Ireland: 90% “Asylum” Refusal Rate

The Republic of Ireland holds Europe’s record as the most “asylum seeker” unfriendly country, and sports a rejection rate of at least 90 percent, according to the European Union’s statistical agency, Eurostat.

Of the total of 1,552 applications for asylum to the Office of Refugee Applications Commissioner (ORAC) in 2015, only 9.8 percent were granted leave to remain.


According to Irish media, the government is also putting in “new systems” to make the “process of appeal more difficult for asylum seekers.”

According to official figures, in the 12 months to the end of June this year, Ireland received less than 10 percent of asylum applicants to similar-sized EU states. Denmark, with a population of 5.4 million, accepted 21,000 asylum applicants; Norway, with a population of 5 million, accepted 28,000 applicants.

Ireland is recorded by Eurostat as receiving 2,780 applicants during the same period.

The Department of Justice is also steadily closing down appeal avenues for asylum seekers, increasingly preventing them from seeking judicial reviews of their refusals, according to reports.

As a result, “asylum seekers” are now believed to be avoiding Ireland since anti-immigration measures began to be introduced in the wake of the 2002 influx of 12,000 asylum seekers, the highest annual number of immigrants in the State’s history.

Ireland is also, statistically speaking, way ahead of other EU countries when it comes to deporting illegal aliens.

Last year the government deported 3,500 invaders with the figure for this year expected to increase to around 4,000, which is about double the 2012 figure for deportations, according to figures supplied to the Dail (Irish parliament) by Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

About 10 percent of those facing deportation are arrested and forcibly deported by gardai (police), with more forced deportations signed by Minister Fitzgerald in the first half of this year than in 2015.

Even the government’s original offer to take in 4,000 invaders claiming to be Syrians, as part of the EU-agreed “relocation program,” has so far only produced 38 such “refugees” to Ireland.

As the Irish Independent wrote, the “result, politically, is that the Irish Government is one of the few in Europe not facing the same type of electoral revolt that saw Britain vote itself out of the EU and America electing Donald Trump with his promise of mass deportations.”

That paper added that “Ireland, in the view of one legal source involved in the asylum process, is ‘the example that other European countries want to emulate.’”

Under the new systems of “asylum” application, the estimated 5,000 invaders pretending to be refugees are housed in what is called “direct provision” accommodation, where all meals are provided.  At the same time they are given a €19 per week “supplement”—far below the rich pickings they can get elsewhere in Europe.

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    1. Not even back to the Country they came here from, because that is most likely a European country…..Back Home…….Literally, back to the country they left in the first place.
      Sound too harsh? Well, unless they stay, especially the young men, to protect their own people from war, poverty etc and change and rebuild their own countries, no one else will, will they.

  1. As a penalty the EU will impose a mandatory intake of 250,000 to compensate for Easretn Europeans refusing to take the oversupply ordered by Merkel.

    Eventually everyone will loathe & detest the EU!

  2. Sorry, but as long as Ireland remains in the EU it’s all mere window-dressing.
    Sooner or later the millions of invaders lurking in Italy and Greece will, unfortunately, get citizenship of those nations. Once that has been accomplished, which will take less than a decade, expect a truly massive influx into Ireland.
    Britain voted for brexit partially because informed voters were well aware of this enormous time-delayed liability. Voters were not as stupid as The Guardian says they are.

    1. UK has one of the largest percentages of muslims of the total population in Europe. There are places like Savile Town that are almost entirely muslim. If anything, brexit will prevent the MENA muslims taken in and multiplied by British welfare to colonize other parts of Europe. As long as there’s generous welfare, welfare migrants will flock to it, regardless if UK is in the EU or not. You’re kidding yourself if you think brexit solved anything related to UK demographics/UK citizens (of which 6% and rising are muslims).

      Ireland has the same problem, with the muslim number doubling in the last decade and mosques poping up all over the country. While they are not approving asylum requests at the insane rate other countries are, it’s such a small country that even a few more is too many.

  3. Hats off to Ireland! Especially encouraging is the government closing down all the endless taxpayer-funded “appeals” enriching the lawyers. It is shocking that, while Ireland managed to deport 3500 Parasites last year, Britain deported only 750 !

    1. A big part of immigration problems is the involvement of lawyers in the process. They are criminals using the legal system to keep undesirables in our Caucasian nations — and all for profit! The Immigration system needs to be reformed and keep lawyers out of it!

  4. Why is the UK Government not adopting the same policies? Answer: they want to continue the ‘free-for-all’ immigration policy started by Blair!

  5. Good for Ireland, we should look, listen and learn from them. On the other hand perhaps Brexit wouldn’t have happened if we were this efficient. Glad we are not efficient now but hope we learn from Ireland after Brexit.

  6. I hope it is true, for when I visited there last year it would not seem that way. In Dublin it is to be expected. However in the smaller areas such as Limerick, you would wonder if indeed you are in Ireland walking the main streets sometimes. In Cork, Africans galore in the main drag.

    Not so many out at Dingle, but then, there’s not much of anyone out there! As a foreigner,even with the same skin, I still enjoyed “the glare” when visiting a country tavern. There is some comfort in this distaste for unwelcome visitors. I hope the Irish accelerate the pace. White pudding is indeed a better fit than black in Ireland!

  7. In Australia, we have stopped the illegal so called asylum seekers or refugees. We have strengthened our border protection. We are about to close down our offshore detention centres. We are now working on changing Immigration laws, albeit slowly, due to extreme leftist government officials, from the Prime Minister down. We are lucky insomuch that Australia has no land borders, but we do have the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, at our doorstep, & this remains a constant threat.

  8. We whites are suffering a true genocide at the hands of the ANC government in South Africa today and are refused refuge in any country due to our skin colour.Your countries give refuge to anybody else not white and leave us to die here.Thank you!

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