Islamists “More than Double” in France

The number of hardcore radical Islamists under state observation in France has more than doubled to 8,250 individuals since last year’s Angela Merkel-encouraged mass nonwhite invasion of Europe, the le Figaro newspaper has revealed.


Displaying the statistics—obtained from the French Ministry of the Interior, which in turn is based on surveys provided by the police and the Ministry of Education—in graph format, le Figaro said that the report was classified as top secret but was leaked to the paper.

The secret report, dated January 28, 2016, revealed that in March 2015, the number of “radicalized Islamists” in France under observation stood at 3,100, but since then, the figure has risen to 8,250.

Of that number, at least 70 percent are male, and 20 percent are “minors,” the report added.

Every single region of the country is affected—an indication that the nonwhite invasion has filtered out to even the remotest regions of the country.

However, the large urban centers—many of which now have outright nonwhite majorities—are still the Islamist strongholds, with Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Nice containing the largest number of radicals, the paper said.

Also, contrary to “popular belief,” le Figaro wrote, these radicals are not keyboard warriors.

“The trigger in 95 percent of these individuals is related to human contact,” the paper said, quoting a source in the police’s counterterrorism coordination unit.

The only details missing from the report are the nationalities and origins of the Islamists—but it does not take a mind reader to see the correlation between the speeded-up invasion and the rise in the number of radicals.


The-Immigration-Invasion* According to the book The Immigration Invasion, the estimates of non-European immigrants—and their descendants—living in France vary greatly.

“However, one thing is definite: France has one of the highest numbers of non-European resident immigrant populations in all of Europe, and has paid a dear price for this indulgence.”

According to that book, although it is illegal to record a person’s racial origins in France, a “reasonable estimate” based on a number of sources of the total number of Third World origin immigrants—and their descendants—in France “would most likely be in the region of at least 13 million”—prior to the mass invasion of the last year or so.

“Considering that France’s total population in July 2008 was some 60.8 million, it is a reasonable estimate to assume that, in total, some 21 or 22 percent of the population was non-European in origin. Of that population, at least six or seven million are Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East, making France one of the foremost outposts of the Islamification of Europe,” the book says.

“Given the rapid reproduction rates of the immigrant population—which has more than trebled in less than 20 years—it is highly likely that, unless halted and reversed, France may very well become the first Muslim state in Europe.”

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  1. Bye France, Bye Eiffel tower, all those wonderful French artifacts of history will be destroyed once they take over majority there. They’ve destroyed everything they’ve come across that isn’t Muslim and they’ll do the same to you……It’s been a great run while it lasted!

  2. Way off the scale of beyond belief ! Hideous !!!
    The photo above should be the wake -up call – should one be necessary – of the imminent direction of the EU mapped out for us by Merkel and her hangers-on. No way !!!
    This is as far removed as could be from the future I ever imagined for my kids.

  3. Am I to understand that people didn’t see this coming.? Non Whites have been pouring into France in increasing numbers for over 50 years now. Now all of a sudden they are surprised by what they see all around them.? I never feel sympathy for idiots. My only regret is that the older generations who contributed to this situation are not alive to suffer the consequences.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The authorities and politicians of Europe are either blind, deaf and dumb or one has to conclude stark raving mad. When you see the damage done, these are the only two possible conclusions to this part of human history.

    2. So Ray, what generation are you ?
      How clean are your hands ?
      We are all manipulated by the media ; even by thenewobs.
      These articles remind me of the ‘two minutes of hate’ from the novel ‘1984’.
      Stop blaming others, division is self defeating.
      Immigration into Europe and America was always by stealth ; only now it has become a flood. Awareness.
      Look up Enoch Powell M.P. and see how Popular and alarmist he was. He highlighted the dangers of only a few thousand a year into the U.K.! Powell had widespread public support, but being outside the power structure it fizzled away to dust because of a controlled media response. First it arranged to highlight awareness, then it destroyed that awareness ! Clever eh ? Go back to sleep everyone, we will look after you ; here have a pill.
      Everyone can be wise in hindsight.
      We surrender our power to government for a quiet life ; let us now dissect those governing us and demand a speedy reversal process.

  4. There are reasons why revolutions happen, and to look for a common denominator difficult. If there is a trigger mechanism to activate one I am sure somebody would use it, but that escapes my knowledge. A Treaty presumably addresses the cause of the conflict, and its omissions or miscalculations the source of the next conflict and the next Treaty. Here is Article 14 from the Agreement Between Portugal and the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO). “The Mozambique Liberation Front declares its readiness to accept responsibility for financial obligations undertaken by the Portuguese State in the name of Mozambique, provided that those obligations were undertaken in the effective interests of this territory.”
    Other Treaties refer to third party interests, or the term, does not effect the interests of third parties, this issue will possibly lead to a forced situation where the Arabs and other minorities establish their own bank and issue their own banknotes. That is Article 16 of this Treaty, “In order to secure for the (minority group) the means to pursue an independent financial policy, a (Municipal) bank will be created for the (Minority).

  5. People in the UK would have to be pretty damn stupid to join this FN mess but that is what Merkel and her sock puppet Juncker are counting on. Britain bring lots of money suckers, you are going to need it. Cameron , you will be rewarded. You too Boris.

  6. I’ve got the distinct feeling that the French – and Germans for that matter – are deliberately encouraging the blackening of eastern Europe purely because of feelings of envy and projection.

  7. It is all part of the globalists plan. Europe will be islamised and will create a lot of unrest and gun sales will shot up. Destabilised, depopulate and plunder. Old game they played again and again.

  8. The Front National is probably France’s only hope now. It is either the FN or Islamization, I don’t see any other options now.
    Good luck Marine and the rest of the FN – your country needs you.

    1. I believe the socialist Hollande government is wanting to arrest Le Pen.

      I hope they do! It just might be the spark that ignites a revolution which would spread to the rest of Europe.

      If it does not lead to a revolution it won’t really matter as Europe is doomed anyway.

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