“Is it in Israel’s Interests?”—Single Loyalty Zionists Show their Hand in South Africa

It is not only in America where loyalty to Israel takes precedence over national interests amongst Zionist Supremacists. In a highly revealing move, the South African Zionist Federation has urged Jews in that country to vote for a Christian fundamentalist party—only because it is the most fanatically pro-Israeli party.

The next elections in South Africa are scheduled for May 7, at which the ruling ANC is expected to do well, but face a rising challenge from a radical breakaway faction.


According to an article in the Israeli Haartez newspaper, the “South African Zionist Federation, one of the leading representatives of South African Jewry, has recommended that the country’s Jewish community vote for a fundamentalist Christian party with minimal public support in next week’s general election.”

“In an email titled ‘Are you voting for a friend of Israel?’ the Zionist Federation recommended that voters choose the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP,) which is given 10 out of 10 points by the federation’s researchers for its attitude to Israel.

“If the ACDP is a little much for South Africa’s Jews, the federation’s second choice is the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), which receives 9 out of 10 points for its attitude to Israel. Both the ACDP and the IFP are classed as ‘good friends’ of Israel in the email.

“The ruling ANC received just two points from the federation and was classed ‘not a friend’ of Israel. The Democratic Alliance (DA), South Africa’s official opposition with 67 seats and just under 17 percent of the vote in 2009, received a lukewarm seven points.

“Traditionally, the DA has been “the Jewish party”—given that its forerunner was led by the iconic Helen Suzman and its previous leader, Tony Leon, was Jewish. Its present leader, Helen Zille, a former journalist, notes very proudly that her maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother were Jewish.

“But the DA has apparently irritated the established Jewish community with certain criticisms of Israel and its policies towards the Palestinians. It has also become apparent that members of the DA’s parliamentary caucus, especially young black ones, are not prepared to rubberstamp Israeli policy.”

The federation’s allocation of points was based on three criteria: Policy and Approach to Israel (accepts Israel’s right to exist in peace and security, etc.); Public Support for Israel (senior party members attend Yom Haatzmaut celebrations [sic], etc.); and Combating anti-Israel Activities (youth groups have opposed anti-Israel actions at universities, etc.).

The call by the SAZF on Jews to vote purely in Israel’s interests is however, an important insight into the mindset which controls Zionist Supremacism—the only deciding factor in their calculations is “is it good for Israel” or not.

As South African government spokesman Mac Maharaj (quoted in the Haartez article) said in his reaction to the SAZF call, “It raises the question: where does the first loyalty of South African Jews lie? I would say that Jews should be patriotic, especially if they live in a democracy. And therefore their concern should be, in terms of their vote, what’s good for the country—not what’s good for Israel. You have to vote in the country in which you live—it has nothing to do with Israel.”

* It is not clear how many Jews will heed the SAZF call, as traditionally Jews in South Africa have supported the anti-Apartheid left (the predecessors to the Democratic Alliance) while a significant number of Jewish Communists played a leading role in running the ANC before it came to power.

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  1. We need a champion for Israel in the South African Parliament

    The ACDP, small as they are, are the only consistently pro-Israel party in the South African Parliament. It is thanks to this small band of pro-Israel fighters that many intended actions and laws are not passed in Parliament. The latest is the notorious Cape Town Declaration which called for sanctions and boycotts against Israel. The DA supported this declaration. The man who did so is no longer on their parliamentary list, but I have to wonder where he is now redeployed and what happened to the second DA MP that was also at this schlentered, contrived and choreographed meeting of the DIRCO (Foreign Affairs) Sub-Committee? If it wasn’t for Cheryllyn Dudley and the ACDP, the Cape Town Declaration would have been adopted.

