Iranians Fire Missiles at Illegal Israeli Occupiers in Golan Heights and Jews Bomb Damascus

The Middle East has inched closer to yet another full-out Jewish-caused war with a direct attack by Iran on illegal Israeli occupation forces in Syria’s Golan Heights in revenge for over 100 Israeli attacks on Iranian anti-ISIS forces—and a retaliation bombing by Jewish jets and missiles on the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Syrian air defenses shot down more than half the Israeli missiles fired on Damascus.

According to a report in the Fars news agency, titled “For First Time in Decades, Israel Comes Under Attack by Tens of Rockets from Syria,” at least 50 and as many as 68 missiles were launched at Israeli military bases in the Golan Heights, a region illegally occupied by the Jews ever since they started the “Six Day War” in 1967 when they launched sneak attacks on all their Arab neighbors.

Iranian missiles fall on Israeli army bases in the Golan Heights.

The report said that the Jews’ “command center for technical and electronic tapping, the 9900 secret border headquarters to collect visual intelligence, the military command center for electronic warfare, the pin-pointing weapons watchtower, the regional command center for the Israeli army unit 810, the military brigade command center in Harmoun, [and] the al-Shatawi center of Benastim winter warfare special unit, came under attack” from the Iranian missiles.

The report added that the much-vaunted “Iron Dome defense shield” failed to intercept the rockets, and that “Tel Aviv has ordered troops to avoid disclosing any information about the target of the attacks.”

The Iranian attack followed the launching of several Israeli missiles from bases in the occupied Golan heights at anti-ISIS Syrian operational bases in the Quneitra province.




Above: In marked contrast to the Russian-supplied Syrian anti-missile defenses, the US taxpayer-funded multi-million dollar “Iron Dome” defenses failed to prevent Iranian missiles landing on Israeli occupying forces in the Golan Heights.

The bombardment marks the first such direct attack on Israeli military since 1974, and was in response to the more than 100 stab-in-the-back attacks carried out by the Jews on Iranian and Syrian army units in Syria who are fighting ISIS and other US-backed terrorists.

Israel lost no time in bombing Syria once again after US President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran “nuclear deal,” launching missile attacks on a Syrian army base in Kisweh, just south of Damascus, just hours after Trump’s announcement. Syrian air defenses had destroyed two of the incoming missiles in that attack.

In the latest attack, 28 US-supplied F-15 Israeli Airforce jets fired at least 60 rockets at Damascus. According to a statement issued by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense, the Israeli aggression “targeted the positions of Iranian forces and air defense systems in Damascus and southern Syria,” but that Syrian air defense systems had “downed more than half of the Israeli rockets.”

In its reaction to the latest exchanges, Syria’s foreign ministry said on Thursday that Israel’s latest move towards “direct confrontation … indicates the start of a new phase of aggression against Damascus.”

“This aggressive conduct by the Zionist entity … will lead to nothing but an increase in tensions in the region,” news agency SANA cited an official in the ministry as saying.

The attack on the Golan Heights occupation forces does mark a turning point, as it shows that Israel will no longer be able to bomb its neighbors without consequences.

* The Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights was declared “null and void and without international legal effect” by a unanimous vote at the United Nations in 1981 (United Nations Security Council resolution 497).

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  1. On the ground sources say Israel was NOT attacked by Iranians, but rather by the Syrian forces in retaliation/defense for Israel’s original strikes. The Iranian story is Israeli propaganda.

  2. Try to leave my comment up – TNO.

    Editorial note: Your three comments on the Golan Heights have been deleted in terms of our stated comment policy, which you will find here, and specifically “4. No false claims or assertions.” Your claim that Syria invaded Israel in 1967 is factually incorrect. In fact, the Six Day War was started by a sneak attack by Israel, with Syria and Jordan coming to the aid of invaded Egypt. Please ensure that you have your facts correct before making claims.

  3. It is noteworthy that the sites of the Israeli missile attacks in Syria covered an arc 50 to 100km in radius which suggests that the Israeli jets may not have penetrated far into Syria if at all. This suggests that Syrian air defenses are effective enough in deterring Israeli incursions into Syria using their military jets.

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