ISIS Muslims Claim French Welfare While Fighting in Syria

Muslims living in France—either born there or with French nationality—have been claiming unemployment benefits and other welfare while fighting for ISIS in Syria, a French newspaper has revealed.

According to a report in Le Figaro, the Muslims have used the welfare money to help finance ISIS.

At the height of the swindle, at least 20 percent of the Muslims from France fighting for ISIS in Syria were still accessing their social benefits from France, the paper reported.

The scam was possible because relatives of the fighters were collecting the case from French social welfare offices—with the government employees either unable to tell the Muslims apart, or through some other loophole—and then transferring the funds abroad.

“Armed with their cards and photos, the parents were able to access the funding from the Unemployment Agency or the Family Allowances and send it to combat zones, mostly via Turkey,” an investigator tasked with looking into the illegal financing of Isis, told Le Figaro.

Last year at least 420 fraudulent withdrawals of this kind were made.

The investigators said that there were 190 known people involved in making the money transfers from the French side, and 210 people collecting the money on the other side.

The investigators looking the illegal financing of Isis found that some €500,000 had been sent from France between 2012 and 2017.

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  1. There comes a time when the governments across Europe should wake up to the fact that their administrative systems are full of loop-holes which allow this. If the person who is getting the money does not attend a meeting, the money should be stopped. This problem is rife throughout Europe, have we forgotten that thousands didn’t have ID when they landed in Greece and Italy and yet they all had the smart phones to contact someone to bail them out.

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