    When I alerted the Jewish Community to the way the DA had voted with the ANC on the Cape Town Declaration, I wrote to the DA, but they did not answer, only asking for my phone number so they could “explain” it all to me. I replied insisting they give me a reply in writing. I was emailed their policy statement on Israel/Palestine which included the statement that Jerusalem should be split between the Palestinians and Israel. This is buying into the Palestinian narrative and propaganda and absolutely unacceptable. I understand the DA’s dilemma, but I am afraid it is not good enough and I want real and dedicated champions for Israel in Parliament who will stand up and be counted. If anti-Israel sentiment and policies take hold in the South African Parliament, it also threatens the South African Jewish Community and, as is always the case, we are the canaries in a coal mine and other communities will in turn also be threatened.

    There is much going round about not voting for smaller parties so as to strengthen the Official Opposition. Whilst there is logic in that, I will remind all that this is not what is admired and celebrated in the career of Helen Suzman as the lone woman in the South African Parliament. Helen Suzman stood alone and made a difference. The ACDP are small, but when it comes to Israel, they certainly make a difference and have consistently stood up and defended Israel. The ACDP have not been playing politics with an eye to attracting votes from one group or another. They have always supported Israel out of conviction and belief and that is where they will remain standing.

    Of course international issues, especially the Middle East should not enter local politics and the reason it is part of our political discourse is because the ANC policy is anti-Israel and supportive of the Palestinians and increasingly so. In addition, Marius Franzman has brought it to the fore in the Cape in an obvious attempt to attract the Muslim vote. Last week they brought the Palestinian minister of foreign affairs plus twenty two Palestinian “ambassadors” from Africa to schlep around the Mosques and expose on their radio and media and these people are here to influence the vote in the direction of the ANC. The obvious question is who paid for this “international” tour, the ANC or the government? But then the government fully and totally finances the local Palestinian ambassador and embassy.

    The current three ACDP Members of Parliament are Kenneth Meshoe, Steve Swart and Cheryllyn Dudley. They are all still very dynamic and energetic. I know all three well. I invited Kenneth Meshoe to Israel and taken him to the Knesset to meet MK’s on two occasions. I took him and his security adviser to the Counter Terrorism Conference at the IDC in Herzlia where he stood up and spoke forcefully and loudly about the false and spurious accusations of Israel being an Apartheid state. Could we ask for a better voice on these issues? I introduced him to Uzi Landau and many others at the conference and his statements on Apartheid and Israel have gone around the world.

    I know what goes on at the Parliamentary DIRCO (Foreign Affairs) sub-Committee. I have addressed this committee, I have attended many of their public meetings on Israel. I have seen how each party speaks and votes there. This committee went to Israel last year on my invitation, but throughout, Cheryllyn Dudley fought like a tiger for Israel and it is largely thanks to her efforts that the more aggressive issues did not get through, in spite of monstrous Muslim influence and the likes of Zaki Achmat’s influence with the ANC.

    I intend to vote DA in the provincial elections for the obvious reason that they do a good job ruling the Cape and I certainly do not want the ANC taking control. I do not wish to jeopardise this area and therefore have to vote strategically. I encourage all to do so as well, not only in the Cape, but in Gauteng where there is a good chance of winning that province as well as other provinces.

    On the national parliamentary vote, I WILL be voting ACDP. I don’t think it matters if there are one or two more or less DA members in parliament, but a strengthened ACDP will continue to fight for Israel and be ever-alert watchmen, which is what we urgently need.

    The South African Israel Public Affairs Committee
    Cape Town
    5 May 2014

    1. Interesting reply David. Do you also support Orania and the Afrikaner’s strive towards self-determination? (if only in opinion)

    2. Fortunately the people of South Africa paid no heed to your disloyal, anti South African, zionist lobby you dual loyalty hasbarat. I don’t know what the ANC have actually done to you personally but I do know what your group stands for. World zionist order. I also know that Israel got it’s nuclear arms program up and running with South African help. How did that work? And I’m pretty sure that SAIPAC is one of dozens of Israeli lobbies in SA, all claiming to be different to each other but all with the same agenda That’s how you operate everywhere else.

    1. European government bars us from going there without LOTS of money… and most Whites here are poor by European standards due to BBBEE and AA policies.

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