Iran to Accept “Voluntary Returnees”

Iran will only accept the “voluntary” returns of its nationals who have sought “asylum” elsewhere, and will not take back any forced deportations.

This rule means that any Iranian who refuses to accept deportation will be “stuck” in his or her chosen country of invasion, no matter how ridiculous or weak their case for “asylum” might be.

According to a statement released on the Iranian Fars news, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi told reporters in Tehran that his government had “always had this position that we don’t have any restrictions for the Iranians returning to the country provided that they return to Iran after authentication of their identity and on their own will and we don’t force them to do so and will not allow others to repatriate an Iranian to the country forcefully either.”

This means that the Iranian government will take back its nationals who have sought asylum in other countries—but only if they “voluntarily” choose to return.

Referring specifically to Australia, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said that Iranians seeking asylum in that country “should never be forced to come back home, although Tehran welcomes their return on their own will.”

Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had expressed concern about what he called the Australian authorities’ “mistreatment” of the Iranian nationals seeking asylum in that country.

“We hope that Australia will treat asylum-seekers in compliance with the international laws and regulations and this issue is important to us considering the humanitarian concerns,” President Rouhani said in a meeting with Canberra’s new Ambassador to Iran Ian Biggs in Tehran.

The issue of Iranians seeking asylum in Australia has come to the fore once again with reports over the new year about two invaders who were beaten up resisting arrest on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The Manus Island camp is one of two invader centers set up by the Australian government, during an earlier crackdown on the seaborne invasion, to house those nonwhites attempting to invade Australia by boat.

The two Iranians in question claim they were attacked by PNG police and immigration officials on New Year’s Eve, and are now in custody awaiting trial.

PNG Vice Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Ronny Knight, said that the two “deserved what they got” and were “treated like any local who caused a public nuisance and resisted arrest. This is Papua New Guinea. This is not Australia,” Knight said.

“These two were drunk out of their brains and stopping traffic and punching cars and harassing women as they were walking home from the night market.”

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  1. On the face of it? Looks like a smart move by Iran. Why take back ex-pats that gave up their citizenship and put on a road-show dissing their own country?

  2. Those rapefugees are just criminals running away from their own country’s justice. By importing these scam into Europe they will destroy Europe once and for all, just like Carthage.

  3. No problem, after a year or two sleeping on bare concrete and eating stale bread and water, they will all return home “voluntarily”!

  4. Any country in the world that has illegal immigrants from Iran is now stuck with them, so the illegals win again. In Australia they had an Iranian who was given a temporary protection visa to stay in Australia because he feared persecution in Iran who then return to his home country for a holiday and to pick up a new wife, it was all going well until he was stopped at Sydney Airport with a suitcase full of drugs, so he got his just desserts. But the lies these people tell to gullible immigration officials, the all claim persecution in their home country but still go there for holidays, its happened for years and weak governments do nothing to stop it.

  5. It’s astonishing. These Third World low lifes are dumping their criminal and welfare trash all over the White world with total impunity. It’s amazing that someone can just walk out of their country and never look back, washing their hands of the whole place. In the U.S., there is no such thing. The government OWNS you. No matter where you are on the globe, you owe taxes on every penny, ruble, yen, euro, etc. you earn, no matter where you earn it…and they WILL find you to get it. At the same time, you can’t just walk into any country and expect an instant paycheck, healthcare and roof over your head. If you’re American, you’d be thrown back to the U.S., but it’s not so for brown people in brown countries. Just goes to show how much they value their own. By refusing to take back their own citizens who have illegally invaded other nations, it just proves that ALL the leaders of countries like Iran, Sudan, Eritrea, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Mexico, etc. are in on this plot and willing participants in the effort to destroy the White world.

  6. It’s Papua New Guinea alright. In Australia, drunk asylum seekers would be given five star treatment. But Papua is a country where the local indigenous peoples take no shit. They carry weapons, kill witches, cannibalise victims, and even white Australians know Papuans are not to be messed with. What an ideal deterrent! Europe needs to find its version of Papua and send the illegals there seeing they can’t deport them.

  7. If the country they’re in decide they can not stay then they are illegals and should be locked up if they don’t go back to Iran. As if Iran cares whether their citizens are being sent home against their will. Yeah and pigs can fly.

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