ISIS Refugee-Terrorist Arrest in Berlin

German police have arrested a 19-year-old nonwhite invader in a Berlin “refugee center” after identifying him as a fighter for ISIS in Syria—the latest in a series of refugee-terrorist arrests this week in Germany.

The nonwhite, identified as “Shaas E. M.,” joined ISIS in 2013 and stayed with them until at least August last year, and then took part in the mass invasion of Europe following Angela Merkel’s invitation to the Third World to come to Germany.


Shaas E. M. was housed as an “asylum seeker” in the invader center in Potsdam-Mittelmark when he was arrested. Prosecutors said the ISIS member had “taken part in various military operations” and delivered food supplies for the group.

He was arrested on Tuesday this week after prosecutors in Potsdam near Berlin laid criminal conspiracy charges, and a judge on Wednesday ordered that he stay in custody on charges of membership of a foreign terrorist organization.

Police in Brandenburg have had to be reorganized into a special unit to investigate the growing incidences of IS-related security threats, all directly linked to the long-term nonwhite immigration wave and the mass Third World invasion of 2015.

According to the police, the special investigation team carried out 336 operations during 2015 alone—and that just in the greater Berlin area. Brandenburg police chief Hans-Jürgen Mörke announced that the police have had to step up protection of state buildings “in response to the growing terror threat by Islamists and Salafists.”

Currently, he added, they are actively investigating another 200 suspects in the German capital. They are investigating not only the “asylum seekers” but also longer-term nonwhite “immigrants” from the North Caucasus and Chechnya, he added.

Another nonwhite invader was arrested at Frankfurt airport last week, after returning from Syria and fighting for ISIS.

The 22-year-old, identified as “Tarik S.,” was already legally resident in Germany and even holds German citizenship. He left for Syria in late 2013. There, he formally enrolled in ISIS’s ranks, took part in the fighting in Syria, and appeared in at least one of their propaganda videos.

Tarik S

Tairk S. filmed in Syria. He holds German citizenship, thanks to race-denying immigration policies.

Another three Muslims—two of them from Kosovo—were arrested in Bavaria last week after police received a tip-off about the group driving from Brussels through Germany with plans to carry out a terrorist attack.

Police in Rosenheim, southern Bavaria, discovered the car early on Tuesday morning on the Autobahn between Munich and Salzburg, Austria, and arrested the three people inside. Two of them were brothers from Kosovo. The other was a male between the ages of 36 and 46.

Checks on the men’s backgrounds showed that one of the two brothers had disappeared after a deportation order was issued against him.

A spokesman for the state prosecutor in Munich told media that the men are being held in custody in the city and that they are looking into the suspicion that they were “preparing an act of violence against the state.”

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  1. Europe`s one huge playground where invaders are allowed to make monkeys out of us playing games.
    Blind Man`s Bluff ; Hide and Seek; Peek a Boo ; Knock Knock Who`s there ? What fun !!
    Certainly keeps the security services busy – hands tied – permanently playing catch-up.

  2. all these arrests etc and not oneimprisoned or deported…do the eu govts think we are hick???..One was shot earlier in the week,,,yet lived…either a poor shot or ammo seconds!!!! and it should never be one shot…always two,then he will not return fire or detonate!! That was how we were taught! If there is any need to shoot at all then it must be to kill..

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