Iran Mobilizes against ISIS

The distortion in US and western European foreign policies, caused by the undue influence of the Jewish lobby, has become ever clearer with the announcement that the Iranian army is now mobilizing against ISIS following the Paris terror attacks.

For years, the US, British, and other western European governments have kowtowed to the international Jewish lobby’s lies about mythical Iranian “atom bombs” and have mindlessly repeated the endless string of lies and propaganda emanating from Tel Aviv about Iran—which, along with Syria, remains one of the Zionist state’s declared targets to be destroyed.

Iran was, along with Syria, singled out for destruction by the international Jewish lobby back in 1996, in a plan which was later implemented by the neocons using the US president George Bush. It was Bush who started the war against Iraq with the fullest intention of expanding it out to all Israel’s enemies, a conflict which has directly given rise to ISIS.


The Jewish Lobby’s agitation against Syria and Iran has resulted in those two nations being officially designated by the US State Department as “states that sponsor terrorism.” The only other nation on this three-strong list is the Sudan.

However, when the State Department’s “reasoning” for listing these nations as “state sponsors of terrorism” are studied (“Chapter 3: State Sponsors of Terrorism Overview,” Country Reports on Terrorism 2013, US State Department), the hand of the international Jewish lobby and its propaganda becomes obvious: all three are on the list because they support the Palestinians.

The US State Department lists Sudan because it allows members of the democratically-elected Palestinian government of the Gaza Strip, the Hamas organization, to “travel and live in Sudan.”

Furthermore, the US State Department says Syria has been a staunch ally of the Lebanese Hezbollah organization—whose “crime” was that it successfully defended Lebanon against two Israeli invasions.

Hezbollah was in fact founded in Lebanon in 1982 at the time of the first Israeli invasion of that country with the specific aim of resisting the Zionist military aggression. Today, Hezbollah fights with Syrian ground forces against ISIS.

Finally, Iran is on the US State Department’s list because it supports Hezbollah.

In all three cases, therefore, it can be seen that the only reason why these nations are designated “state sponsors of terrorism” is because they are allied to groups which resisted violent Israeli military invasion of their homelands. This fact indicates the strength of the Jewish lobby over US foreign policy.

Now, completely contrary to the propaganda put out by the Jewish lobby that “Iran is a terrorist state,” it has become clear that Syria and Iran are in fact the biggest opponents of ISIS.


According to a report by the AFP, General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan, head of the ground forces of the Iranian army, that force is fully mobilized to wage war on ISIS should any elements of that organization come within 25 miles of Iran’s border.

General Pourdastan was commenting in the wake of the ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, saying that his troops would take “decisive” action if Islamic State militants even approached its borders.

Iran, the AFP report pointed out, is already “heavily involved in conflicts in Syria and Iraq against the jihadists” and Iraq’s foreign minister said intelligence sources showed Iran was among countries ISIS had plans to attack.

“The Iraqi foreign ministry warned us but the Islamic Republic of Iran’s army states that it has no fear of such threats and a red line has been drawn in Iraq 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the border,” Pourdastan said.

“We have strongly warned that if any action is taken (by IS), it will face a decisive response from Iranian armed forces and we will do the same in Afghanistan,” Pourdastan said, quoted by state media.

“Today part of Daesh is in north Afghanistan and interested to approach Iran’s border but the Iranian nation should rest assured that its sons in the army, the Guards, and police are ready,” he added. “Before the enemy reaches borders, its actions will be neutralized.”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, which is independent of the army, has advisory missions in Iraq and Syria at the invitation of the Baghdad and Damascus governments.

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  1. Am I alone in believing Israel is interested in expanding Israel with more territory from Syria ? It would be helpful if Iran started to be more open to western countries and exposed lies . Instead they leave the west with images of 1979. Just as Obama has tried to reset Cuban – American relations Iran must also change. Only right thing Obama ever did.

    1. It is terrifying that the USA’s finances are controlled by Jews, and their huge military structures too. It would be wonderful if some of the victims of the USA/Jew link told the world their story, but I’m afraid they would simply be attacked or trodden on in some way. Hitler did his best to plead for no war, but the ignorance of most Americans and Jewish media control in the 1930s were insurmountable. Though I suppose Internet opens some options: RT [Russian TV] though often disappointing at least presents different views.
      As to Israel expanding Israel, evidence has been around for years that some Talmudic (or whatever) promises of land are being acted on.

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