Germany: ISIS Commander Arrested in Invader Camp

A senior Islamic State (IS) military commander has been detained for questioning after a dawn swoop by German anti-terror police on an invader center near Mainz, German media have reported.


Bassam’s passport, as obtained by Der Spiegel.

The nonwhite invader, identified only by his first name “Bassam,” was pretending to be a refugee and had been accommodated at the German taxpayers’ expense in the picturesque municipality of Sankt Johann, in the Mainz-Bingen district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, about 13 miles south of Mainz.

The Der Spiegel magazine had in the interim been informed by contacts in Syria that a senior IS commander had come to Germany posing as a “refugee.” That magazine sent journalists to follow up on this lead, and, after obtaining his passport and his cell phone sim card, started piecing together the IS man’s path.

The cell phone sim card contained deleted photographs of IS actions in Syria which were recovered, along with pictures of the IS commander and friends in various poses. One of the many pictures recovered on the cell phone was of an IS execution in which victims were burned alive in metal cages.


Some of the photographs recovered from Bassam’s cell phone sim card.

Bassam was, according to the information collected by Der Spiegel, an IS military commander in the district west of Deir al-Zor, a town in eastern Syria. He had originally been with the “moderate” rebels supplied, armed, and financed by the US government, but had, like almost all of them, defected first to the Al Nusra front and then to IS.

Several witnesses in Syria who Der Spiegel spoke to said that Bassam had been a “notorious commander responsible for the deaths of dozens of people in Deir al-Zor and the surrounding area.”

He obtained his command due to the fact that his brother is a still-serving IS Sharia judge. Bassam had initially volunteered to be a suicide bomber for IS, but his brother had dissuaded him of this and instead organized the job as senior military commander.

The next time Bassam appeared on the radar was in later summer 2015 when he was stopped at a checkpoint north of Aleppo, carrying tens of thousands of US dollars in cash. The cash was taken from him and he was released once again to go on his way. It was while being detained that his cell phone sim card was taken from him, and later handed over to Der Spiegel.

In autumn, Bassam made it to Germany, pretending to be a refugee. Der Spiegel tracked him down and even interviewed him, before handing all their evidence over to the police, who then raided his residence.


Bassam (circled), as a “refugee” in Germany this week.

The worst of the situation is that the German security services were completely unaware of Bassam prior to the Der Spiegel investigations.

The raids were the second major police action against IS guerillas pretending to be refugees in Germany this week, after a swoop last Thursday saw several arrests in Berlin, Lower Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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  1. Hah! Remember the good old days when police used to catch criminals ?
    Nowadays it seems the media does the tracking and hunting down……
    while Plod carries the handcuffs and does the `swooping`.

  2. A commander from Hatti Land is exposed by Der Spiegel and the Maraud of Merkel has a small embarrassment, but no doubt the contacts in high office will assist in his release.

  3. Well someone in the German government was angry about this ‘capture’. Dollars to donuts he is ‘deported’, thus providing him with the mobility to return to fight another day. This is certainly not the last of this guy.

    1. Deported ? No way,he has much to talk about, like how many friends he brought. More American tax dollars at work funding terrorist.

  4. And on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation’s news we have “EU calls on Turkey to let Syrian refugees cross border”

    Not content with the damage already done to European civilisation, liberalism can clearly be equated with insanity.

  5. The sadistic SOB is lucky he wasn’t nabbed by any anti-ISIS warriors. His punishment would have been as swift and as cruel as that suffered by the Monster’s own victims! Now what’s going to happen to ‘him’? Deportation or a short sentence in an easy Western jail are the available options, I’m guessing. Whatever it is, justice will not be done by any PC German or other Euro court. The Filth will walk again!

  6. Forget the Geneva Convention, in my mind it does not apply to terrorists, and there are some wonderful ways to make him talk. There are loads of people who would relish being able to “TALK” TO HIM and it wouldn’t cost the taxpayer a penny!

      1. 50 years ago I was in Aden on an Arabic Language Course before serving with the
        FRA/SAA until September 1967. Add to that work in UAE, Saudi and The Oman my knowledge
        of that part of the world exceeds any politician.

  7. Germany has let in close to a million people and 2% are terrorist it has been suggested so it is just a matter of time before a Paris style Islamic attack takes many lives in some large German cities, again and again and again. How sad is that ?

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