ISIS “Most Popular in Finland”

Nonwhite invaders living in Finland are the most likely to join ISIS, according to a new analysis of Islamist recruits from Europe.

The next three European nations most afflicted with ISIS-supporting nonwhites are Belgium, Ireland, and Sweden.


Max Galka of the Metrocosm blog crunched the data provided by the National Bureau of Economic Research and came up with a map showing where ISIS recruitment among Muslims is the most effective.

Expressed as a percentage of the total Muslim population, ISIS recruitment levels are the highest in white Western countries.

The US is relatively low on the list, coming in at 36, between Moldova and Tajikistan.

The study also found that, “contrary to popular belief, economics do not appear to be the driving factor in who decides to join.”

Instead, countries with high economic development and low income inequality create a larger percentage of ISIS fighters.

The table below lists countries with the highest and lowest rates of recruitment (excludes countries having 2 or fewer ISIS fighters).


ISIS has between 25,000 and 30,000 foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq. Disproportionate numbers of these radicals hail from Muslim nations: Tunisia alone is responsible for 6,000 of them.

The top 20 countries by number of Islamic State recruits per million of population are as follows: Tunisia, Maldives, Jordan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Libya, Bosnia, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Montenegro, Tajikistan, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago, Morocco, Austria, Albania, Sweden, and Turkey.

ISIS Recruits

In this list it is of value to note that Kosovo, Bosnia, and Montenegro all feature: the product of the Islamification of those regions under the oppressive rule of the Ottoman Turks.

Equally noteworthy is the appearance of the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago in this top 20 list—representing an increasing take-up of radical Islamist opinion among blacks living in the western hemisphere.


“Foreign” ISIS fighters in Syria, originating from non-Arabic countries.

The National Bureau of Economic Research study—prepared by two Israeli researchers—then claims that the reason there is a higher level of radicalization among Muslims living in Europe is because there is not enough integration: “Societies with a strong social fabric and a long history of homogeneity, like the Scandinavian ones, are hard for immigrants to break into. They often feel as though they’re banging their heads against an invisible wall—until they stop and, in some cases, pick up a gun,” they say.

This is, of course, just another attempt to blame whites for nonwhite behavior, and can be safely rejected as typical subversive Jewish propaganda, authored by Jews living in Israel—a nation which refuses to allow any non-Jewish immigration at all.

As the data clearly shows, the only correlation between “Islamic radicalization” and ISIS volunteers is the size and presence of Muslims in European nations.

Those nations which have the largest number of Muslims compared to the total population, pro rata produce the largest number of ISIS recruits—a simple fact which shows once again the danger of legal and illegal nonwhite immigration to white nations.

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  1. So, how come France or the UK are not included in that table?

    Definitely something suspicious going on.

  2. Peace has a different definition in koran. It can only be attain by submitting to Allah. It means there can only be one faith. Islam is a religion of peace with a different definition.

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