Islamic Law Prof.: “Merkel, Buy Chastity Belt”

“The good life is over, Merkel—it’s time to buy yourself a chastity belt.” That is the entirely appropriate heading to a new article by the Palestinian-born Christian Sami Aldeeb, who is also Director of the Arab and Muslim Law Center in Switzerland.


Writing on his blog, Professor Aldeeb, who was the head of the Arab and Islamic Law department at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law from 1980 to 2009, predicted that “Now the Germans have opened their arms to refugees, they will discover that they also now have to taste some [new] sexual delights.

“Muhammad encouraged his companions to raid in the city of Tabuk, then under Byzantine rule in northern Arabia, promising them blonde Byzantine girls as booty,” Professor Aldeeb said, providing the exact quote and reference from the Koran:

“What the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: Overcome Tabuk for me and take the yellow Roman women.”

Arabic source

Arabic Source.

Professor Aldeeb continued:

If today the Germans complain of sexual assault, what will happen when they have attacks like that of Paris?

Already, German politicians ask their compatriots not to make the link between refugees and the attacks in an attempt to hide what everyone knows.

Suppose Germany discovers that the sexual abusers from the New Year are refugees, which seems to be the case. What will they then do with them?

Will they be returned to Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or North Africa?

Has Germany enough prison cells to lock up a thousand molesters?

Professor Aldeeb went on to refer to liberals in the West as “idiots.” He reiterated what he saw as the only possible solution to the current invasion: the complete expulsion and isolation in the Middle East of the “refugees.” He wrote:

I keep saying to Western idiots there is one and only one solution: take half of Saudi Arabia and create an international protectorate to which the refugees may be sent.

The question is whether European idiots are able to reason.

I’ll let you think about that. I already have my answer.

The European idiots are only capable of reasoning when they receive a hammer blow on the head. Then they will either die or wake up…if they survive.

In the meantime, I urge the Germans and Merkel to get a chastity belt. This would not be too cautious these days.

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  1. Is that actually a photo of a nude Merkel (perish the thought) – the first woman on the left in the censored photo illustrating the piece?
    An uncensored view is available on the professor’s blog, if you can stand it.

  2. Not a stupid guy, but:
    – those who knew all that already don’t need his advice
    – the lefty skewed lunatics wouldn’t listen anyway
    so, let’s wait and see when Germans finally get rid of Merkel 🙂

  3. The Professor is 100% right. Western Liberals and socialists are idiots with a death wish. Western-style democracy has failed; it was too easy for the idiots to infiltrate and replace democracy with totalitarianism. A severely weakened Europe now faces an apocalyptic struggle with the forces of darkness aka Islam.

  4. Merkel does not care. She is busy creating a new species of Afro Germans. Chasity belts
    would be counter productive to her plans.

  5. I think the good professor is selling us white folks a little short. It may take a couple kicks in the head to get our attention, but now that they’ve done it look out. If it wasn’t for us they would still be fighting with sticks and stones.

  6. “…take half of Saudi Arabia and create an international protectorate to which the refugees may be sent.”

    Spot on.

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