Iran’s Jewish MP Calls Netanyahu “Bloodsucking Criminal”

The Iranian lawmaker representing that country’s Jews in Iran’s parliament has slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attacks on that country, saying he is “a bloodsucking criminal” who has a hand in the massacre of innocents and the occupation of Palestinian lands.

“The Israeli premier has sunken in the quagmire of crime, and has never played any role beyond poisoning the [international mental] atmosphere, massacring innocent children and women, and tyrannically occupying the lands of Palestinian people,” said Jewish legislator Siamak Moreh Sedgh.

The parliamentarian, who also directs the Tehran Jewish Committee, an umbrella group of Jewish organizations that represent Iran-based Persian Jews, called the Israeli official “a tyrant,” who would manipulate religious values to enable carnage and occupation, and who had chosen racism as his ideology.

Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, the Israeli premier said that ancient Persia had made a failed attempt to destroy the Jewish people some 2,500 years ago, a story commemorated through the Jewish holiday of Purim, which Israel celebrated last weekend.

Netanyahu has constantly referred to the story as a basis of his anti-Iran arguments in his meetings with different world leaders.

According to Jewish accounts, Persian King Xerxes I discovered his viceroy Haman the Agagite’s conspiracy to slaughter Jews some 2,500 years ago and had him executed.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu has been selective in his recount of history, ignoring the Hebrew Bible which has repeatedly praised Persian King Cyrus the Great as the patron and deliverer of the Jews who put an end to their Babylonian captivity.

The Iranian MP said the remarks came as no surprise from “such a racist and criminal person,” adding that his “nonsensical rant” failed to adversely affect the faith of the devoted Iranian Jews in their homeland.

* There are five reserved seats in the Iranian Parliament for religious minorities in that country. There are two seats for Armenians and one each for Assyrians, Jews, and Zoroastrians.


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  1. Wow. First with the news! (To be fair, for all I know Iranian Jews may have been in the forefront of criticism of Jews. Bu somehow I doubt it).

  2. Shocked to read there is a Jewish population in Iran still, let alone a Jewish representative in their Parliament. For Netanyahu to bandy about a 2500 year old fable is absolutely laughable. Then he writes foreign policy around said fable and pushes the hate doctrine upon his “allies.” Its all a sickening tiresome circus and the world wants that blowhard in Tel Aviv gone.

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