deliberate to make the white man stupid,so he can be fully controlled by the jew.

  8. Yes, dog breeds are all races bred from the same stock, wolves. This seems to be generally agreed. It's difficult for Jewish propagandists to discuss this obvious proof that the 'no races' argument is utter rubbish.

  9. An IQ of 131 puts you (just) in the category of 'Very Bright' (IQ 130-150). To be in the 'Genius' category you would need an IQ of 160.

  10. Amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury and mercury vapour is released continuously. Mercury is very toxic and results in cellular and nerve damage including reduced IQ and intelligence.

  11. The IQ and intelligence of all Western and developing nations is being deliberately reduced to create a worker class to service the ruling elites.

    Methods to reduce intelligence include: vaccines with bacteriophages, bisphenols (BPA, BPS etc), pthylates, insufficient Essential Fatty Acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9 during early life, use of fluoride with exposure to aluminium, poor nutrition and poor parental care. One method that causes great stress to newborn's development is cutting the umbilical cord without waiting at least 20 minutes for all the blood needed by the newborn to go to the baby. The cord should only be cut after the pulsating stops and the umbilical cord goes grey. Research studies have also shown that societies with large numbers of curcumcised people have higher rates of violence.

  12. Plain and simple. We, the whites got used to being a "privileged" portion of society, which also includes playing a good samaritan in relation to other "unprivileged" nations. While helping them and enjoying this idea of overall greatness and goodness, also suffering a complex of white guilt we forgot what means to fight for our own survival or pay attention to OUR problems (yes, liberals have played a huge role in self whipping game, I have always said that the libs are closet fascists). Unless we wake up and start treating ourselves with respect and dignity, we will follow the footsteps of prehistoric lizards. Finish en klaar.

  13. This article needs more solid evidence. I am from Mexico. I am a dark-skinned native (indigenous) Mexican whose I.Q. is 131. So, I am gifted, a genius. My own mother is this way as well as my sister, but we are not pale-skinned members of the white race. Why are we gifted?

  14. Chine has about one fifth of the world's population with an average IQ higher many of the western countries according to the studies also mentioned in this article (Average IQ of China being between 100-105). Is the author of this article against immigration of "more intelligent people" of Asia (especially China) to the western countries as well? Just wondering.

    Editorial note: According to Professor Richard Lynn's IQ and the Wealth of Nations, China has an average IQ of 98. You are therefore incorrect in your assumption.

  15. What race would that be then as apart from the human race I know of no other unless you care to enlighten me further Matt Houston?

  16. This is similar to a report on the BBC that said it was a "mystery" that baffled "experts" why the cockney accent of East London had now been replaced by an accent from Africa. Not a mystery at all, it's because East London is now only made up of Africans.

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