Ireland: Indian Sub-Continent “Taxi Drivers” Fake Marriage Immigration Scam Exposed

At least 27 Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals who engaged in fake marriages to illegally invade Ireland to work as taxi drivers in Dublin, have been arrested by police after a midnight swoop, Irish police have said—and they are just the tip of an iceberg of mass illegal immigration in that industry.

According to local media reports, a total of 27 taxi drivers are under investigation as a result of a multi-agency crackdown involving the immigration bureau. The reports said that the operation, codenamed Vantage, “followed an analysis of new and existing applicants for public service vehicle (PSV) licences.”

The report said the analysis had “identified a huge increase in the number of applications for licences from non-European Union (EU) nationals over the past 18 months.

“The study showed, in particular, a disproportionate rise in applications from Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals.

“This led to the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) focusing on the validity of their immigration status and examining their past,” the report continued.

There had been 70 applications for taxi licences by nationals from those three countries in 2016. In 2017, this number jumped to 290, and in January this year, 40 out of 58 new applications were from non-EU nationals.

Operation Vantage involved setting up multi-agency checkpoints around Dublin’s Heuston Station on the night of a popular local concert in Phoenix Park.

A senior Garda officer was quoted as saying that the “purpose of the checkpoints was to identify and detect any criminal offences and/or breaches of relevant legislation and immigration controls, being committed by public service vehicle licence holders.

“It was suspected there were a number of people operating as illegal taxi drivers and individuals committing offences contrary to road traffic legislation,” the officer added.

During the checkpoints 110 vehicles were inspected and the drivers interviewed. Further inquiries are under way into the immigration status of 27 drivers in the State.

“Most of them are being investigated for suspected involvement in marriages of convenience, or sham marriages, to circumvent the immigration laws,” the report continued. “The residency cards of a number of drivers have already been revoked, as a result of alleged links to sham marriages, fraud and breaches of EU treaty rights.”

Another report in the Irish Times said that those at least 26 of the nonwhites arrested are believed to have paid to marry a woman from Europe they had never met so they could secure the right to reside and work in Ireland.

“All of the men are from outside the EU and gardaí have already revoked the immigration status they had secured when they married European women in the Republic,” the report said.

When some of the applicants’ immigration histories were checked it emerged they had previously tried to secure status in Europe. In addition, some of the drivers were found to be fraudulently claiming social welfare though working.

The crackdown has finally publicly revealed why nonwhites always appear to be swamping industries like taxi services in European cities—because it is an easily used route to invade those white countries.

  • In another indication of the mass Third World invasion of Ireland, that country’s current Prime Minister, or Taoiseach, is a half-Indian homosexual by the name of Leo Varadkar.

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  1. This has been going on in England for decades.

    Note that the basis of the scam is marriage to an EU national for cash.
    Brexit makes sense.

  2. and some women travellers groan, when they see the only cabbies in the western world are the third world ones. Every where you go in Oz. Asian drivers. ” Do you live alone” is one favourite question they have for female passengers.

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